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This piece is also known as Mariage D’amoure by Paul de Senneville. ”Chopin – Spring Waltz” is just a pseudonym. Chopin hasn’t written this piece. I uploaded this piece when I, just like you, didn’t know the truth that this piece is not by Chopin! But… Unfortunately, if I’ll change the name of this video to the correct one, other videos with name “Chopin Spring Waltz” will rise on top(there’s hundreds of them!), so I put this disclaimer on top of description of the most popular video. I truly didn’t want to pour misinformation around. I’m genuinely sorry for inconveniences it caused to you… 🙁

Ah Chopin! 3 senedir aynı sınava hazırlanırken , test çözerken eşlik ediyorsun bana ; sanırım bu sene de aynı şekilde beraberiz de ileride sadece kafamı dinlemek istediğimde , kitap okumak istediğimde , yorulduğumda , düşündüğümde eşlik etsen bana.Zira ben çok yoruldum…

Firstly you need not apologize because you explained it pretty clearly from the beginning I was still am blown away then to read on that it’s played by you I thank you for this wonderful upload music and it’s beautifully played . this is so enchanting and slightly melancholic and I won’t forget it

Merci pour la personne qui l’a mise en ligne
Merci à F.Chopin.
C’EST grâce à lui que je porte ce prénom.
En faite,ma mère, c’était une fleur bleue.
Et c’est que maintenant que je sais qu’elle ma apellee Frederic.grace à ce morceau preci.
Love it.et longue vie à tous les amoureux

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