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5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid

“To be an entrepreneur, you have to embrace the challenges that face you every day, and maintain that mindset for a very long time. You have to find beauty on the journey, and step beyond dreams. ”
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It is part of human nature to make mistakes. So every son of Adam is wrong. Although we all hate failure and strive to succeed, it may be forgotten that failure is only an integral part of success. When it comes to novice entrepreneurs, they are motivated and eager to achieve the desired results and take advantage of all available opportunities, because of their desire to reach their goals in the shortest possible period and at the lowest costs. It is not shameful to make mistakes; As we said at the beginning, making mistakes is normal, no matter how keen we are to avoid them. But the defect lies in the persistence of error and falling into it again and not benefiting from the lessons and lessons resulting from it. Accordingly, entrepreneurs must focus their attention and direct their attention towards doing the right things, and avoid making some mistakes that may threaten the future of their projects. Now let’s get to know the five most common mistakes among novice entrepreneurs.
5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid

1. Insistence to work alone:

It is one of the most common mistakes; At the beginning of any project, entrepreneurs believe that they can bear all the burdens on their own. This may be because they do not want to hire someone to help them; Wanting to save money or not trusting others. Although this may seem logical, it may lead to fatigue and the inability to take the project on the path to success.
Although it may be difficult to find suitable people who can be assigned or delegated to some of the tasks required by the work, it is a major requirement for the success of the project. In order for the entrepreneur to succeed in delegating some of his tasks to other people, they must be educated, trained, and explained everything that the work entails to them, and to make sure of their eligibility and competence to contribute to the success of the project.

2. Absence of teamwork:

Some entrepreneurs do their work and focus on it, but fail to communicate with other members of the team. They do not care about them, their needs, and the troubles and problems they face, whether on a personal or practical level; They spend most of their time thinking about how to sell their products without paying attention to what other people want.
Successful entrepreneurs care about solving the problems facing their team, and they take the time to do that. They also know that they have to deal with and solve customer problems; In order not to negatively affect the progress and success of the project. This indicates the imperative to understand and adhere to the idea of ​​teamwork to enhance the chances of project success.

3. Hurrying and anticipating events:

Any project – regardless of its size or nature – passes through a series of phases called the project life cycle. It is born, then grows, then enters the stage of maturity and may reach decline. There is no doubt that each stage has its own unique opportunities and challenges. Thinking about skipping stages and anticipating events is a big mistake that must be avoided, and the right thing is to give enough time to successfully skip each stage, and to offer the products that are compatible with them of the highest quality. Also, the nature of activities and management methods must be reviewed and the appropriate work team selected for each stage. And then success will be tangible.

4. Running after the money:

Some entrepreneurs make a mistake when they involve themselves in projects or side businesses, arguing that this will increase income. This can cause them to get distracted, lose their efforts, and lose everything. And we must not forget that failure to provide good service to one customer will have a negative impact that can lose the project ten clients or new projects! Accordingly, wisdom requires providing good quality service to a limited number of clients or even one client, instead of entering into side projects that lead to failure and make the owner lose his reputation. And always remember the old saying: “May God have mercy on a person who knows the worth of himself”.

5. Selecting employees based on their educational qualifications and skills, and overlooking their behavior:

One of the common mistakes that some entrepreneurs may make is relying on the standard of scientific competence and individual skill of employees when choosing to work on their projects. Despite the importance of this and its contribution to the success of the project, it is necessary to take into account the behavioral patterns of workers and how they behave with customers and with their colleagues at work. We must not forget that the employee represents the project and that he must adhere to his values ​​and orientations regarding dealing with project clients in particular.
In conclusion, novice entrepreneurs must be aware of these mistakes, their dimensions and negative repercussions on their projects, and do everything in their power to avoid falling into them, or backing off from them and not being arrogant and persisting with them at the very least.
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