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Control your phone completely by the cover of your device only through this application!


The Play Store is a special store for different Google products that can be accessed through the application for Google, which was known in the past and exactly before 2012 as the Android Market, and Google Play also contains a huge variety of applications and a variety of applications A large number of books and in different classifications, and on a daily basis, many applications and games raise at a very large rate, which is the reason that made the store be famous especially for providing a suitable environment for developers to create and develop their applications and earn from it the great financial return with you, the application that we will share with you. The post’s idea is somewhat strange and not circulated before, as the application allows controlling some features of the phone by simply clicking on the back of the device once or twice, for example double clicking on the back of the device will result in opening a specific application, activating the silent mode, or running the Google Assistant ..Etc., and the application relies on its work on the Pixel feature, which also depends on the dual sensitivity of the phone in identifying the double clicks inside it and taking appropriate actions regarding them, and in general the application facilitates the control of phones operating on Android systems through simple movements or gestures.

First, you will download and install the application, then you will access it and grant it access to applications, audio settings, camera, etc.


In the next step, you will customize the options for clicking on the background of the phone in the way you prefer, and determine the type of operation that will take place when you double click behind the device, whether it is opening applications, the camera, or turning on the screen … etc.


Generally speaking, “Tap, Tap” the application is currently in beta, and it is very normal to encounter some errors and problems while using the application, noting that it supports Android phones that are running version 7.0 or above.

Tap, Tap download link

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