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An Arab country on the list of the fastest in the world at the level of 5G internet speed

Field research carried out by Global SpeedTest, a company specialized in Internet speed analysis, indicated that the United Arab Emirates was ranked first in terms of the quality of the speed of the fifth generation Internet in the world, ahead of each of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which ranked second and Norway in third place, where The United Arab Emirates-based Etisalat has achieved the fastest “upload” process using 5G technology, with a limit of 9.1 gigabits per second.


And according to the new report issued by vpnMentorLast Sunday, the speed of the 5G network reached 959.39 Mbps in the United Arab Emirates, which put it on top of the first places in the world, ahead of Saudi Arabia (921.11 Mbps) and Norway (865.57 Mbps), which is equivalent to 10 to 100 times faster than The current 4G network, and for his part, Saeed Al Zarouni, Senior Vice President of the Mobile Phone Network of the UAE Etisalat Company, said: “We are pleased to announce that Etisalat UAE has achieved an unprecedented speed of the 5G network of 9.1 gigabits per second, and with this we have achieved the fastest download rate in the world. We at Etisalat always strive to meet the growing demand of our customers, whether on the level of the various needs of individuals or companies. ”He added:“ The historic announcement today is a result of Etisalat’s efforts in building a strong 5G network, 9.1 Gigabit per second is really a huge leap forward in the 5G era to provide speeds 30 times faster than the average 4G transmission, and this achievement will definitely have a big and profound change for individuals, industries, society and the economy, which will change the way we live and work as well. ”


And at a time when the deployment of the fifth generation networks is expanding, as it is expected soon to work with the fifth generation mobile Internet in multiple countries around the world to take advantage of the service to access very fast Internet speeds, reports have detected the extent of the radiation of this network on the health of the human body, despite confirmation The International Committee for Radiation Protection, ICNIRP, in its report that the 5G network is safe and does not pose a health risk, contrary to what has been promoted, and it is an institution that aims to curb the growing conspiracy theories about the impact of 5G radiation on the mobile network.



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