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I’m chmarkh, I Help Clients Share Their Message With More People By Converting Thoughtful Text Content into Audio format or marketing YouTube video let me help you to Grow our Business. I look forward to working with you, so what are you waiting for?

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I will convert your article, blog, text into Audio for $5,

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This gig is all about maximizing the content you already have, and getting that content in front of as many people as possible. Why limit your reach to only those people looking for text content? There’s no need. So, in this gig, exclusively on fiverr, I am offering to take your article, blog post, or text content 5000 words or more, and record that content in audio format with me doing a voice over. All recording will be done on an imac, through garageband. A single audio file will be provided in mp3 or wav. I will work with you to make it right, and ensure it works for you. Limit 1 per order. Either way, thanks so much for your time, and I wish you well.

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I will convert any text to a realistic voice with a powerful text to speech

Do you have a text and you want to transform it into an audio recording? With this gig I will use the most powerful text-to-speech on the planet to transform your written words into an audio file.

You are able to choose between female and male voices and between multiple accents, including:

I can also use this technology for you with great results with other languages. The languages available for now are:


For the basic gig I will transform up to a thousand words with one single voice. The file will be sent in .mp3, .ogg or .m4a format ( which one you prefer ) If needed, and with no extra charge, I will send you multiple separate files ( so you can transform to audio multiple articles with one single gig ). With the gig extras, I can also create a whiteboard video for you ( like the one you see in this page ).

Remember: my gigs all have a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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convert article or blog or text or word to speech,
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