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Entrepreneurial Secrets – 15 Secrets To Successful Entrepreneurial Business

Many of those who work in a particular job are looking to change their course in life and start to the world of free work, to get rid of the burdens and psychological pressures imposed on them by their current job and a sense of captivity or slavery and lack of financial independence. Despite this, some are afraid to take this step, for fear of failure and failure, so they stay in their jobs that they do not like in order to obtain a living. In this article, we will share with you fifteen secrets that guarantee you success in entering the world of self-employment and getting rid of the burden of a job that may not give you the income you aspire to, and at the same time drain your energies and capabilities in vain.

15 secrets of successful self-employment for beginners

Plan to leave your job with caution

Every start is difficult and fraught with dangers and obstacles. So you have to make some necessary arrangements before leaving your job. The first thing you have to do and make sure of, is that you have sufficient savings to cover your expenses and needs for a period of not less than six months; So that you do not have to borrow from any source. Inform your trusted companions and relatives of your intention to move towards self-employment; They may support and encourage you and suggest some useful ideas to you, and tell their friends and acquaintances about it, so you have a nucleus for customers who can sell your products and services to them.

Avoid mistakes working from home

Mostly, most people who are beginners in self-employment decide to work from home, and this is a good idea, provided that you avoid mistakes that can confuse them, distract them, and lead to a decrease in their productivity. Examples include choosing the wrong location; Like sitting in front of the TV or in the living room, where children play and shout. It is also necessary to inform family members that you will set aside specific working hours for work, during which you will not be prepared to do anything but focus on your work. Also, it is convenient to change the place where you work every now and then; Like going out to a cafe or sitting in a park. There is no doubt that this will renew your psyche, increase your creativity and charge your energies.

Connect with your predecessors

You are certainly not the first person to decide to enter the world of self-employment; There are many who came before you and went through this experience. Therefore, it is appropriate for you to communicate with them in the various available ways; To find out and benefit from their experiences and try to avoid the mistakes they made in their beginnings. You may be able to achieve communication with these people by registering on their social media sites, by attending some activities and events in which they participate, or through personal communication.

Avoid the frustrated

Bear in mind that you will come across people who are not convinced of what you are doing. And they may be among the people closest to you; Your husband or wife, your father or mother, or perhaps your friend. The wisdom in this case requires that you not waste your energy in arguing with them to convince them. It suffices for you that you are convinced of what you are doing and believe in it. We recommend that you do not talk too much with people who are trying to put you down.

Save your expenses

It is said that the economy is two-thirds of the living, so you should not think about the acquisition of valuables that cost you large sums of money or insist on the abundance of leisure and entertainment travel; If you insist, you will not be able to withstand for long. Learn the arts of economics, make sure to review your expenditures and accounts, and cut out all unnecessary items. Focus on the essentials and forget about the luxuries, and don’t worry, the time will come when you can have all your dreams come true.

Upgrade your skills and delay getting tools

Some freelancers insist on linking their success to the availability of certain tools that they may not be able to purchase at the moment; They thought that these tools were necessary to increase productivity at work. However, the best thing is to postpone the decision to purchase tools for another time, and focus on developing the skills to generate income that allows you to buy everything you need and update your tools later.

Don’t be afraid of rejection

Most freelancers are afraid of others rejecting their offers at first. This is expected to happen at a high rate; Most of the successful projects faced their owners rejection time and time again in their beginnings, but this did not discourage them from continuing their work, but rather increased their determination and determination to continue. Rejection is part of the reality of life, and it does not detract from you.

Take it very seriously

The way you deal with self-employment will determine your future. If you look at what you are doing lightly, you will not achieve any positive result, and you will find that you are at your seat. The situation is completely reversed when you take the matter seriously, set hours of your day to work and stick to them, and view your work as being of no less value than any other work.

