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Once again … Bitcoin continues to rise and set a new record

Once again, the digital electronic currency Bitcoin continues to perform at an excellent level and continues to rise in the global markets, to restore hopes again to the digital currency market, after a long period of decline and stability, which raised doubts about its future, but Bitcoin continues to achieve records in the recent period.
And since the beginning of this month, the virtual digital currency Bitcoin has achieved a continuous rise, as its value in global markets reached an estimated 17,737 US dollars, which is an unprecedented number during this year, and yet this number was far from a little The best number achieved by Bitcoin in the past two years, which reached 14,000 USD exactly in 2018, but the significant rise of Bitcoin did not stop there, as it reached on November 6 the value of 15,000 USD.
Today, the value of Bitcoin has reached a new record, as this value exceeded the ceiling of 18,000 US dollars, which is the highest number this currency has reached since 2018, but it is still a little far from the ceiling it reached in 2017 when it exceeded 20,000, which confirms that The future of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, is still vivid, and the crisis stage was not the end of the era of digital currencies, as indicated by some economic analysts.
Experts say that this new increase in Bitcoin’s digital currency is mainly due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic on the global economy, which is the one that started at the beginning of this year, and it seems that the digital currency sector is among the digital sectors that have benefited from this pandemic, along with other sectors. On top of it is e-commerce.

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