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Can I be a successful investor? Test yourself through the 5 most important qualities of a successful investor
All investment advice that we follow says that before starting any investment, even if it is a small investment, or even before starting work in small or medium projects, we must search for a distinct idea for a profitable business, and then study many business ideas Through a business plan template or a feasibility study, or otherwise.
All of these tips are correct, but most of them forget the advice or the most important step, which is the necessity of answering the following question: Can I be an investor? Or do I have the characteristics of a successful investor? What are the characteristics of a successful investor?
To answer this question, we present to you in this article the most important qualities and criteria that must be met by a successful investor to ensure that after finding an idea for a profitable project, he will earn money and reap profits without stopping.
Qualities of a successful investor:
1- Love of achievement
The most important first quality that a successful investor enjoys is his love and constant aspiration for achievement, as he measures his success in life by the amount of achievements that he can achieve. Of course, the love of achievement means that the investor enjoys the challenge, determination and hard work without stopping, in order to be able to enter the market with his new project and the ability to compete with other projects within the same field.
The love of achievement does not mean only the investor’s tendency to draw up a list of accomplishments, but rather it means that this investor has many advantages and qualities implicitly, such as the ability to set goals and measure them, the ability to identify alternatives, solve problems and make decisions wisely, and finally the ability to take risks with a lot of The determination to reach the goal.
2- The ability to achieve the goal and vision of the project
It is not enough to have an idea or capital to start investing in your project. Rather, you must have the goal that drives you to work within this project. The goal of the project constitutes the main motivation for the work, and of course the goal of the project must be associated with an appropriate vision that reflects the intelligence of the investor.
3- Risk
A profitable venture or a successful investment is often related to the high risk associated with this project. There is a rule prevailing among major investors and entrepreneurs, which is that if you want to enter the market with a huge project, not only in size, but in terms of uniqueness, distinction and competitive advantage that it enjoys, then you must bear a lot of risk.
Risk does not mean that you completely close your eyes and set out to start your project without awareness or sufficient study, but on the contrary, risk means that you study the project from all its parties and plan for all possibilities of success and failure, with a high probability of risk, either because of venturing into a project that is presented first Once, or a project similar to another project that seeks to compete with it, or because the project was built within an unstable economic environment and the presence of great possibilities for fluctuations in the market or even for other reasons.
4- Creativity ability
People may think that creativity is a necessary step only when developing the appropriate idea for the project, as the investor must pour all his creativity on the distinct idea that will guarantee him the inevitable success after that. But let us tell you that creativity and the ability to innovate is an inherent characteristic of every step and every detail of the project.
Creativity begins when the idea is created, to be a companion to all the operations that can be implemented within the project, such as production, marketing, human resources management, etc., and it is also a fundamental feature for the investor when making decisions and solving problems, in addition to its importance when planning and thinking strategically to expand the project and develop the necessary suggestions for its continuation .
Not using creativity means staying in that narrow space that all competitors can keep you in, while using creativity means the permanent ability to keep your project within the first projects in the market.
5- The ability to take responsibility
The ability to take responsibility, despite the simplicity and intuition of this characteristic, is one of the most important qualities that must be met by a successful investor. The investment decision always has the potential for success or failure, and taking responsibility means that the investor is fully responsible for his investment decision, and he must also be responsible for his actions with employees, partners or workers, so he should not blame others in case the business fails or The project failed.
The investor must be aware of the impact of all variables on the project, such as competitors, the market, the work environment, the nature of potential customers, and so on, all of which are factors that may affect one way or another on the success or failure of the project. And it can never be just one person or group of people working within a project that is solely responsible for a project’s failure.
In this article, we have presented to you the 5 most important qualities a person must have in order to be a successful investor. The lack of all these qualities does not at all mean that you are a failure, on the contrary, you can be a successful investor without having one of these qualities, but you must always work to develop yourself and remedy weaknesses to ensure your success and the success of your project.
Also, do not forget that all these traits are not born by nature but can be acquired through continuous learning, practice and hard work.
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