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Céline Dion | “Ashes” | 1st June 2018

I’m glad she is doing better since her husband died. She seems like a lovely woman.
She’s so Silly and talkative. Love Celine Dion!!!! What did “Oprah” say: “You are everything that you appear to be”. And she is absolutely right. Celine does things that make me embarrassed but at least she’s as real as you can get. Can’t wait to see you in JUly 19!!!!
I could keep on watching her talking about her songs. She’s the last diva alive. She’s a legend super talented and humble. I admire her so damn much. I’ve been a fan since I know what is music, and who I am. I remember listening to her albums and DVD’s at 5 years old (I’m 18 now), trying to sing That’s The Way It Is or even Misled! She marked my life, and will be here forever.
She seems so nice. Legendary talent. She’s still got it. Deadpool 2 had better be in the Grammys and Oscars because this should be song of the year, motion picture song category, any category. Ryan Reynolds actually wrote most of it amazingly.

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