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Financial freedom … could the job be the beginning of the launch to financial freedom?

What is financial freedom and how do we get there?
The great writer and thinker Abbas Mahmoud Al-Akkad says:
“My aversion to government office in that era that sanctifies it was one of the precedents for which I thank God; I do not forget that I received the news of my acceptance to the position that circumstances forced me to apply for, such as receiving news of imprisonment, captivity, or servitude; I believed that the employee was the slave of the twentieth century. ”
Is the job really a form of financial slavery? How do we get to financial freedom?
First, let’s define what is meant by financial freedom. We can say that financial freedom means having enough income or financial flow to cover our expenses and obligations without us working directly. A person who enjoys financial freedom is one who has capital, projects, or resources that generate income without committing to a specific job in which he spends most of his time.
We can also say that a person who has financial freedom is someone who has moved from being working for money to becoming money working for it. In order to reach financial freedom, there must be a clear future vision that helps us achieve that goal. Moreover, achieving this goal will lead to freedom of time. Instead of spending most of our time trying to increase our income by committing to a specific job, we will be able to devote more time to ourselves and our families; We develop ourselves and our skills through training, study, and practicing social, sports, entertainment and other activities.
Here a question may arise to our minds: Can the job be the beginning of the launch to financial freedom, and how can this be practicable? First we have to realize that a job is a short-term solution to a long-term problem; Most people believe that a job is a guarantee of a stable life and a means of a decent living.
However, this belief is erroneous for several reasons: The first is that function leads to the identification of potentials; How many people have abilities and capabilities that they could not exploit for the benefit of themselves because of working in a routine job that did not live up to their aspirations and hopes, but rather caused their frustration and frustration? On the other hand, if the job guarantees the job holder security and stability, as many believe, then why does the obsession with fear of dismissal dominate a large percentage of people? Is it not true that the employee exerts his utmost energies to satisfy the employer? So he keeps his job, while the employer gives the employee the least money to work for? If we think carefully about the answers to these questions, it will become clear to us that the defect does not lie in the job itself, but in the way the employee himself thinks.
Now let us answer the question that we asked earlier, which is whether a job can be the beginning of the launch to financial freedom, and how can this be practically done? There are a number of rules that need to be observed in this regard.

  1. Determine your goal for the job: Is your goal to find money? If your answer is yes, we regret to tell you that you were wrong; The aim of the job is to learn and gain skills and experience. And when you feel that there is no longer anything to learn from your job, it is time to look for another job elsewhere, or at the same company. As a general rule and according to experts, you must change your job every two years. Because a person is able to acquire information and knowledge within six months, and there is nothing wrong with continuing for a year and a half after that.
  2. Prepare yourself for financial independence: This means that you must – while you are in your job – to start preparing for the next stage of financial freedom; By being prepared for financial independence. You can take advantage of this simple equation to know that you are ready for financial independence. If you have an amount that you previously saved, divide that amount by how much you spend per month. For example, if you have $ 2000 and your monthly expenses are $ 500, this means that you can live for four months without having a job. According to experts, a person is considered financially independent if he has an amount that will suffice him for a period of six months without being an employee.
  3. Start looking for an idea that generates additional income for you while you are in your job: Do not leave your job until you have a good additional source of income and achieve some kind of stability and success in your own project; There are many people who own successful projects and are still working in a specific job, but only temporarily.
  4. Be prepared to dismiss the job: When you reach a satisfactory level with what you achieve from your own project, start preparing your resignation from the position and devote yourself to managing the project yourself; You no longer need the job, rather she needs you. At this point, you will be freed from job slavery and financially free.

In order to reach financial freedom, there are conditions that must be met, which we summarize as follows:

  1. You must change the way you think about the job. The job should be a means, not an end; It is an opportunity to learn and gain experiences, not money.
  2. Prepare for a thoughtful adventure in order to get rich. Most of the wealthy started their enterprises by taking a calculated adventure. If we search for the reasons for achieving wealth, we will find that the percentage of those who were able to do so through employment does not exceed 10%. As for people who are wealthy through fame, such as actors and athletes, their percentage does not exceed 1%, while the percentage of those with inheritance is about 15%. As for the remainder (74%), they ventured and entered the business arena after they decided to leave their jobs or were not employed at all.
  3. Rebellion against reality: This means that whoever wants to achieve his financial freedom must reject what his reality dictates and submit to it. When we follow the biography of some of the wealthy, we find that they did not accept their reality, but rather rebelled against it. For example, Bill Gates rebelled against studying at Harvard University and set out to establish his huge financial empires. We also find that Mark Rockiesberg rebelled against Bill Gates himself; When he refused to sell him Facebook for a million dollars while he was still in his infancy. Examples of this are many.
  4. Existence of a financial plan: The goals that the person seeking financial liberalization seek to achieve must be clear from the start. It must also determine the proportion of saving from income resulting from the job, and then how much will be allocated to investment in the project to be established.

Finally, in order to complete the elements of the picture, we refer to some obstacles that can prevent a person from achieving financial freedom, and the most important of them are: fear of failure, which in turn leads to blocking opportunities that can be exploited. The achievement of financial freedom may also be hindered by the large number of financial obligations on a person, especially in the case of borrowing to buy luxuries. This leads to difficulty in saving and lack of capital to start and invest in a private enterprise; Forcing a person to remain a slave to his job indefinitely.
We have provided you, dear reader, with information about financial freedom and how we can reach it, and can the job be the beginning of the launch to financial freedom, so do not forget to share and publish it with others so that the benefit is spread to everyone.
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