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How to start a small business – 11 simple ideas to start your small business
You may be sitting now, fluctuating your financial situation, and reviewing what you will have to pay at the end of the month, in terms of bills, installments and expenses to meet your basic needs. And you may be wondering between you and yourself about how to increase your monthly income in order to improve the standard of living, and to get out of the state of financial hardship into something of happiness and comfort. You might think of looking for another job that brings you additional income, and this is a good idea, but why not think of establishing your own small business that provides you with an income that may be higher than the monthly salary that you now receive through the job ?! No, I am not joking, I speak very seriously. Here you might tell me: But establishing a business requires capital, and I do not own anything. And I answer you: The matter is not what you think. You do not need a lot of capital, but rather a real desire and determination to succeed; This is how successful projects start. So the matter is in your hands, and the decision is yours, and it is our role to offer advice and guide you on the road, and you have to find your way to reach.
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Before I start coming up with ideas for successful small businesses, let me bring your attention to a few important things:
1. Start from now on deducting part of your salary or monthly income and saving it for investment in your small project. Do not subtract any amount, no matter how small. After a while, you will find that you are used to saving, and you will have money to invest in your project.
2. Choose an idea or something that you like and can implement on the ground. Make sure you have the ability and skill to start your small business. And you also have to choose the idea that a specific segment of people needs, and the product that you will present must be able to add something new that leads to the satisfaction of a specific need.
3. Define your goals, and where you want to reach in a year or two or more; Having a goal will motivate you to work, and it will strengthen your resolve to continue and overcome all the difficulties that will face you.
4. Create an action plan and strategy and stick to them; Without a plan, you will not be able to achieve what you want.
5. Market your project and your products through all available channels, for example friends, relatives, neighbors, Facebook and Twitter … etc.
6. Offer a quality product from the beginning, maintain its standard, and make sure to develop it every period; This will ensure the continuity of dealing with your current customers, who will market your products for free to others.
7. Be patient and do not rush the results, and prepare yourself for fatigue, effort and sufficient time, especially at the beginning of the project.
We will not lengthen you more, and let us present to you a list of a number of examples of successful small projects that do not need a large capital. You can choose one of them to start implementing it from this moment.
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11 simple ideas to start your small business
1. Making jams:
It is one of the successful small projects that can be done from home, and it does not require a large capital. All that is done is to buy quantities of fruits at wholesale prices, and then manufacture them according to the rules, package them in suitable containers, and market and sell them. You can start with your friends, acquaintances and neighbors, and if your product is distinctive it will make its way in the market, and the demand for it will increase; Thus, it will generate additional income for you.
2. Delivery service for household items:
If you own a means of transportation (a car or a bicycle), you can establish your own small business, by agreeing with a group of consumers whose circumstances do not allow them to secure their needs themselves. You buy it and deliver it for an agreed amount, either every time or at the end of the month.
3. Bill Payment Service:
Although it is now possible to pay utility bills (electricity, water, internet … etc.) electronically, some people prefer to pay them in the traditional way, and their circumstances do not allow them to pay them themselves, and from here you can start your small project.
4. Making pastries:
Many housewives are skilled enough in making tons of pastries, and they have time to do so. In fact, it proves that such small projects are one of the most successful ways to make money and increase family income.
5. Cooking:
These are also among the proven, successful, and frequently requested services in our time. Because many women work outside their homes; This makes them often unable to prepare fresh family meals by themselves. Those skilled in cooking – of both sexes – can take advantage of this need and turn it into a small project that generates big money.
6. Home cleaning service:
There is no doubt that household goods such as carpets, sofas and curtains need cleaning every period. Many housewives are unable to do this by themselves, because of their circumstances, and they need someone to help them in this work. Either because of illness, or because of a job or childcare. Herein lies the opportunity to start a small business, but with a big income.
7. Meals delivery to employees:
There are many employees who are not able to leave their workplace to eat meals, either because of the long work periods or the distance between their workplace and their homes, and at the same time they do not like to eat their meals in restaurants. You can use this opportunity to start your own small business; You prepare and deliver the clean and delicious meals they want in your home, and you make money.
8. E-commerce:
In the age of technology, the trade profession is no longer confined to opening a traditional store and incurring the costs of renting, licensing, equipping and other expenses. Everyone has the opportunity to engage in commerce via the Internet. Also, this method does not need to have a special website or online store; You can use social media to market and sell products that some people need. This is precisely how many people have succeeded in establishing a small, inexpensive business and were able to make a lot of money.
9. Rent your own car:
You may have a good, air-conditioned, clean car, but it is parked in the parking lot for long hours because you don’t need it. In such a case, why not consider renting it to those who do not own a private car and have a need to move from one place to another to spend their business, and earn money?
10. Making accessories:
This idea is suitable for ladies and young ladies of artistic flair. It is fun and entertaining, and most importantly, it is a good income. Fortunately, there are now many videos available on YouTube and other channels, and by watching them you can learn how to make accessories easily and with mastery.
11. Real estate brokerage business:
Many people work in the field of real estate brokerage (brokerage), by mediating between real estate owners and those looking for them to rent or buy them. You can also work in this field and generate substantial income; It does not require capital to start with; All you have to do is have relationships with the real estate owners and mediate between them and those who need these properties, and you get your commission and earn money.
In conclusion, it must be said that there are still a lot of ideas that can be put forward when talking about small projects, but we are content with what we have presented in order to avoid prolongation. We would like to emphasize some of the things that we think are important in this regard, the most important of which is choosing the idea that falls in the circle of your interests, and taking good care of what you will present. So offer the best you can and develop it continuously, and choose the appropriate marketing channels, and most importantly – in our view – the need to give the matter the time and effort it needs, and not to rush the results.
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