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Mastering the art of selling .. 4 selling secrets that make you a great seller

Many sellers fail to market their ideas, projects, and goods, or even to market themselves despite the fact that what they possess may be considered a wealth of knowledge or a skill that cannot be missed, due to their lack of experience in the basics of marketing and selling skills, and for all those who were let down by the lack of experience despite their real wealth, we gathered You have the four most important secrets that will help you to succeed and explode the springs of wealth lurking within each of you.
These four secrets are the summary of long life experiences of skilled sellers who were able to enter the door of glory with the strength of determination and skill of marketing after the grace of God Almighty for them like “Tom Hopkins”.

4 secrets to mastering the art of sales:

1. The more you like your product, the more people like it:

Nothing might make you reach your customer so that you can convince him to buy your product, such as being passionate about this product and proud of it, aware of its importance, so make sure that your customers talk about your product in a language that speaks to their minds at the same time, and addresses their grievances at the same time, and know that this law has been confirmed by many Salespeople feel the difference when they get it right.

2. People make emotional decisions the moment they buy:

If you are keen to sell your product, beware of explaining your product with rigidity and shyness. Rather, make your effort to arouse the sympathy of customers and highlight the most positive aspects of your product without making them feel that you are explaining a scientific lecture, but rather addressing their hearts and talking to them on their levels, and be kind to them.

3. People only buy the product that suits their needs:

Be very careful to listen to the customer’s needs before you talk about the product, so when you encounter a customer, listen to him gently and understand his needs accurately, then start explaining the bright aspects of your product that meet his needs.
For example, if you are marketing educational courses and you come across a client to ask you how he can increase his income, then talk to him only about how this course can increase his income, without talking to him about any other advantage of the course unless you are confident that this feature will increase his ability to accept Product and buy it from you.
And be sure that if you master this art and this skill in marketing your services and sales, your sales will double, and every customer will see in you that you are the only person who is able to fulfill his requests every time to come back to you again.

4. Become a Professional Salesperson when you forget your personal interests:

Many sellers view their products or services as being preferable to the customer’s profit. These sellers lose a lot of their customers because they prioritize their personal interests over the interests of the buyer or the customer.
But if you want to be a skilled salesman, forget your personal interests and focus on the interest of the customer who will come back to you every time because of the smooth cooperation with you and comfort, and make sure to treat each customer as your father or your close friend, in this case only you will be able to focus Actually on the interest of the customer coming to you.
And be sure that the more you comfort your customers, the profits will come to you from where you do not know, and that God will bless you in your livelihood, and you will see that you and your services will become a destination for everyone who intends a product similar to the one you own.
In conclusion, we hope that we have succeeded in explaining the four rules and secrets. All that remains is for you to master these skills and be able to activate them appropriately and in a suitable time, and always remember what Tom Hobbins, author of “Mastering the Art of Selling”, wrote when he wrote in his book: The salesman is his audience, the truth, they will be suspicious of all his words, but if the salesman manages to turn the wheel of the conversation and say they are – then that is the truth.
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