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After one tweet from Elon Musk .. Signal becomes the most downloaded app on the App Store!


Signal chat and instant messaging application continues to rise strongly during the recent period, threatening the throne of one of the most important and most famous applications in this field, which is the WhatsApp application owned by Facebook, the giant of social networks, this comes after the recent controversial WhatsApp decision, but also due to another factor .

During the past days, the frequency of “migration” of users from WhatsApp towards the Signal application increased in an unprecedented way, after WhatsApp sent notifications to users during the last period informing them of a change in the usage laws, as these changes include the sharing of a number of user data. With Facebook and the rest of its affiliated companies, especially with regard to the user’s name, his personal photos, the user’s phone number, the numbers on his contact list, status update, and other personal information that may be posted on his WhatsApp account, and users will not be able Rejection of the new terms, and in the event of disapproval on the horizon of February 8th, they will not be able to continue using the application.

This new decision from WhatsApp angered many users and prompted them to abandon it and go towards other applications whose developers say that they fully respect the privacy of users, especially Signal, which has seen a great recovery, thanks to this matter, but also because of the tweet of the giant of the digital world “Elon Musk,” who had published after recent events a tweet on his Twitter account, calling on users to switch to Signal.

And it seems that Elon Musk’s call has contributed to the significant increase in the number of Signal users, as Apptopia numbers say that the Signal chat and instant messaging application has become the most downloaded application on the Apple App Store, and the app still achieves high download rates on my platform. Android and iOS.

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