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An immigrant wins two lottery tickets in Canada in 5 months

A Canadian immigrant joined the Millionaire Club after a strange coincidence that was repeated twice with him in a short time. The 28-year-old Melch Mahlaj, who won two lottery prizes in less than five months, received a prize of 3.5 million Canadian dollars, The winner, who lives in Winnipeg, Canada’s Manitoba Province, bought the prize he first won last April when his family moved in after living in a small apartment. After laughing at Malhase again last month, , And won $ 522,000 after buying a lottery ticket “Clear and Win “The young man plans to open his own job. The millionaire is thinking of buying a gas station or a car washroom and going back to study, the Daily Mail reported.” My main goal is to go back to school. I want to do better than my English. I would also like to learn something useful like carpentry “

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