I will record a professional British UK voice today


I will convert 5000 words from Text to Speech for $5,
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I will record a professional British UK voice today;


I’m chmarkh, I Help Clients Share Their Message With More People By Converting Thoughtful Text Content into Audio format or marketing YouTube video let me help you to Grow our Business.
I look forward to working with you, so what are you waiting for?

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About This Gig

Hey there I’m Kat CHMARKH;

I am full time on fiverr, who will convert any 5000 word document from text to speech or more. If you’re interested in my service, you can contact me and ask for a sample of my work, I will gladly provide already converted file for you.

Why choose me?
Because I’ll record a 500-word voice over script in my standard American accent, AND I offer one free minor revision to make sure you’re happy with it.

Language :
  • English : Accent
    • English – British “UK” ; female voice.

NEW CLIENT PROMO: First time clients can add an additional 100 words to their voice-over, for free! Just mention this deal!

I will convert 5000 words from Text to Speech for $5,

 I will deliver any voice-over within 24 hours of your order. ONE DAY DELIVERY!

  • TV, For Video
  • YouTube Video
  • Voice-over
  • Match audio to video
  • Voice Over
  • Online projects
  • Phone greetings
  • On hold Message
  • Radio Commercials
  • Internet Programs
  • any projects
  • Business Training tutorials
  • Audio Book
  • Narration
  • Internet Product launch
  • Websites welcome pages
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Radio Advertising
  • Commercials
  • Radio

I work every day of the week.

If you like my service don’t forget to save my gig by clicking on “Favorite” button from top right corner.
Thanks you  so much.
click now !!! British UK voice

 I will convert 5000 words from Text to Speech for $5,

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will you deliver?
    I deliver within 48 hours of your order. For an additional $5, I will deliver within 24 hours of your order. For an additional $10, you will be a VIP and I will record your voice over FIRST when I get into my studio in the morning.
  • How much will my script cost? Do I need a custom quote?
    Simply calculate the words in the your script and order 1 gig for every 500 words. If your script is under 5,000 words, you do not need a custom quote. You can simply place your order by clicking “order Now” and adding all of the appropriate gig-extras.
  • What type of file will be delivered?
    All standard gigs are delivered as mp3. If you require wav. simply add the gig extra and your voiceover is on its way!
  • What are your rates?
    My rate is $5 per 500 words for normal narration. If you have a list of words or short phrases, these are billed at $5 per 500 words, as they take extra studio time to produce.
  • Do I need to message you before ordering?
    No, you are welcome to order any time. No need to check with me first. My rates and delivery times are outlined on my gig page.
  • Tell me more about background music
    To have music added, you need to purchase my background music extra. You need to purchase one extra for every file that you need, as I have to mix them individually. I am happy to provide royalty free music from my library, or you can select it yourself from audioblocks dot com and send me a link.
  • When do I send my script and other information?
    After you have placed the order, so will be taken to a page where you can provide me with your script, your accent choice, format required, and any other information pertaining to any extras you might need.


click now !!! British UK voice

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