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After Twitter and Facebook .. YouTube ban Donald Trump channel


It seems that more companies in the digital world, especially the owner of social media platforms, will aim to ban the outgoing US President Donald Trump, and both the famous platforms Facebook and Twitter have been banned permanently or continuously since days of Donald Trump’s accounts, Before YouTube organized them as well.

And the Twitter platform had refused to allow interaction with Donald Trump’s last tweet on the eve of the storming of Congress, which is a video directed at the demonstrators, whether by like, commenting, or retweeting, and demanded that his three tweets be deleted from account, otherwise the account will remain banned. From publishing and interacting, but it ended with the final ban on his account, while Facebook blocked Trump’s account for 24 hours before it also ended with a continuous suspension for days.

Google’s video platform, YouTube, followed the same approach as Facebook and YouTube, announcing that the account of US President Donald Trump was banned from uploading any new videos or doing any live broadcasts for a period of up to seven days, until the day the new US President Joe Biden was installed, but indicated she It may extend this period, as YouTube indicated that Donald Trump’s account incites violence, which is considered a violation of the laws, and is the same plague that other platforms have adopted to ban accounts .

While some are saving the steps of the world’s two digital companies, others value the recent decisions to combat violence, and some are calling for the final deletion of Donald Trump’s accounts from these platforms.

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