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Astronomers are busy dismantling mysterious messages that come from space to Earth

London «Al-Quds Al-Arabi» – The planet has received mysterious and encrypted space messages since 2001, and so far scientists have not been able to understand its content, analyze it or make sure it comes from a cosmic phenomenon or is it coming from distant space creatures trying to reach our planet. Scientists have since tried to deconstruct this code and understand its content, and then determine whether it poses a danger to humanity or not.
Researchers working in South Africa, in collaboration with scientists from around the world, have launched a massive project to develop a “giant telescope” designed to solve the space mysteries that have invaded Earth since the dawn of the new millennium and found no explanation for it, the Daily Mail newspaper reported.
The Hydra Hydrogen and Real-Time Hydra-Analysis project, at a cost of $ 4.9 million, is designed to explore the “rapid radio explosions” that scientists call “FRBs” – temporary, random, and random signals that the Earth receives from time to time.
Scientists say these signals are difficult to detect and study, with only 20 of them detected since they were discovered in 2001.
They hope they can use the HiRAX telescope currently being developed to monitor up to 12 FRBs per day, which could explain the content of these mysterious radio emissions or at least explain their origin.
The telescope features its ability to control these signals as they flash across the sky, because they cover and scan a large proportion of the sky.
The researchers expect these mysterious signals to have originated from several sources, with possible explanations for the civilizations and debris caused by the black holes.
In addition to the giant telescope, the project consists of a thousand satellites with a width of each of 6 meters, and spread these satellites through two sites in the southern hemisphere.
The collected dishes form a set of interference measurements, combining signals from many telescopes, to provide the accuracy required for the large telescope.
The researchers have already built four test dishes at the site of Caro, South Africa, and built three other dishes at the site of Western Australia, and the project will study the properties of dark universe energy 7 to 11 billion years ago.
The actual construction of the giant telescope is scheduled to begin next year in the African Karou desert, with a group initially composed of 128 items similar to dishes, and will be expanded to 1024 by 2020.
Many scientists believe there are space creatures in the universe but humans have not yet been able to reach them.
A few weeks ago, scientists spoke of a new evidence that could be a sign of life in space, where the US space agency NASA captured a picture showing black spots on the surface of Mars scientists said they are “spiders” space, which means in the case This information is true, that there are living beings on the surface of Mars.
NASA scientists said the existence of “spiders” on the surface of Mars is a very important indicator of life there. “Spiders are actually piles made up of a natural process,” which means that their existence is linked to the existence of “life” and organisms Vivid, or evidence of the existence of this life.
Earlier this year, an American scientist claimed that China was in contact with space creatures in the outside world and no one knew what these contacts were or talks between the two sides.
The former chairman of the SETI board of trustees, John Hertz, said US experts were concerned about possible contacts China is making with “space objects.”
“We are really concerned about the new Chinese project. Through its new FAST telescope, China may be able to send signals to space objects, if any, that could pose a real threat to our civilization on Earth.”
“China’s new project may come up with new information and it could make a real difference in space information, and its discovery of that information will make it the world leader in this field,” he said

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