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Digital developments 2021 title of the forum “digital brunch”

The fourth session of the “Digital Brunch” forum will be held on the 24th, 25th and 26th of November, under the slogan “Digital Newspapers 2021”.
The digital forum, which targets marketing and communication professionals, brings together many prominent names in the field of media and communication technology, in order to share ideas, exchange views on digital developments, marketing strategies, and also communicate in the future.
The forum is organized by “TNC – The next click”, “Mediamatic” and “Gear9”, in a remote version, in line with the requirements of the pandemic.
The forum tries to answer many current questions, including how will digital marketing develop during the coming period? What is the impact of the “Covid 19” crisis on digital marketing? What are the latest official marketing developments for 2021?
The meeting will feature discussion of many diverse topics, including digital developments in Morocco, fragmented screens, social e-commerce, and the programming process.

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