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The art of dealing with money;

Have you ever told yourself or your friends that you have a dream of great wealth and your wallet is still empty? Did you start a project and another project and your money is still decreasing? Have you used to spend your salary upon receiving it on your advances and debts over the past month?
If your answer was “yes” to one of the previous questions, then our article was written specifically for you, do you know why ??

Because we will talk in this article about the six people who master the art of wasting money, and they know only a little about the rules of saving it, so come forward to reading this article to search for yourself among these characters, and to avoid the gaps that they fell into, so you start filling your wallet from the moment.

6 personalities who are not proficient in the art of dealing with money

The Donor Giver:

He is a person who finds his happiness in buying expensive things even if they are among the luxuries rather than the priorities. His spirit is blown away if he does not buy an expensive gift for one of his friends, but the problem is that he is waiting for a bunch of cash in his hands to master in wasting it and spending it on expensive gifts and luxuries Indeed, if necessary, he lends money to satisfy this desire, so he does not rest in his mind until he spends and spends, with unjustified extravagance!

The Optimist:

We are not against optimism, optimism is a wonderful thing that raises its owner and pushes him forward constantly, but the optimist who is optimistic that money will pour in from somewhere without giving anything of the reasons is the optimist who we talk to you is not good at the art of dealing with money!

It is known that risk is a must in the life of any merchant or money owner, so if you were optimistic about wealth without accepting the risk, and you remained afraid of the consequences every time, and feared the loss before every project, then you have more luck in your dreams that have become distant.

The Ignorance of Savings:

This person does not realize the importance of saving part of his expenses or his salary in an organized manner, but rather spends all his money on his needs without paying attention to the importance of saving, and perhaps he does not care about having money in the future, looking at the livelihood of his day available in his hands, so he spends it in full, and waits for tomorrow that He comes and brings food with him.

The Indifferent:

A person who repeats in many homes, this person is the one who defers all his financial obligations, such as bills, taxes and debts, to feel that his wallet is still full, and that he has enough money to fulfill all his desires, and for this person who may be born inside every person the moment he receives his monthly salary we say That he has to set a special budget in which he defines his obligations and is satisfied with what he has left, so that he can dispose of it until the next salary.

The Risks:

We are also against optimism that is without risk, for we are against risk that is without careful consideration, as many people are in a hurry to develop their profits and increase their money, so they constantly risk any project that might bring them a profit without serious study of its goals and its most important negatives and positives. Luck is only a few times, it is almost non-existent. Take a knowledgeable risk and not be reckless!


The wasteful person is a person who does not have peace of mind and does not rest in his mind as long as he has a handful of money in his pocket. Himself “Why am I so wasteful?” If he is reconciled with himself and answers himself honestly, then he will find that wastefulness is satisfactory, and he must recover from it in the soonest and fastest way.

We hope at the end of this article that you have been able to find the main defect that makes your wallet still empty, and makes your debts accumulate on you constantly, and the most important thing for you to know is the reason is to seriously search for a way that enables you to avoid this reason, and now .. start filling your wallet ..

We have presented to you, dear reader, 6 personalities who are not proficient in the art of dealing with money, so do not forget to share it and spread it with others so that the benefit is spread to everyone.

The art of money

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