Define and target your market well

It is natural for large companies not to accept what they offer them in terms of products or services from the start. Accordingly; It is wise not to waste your time and be determined to try to persuade them to accept what you have. Because that won’t work. Instead, it targeted individuals and small businesses; The more likely they will accept your offer.

Diversify your marketing methods

You might consider using some marketing techniques to attract and entice customers for what you do. For example, think about creating a website or Facebook page on which to display what you have. Offer free samples to your customers and let them try your product; If you are a writer, offer them samples of your articles and encourage them to purchase them. Show your willingness to provide free solutions to some of your clients’ financial problems if you are an accountant or offer legal advice if you are a lawyer. And be confident that such methods will benefit you and profit, so do not underestimate them.

Set a price commensurate with the quality of the above

Don’t think low price is what will bring more customers; Rather, what will attract and desire them for what you have is the originality and quality of the value and benefit you offer them. When determining the price of your product, you have to take into account a number of considerations, the first of which is: Ensure to provide a product whose value is not less than what the customer expects and believes that the price he will pay is fair and appropriate. And don’t forget to bear in mind that there are competitors for you and you are not the only one. In addition to the above, you need to consider the cost of your product, the number of man hours you spend producing it, and the target profit margin.

Motivate yourself

Don’t expect your customers to continue to support you in the long term. You may sometimes feel puzzled by an incomplete idea of ​​what you are doing, but you should not be discouraged or give in to these feelings, and focus your efforts on what you can accomplish instead, and your feeling will definitely change and your mood will improve when you can avoid making mistakes and train yourself to avoid them.

Take care of your reputation

Some beginners in self-employment face a delicate and bewildering situation in the event that they receive more than one tempting offer at the same time, and here it is necessary to pay attention and beware of falling into the trap of accepting all the offers presented to you. You might say to yourself, I’m going to squeeze my time, fulfill customer orders, and make more money. Well, have you thought for a moment that this pattern of thinking could affect the quality of your work and impair your productivity? And thus put your reputation at risk? You have to be careful of your reputation; It is your real capital.

Acknowledge your mistakes

Sometimes you may be assigned a new task and start performing it, and then discover that what you have done is not right. In this case, do not go too far with your mistake and try to prove yourself. Then you will treat the error with another mistake. So, acknowledge your mistake and resolve not to come back to it again.

Continue developing your skills

And last but not least, whatever your skills and experience increase, do not stop working on developing them; Your mastery of the use of methods and tools does not mean that you have become the best and most skilled person in the market. Be humble and keep working on developing your skills, and don’t forget that learning has no limits.

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After so many damn rejections for dates, I gave up. I’m done embarrassing myself with failure and risking a restraining order. On the other hand, I’m determined and I won’t stop working until I make a successful business….then I’ll keep going and innovating until I’m international. Then I’ll still keep going. That is so much easier than getting dates.


Good stuff Clark, but everyone is doing the drawing style animations so I’m kind of over it personally lol. I’d rather see you in the video, but that’s just my opinion. Keep doing your thing!


Its never too late! This is so true!! You just gotta keep on hustling and making the best out of the situation. Eventually, when the time is right, you will get it. It’s just matter of time and perseverance. Winny out… for now 😉


I see you’re trying something new, well done of course. I have a question though, regarding your breakthrough academy. Whenever I click one of the links to it takes me to that webinar, but I don’t see a way to buy the course. Also wanted to know how much it costs so that I can start saving towards buying it. Is anyone else having a similar issue or is it just me?


I love the point of zero based mindset. It improves your creativity to rethink and re-imagine things in different way NOT solely based on your experiences. AND zero based mindset allow us to be more receptive on new ideas from others which indirectly encourage empathy listening.
Lol, I know and admire all of them but never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. Not that I mind, just never occurred to me. Some really solid points in there. Entrepreneur or not, those tips can help anyone
Lately, Ive been feeling like im “too weird” or dont fit in to certain social settings. But now, Im starting to learn to just be myself and that people may not understand me but i will be remembered. yknow? i fucks with the uniqueness
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