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What a trip ..

From the father’s back to the mother’s belly
From the mother’s belly to the back of the earth
And from the back of the earth to the belly of the earth
And from the belly of the earth unto the day of the show
In every station you see the wonder
In the end, the traveler will be humiliated
Either to heaven or to fire
Two men do not enter the mosque except in his funeral ..
And a woman did not cover herself except in her coffin how painful it is for how long it is not.
bad truth ..
They attend the time in their time and come to the airport before the date and attend the hospital before the date also sleep and pray and say our problem is our sleep is heavy
“But affect the life of this world”
Wine has become a drink .. The facilitator has become fortunate
Singing has become an art .. and bribery has become a coffee
The mixing became civilized
Affair became freedom .. adultery became a passing relationship
And the matter of virtue became committed .. And the prohibition of vice has become backward ..
Abelis was frank with us from the beginning and told us that he would mislead us in this world and abandon us in the hereafter
“Bless you blindly they do not understand”
Words grieve the heart at a time when people are preparing to live in this world and fall behind in religion.
If someone is advised to leave sin, his answer is:
Most people do this even if you search for a word
“Most people” in the Holy Quran found after (most people do not know – do not thank – do not believe)
If you search for the word “most”, then you will find (most of them sinners – ignorant – exposed – they do not know – do not hear)
So you are one of the few who said God Almighty in them (and a few slaves Shakur)
(And believe with him only a few)
(A group of the first and a few others)
Lesson of me and you and those who follow us Oh God I ask you good conclusion Oh God, we are happy in this world and the rest and all of us love ..
We ask God’s pardon and wellness ..
Oh God, we reply to you a beautiful response ..
Oh Allah, make it a righteous charity for me and my parents and my family and every Muslim and Muslim ..

A precise description of that moment and the man’s feeling at the time

O Jaen Riad Hijab Oh cheap Kadih uncle arrest for even betray your country words, what credibility and you dirty in the people what Talat of Sham schools opened life mo parked p owning lilly was Aouselo to chair Bs looting, theft and two dimensions Baherboa p country of permitting the blood of the Syrians, O Allk of God Mo you tulle one Katar mercenaries Mtllk uncle Taathnk if men come p Sham O thief and corrupt of Hurck words Dharat p tiles We Aychen Turkey and Look-worth metal dogs Jerbanh after Syria Mafi existence if we want Nl_huss dust, O brother of a bitch received Mzsb Shaw worked non Alnhib sugar enable As for the protection of your father, the beast is your tongue; Under the hands of the disbelievers of the religion of God and the Prophet
Once Akko one and a growing time and I went to the group and all of them I want to be a woman to give up my desire to eat this group, this treatment is free to sleep before sleeping an hour or show your chest returned to the house every time this is the case of the program of the program and the chef and the medicine of the room or the corner of a long time He came to turn the goddess of God, Lash Magite, and the Win of the Calcutta, O God, all the goddess of this calamity, the curse of the Chaldeans, are you not one, or the sin of your mother, Titiah, from the death of your father, to the affliction of Madakah, the goddess?

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