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Do you sell your product on a sale page? 8 things to take care of :

If you own an online store, or we can confidently say whether you own an online store or not, because creating an online store is no longer a problematic or difficult matter, and therefore the most important point is to know the things that you should take into account on your store page or the sale page. In which you offer one of your products to attract more customers and achieve greater profits because it may bring customers who are interested in the product you sell, but their purchasing decision changes due to the presence of some errors in the sale page.
In this article we will try to highlight some ways to improve the sales page in which you display your products and how to present product descriptions in the perfect image, as well as how to display positive customer reviews where focusing on things like this will help you attract more customers and increase traffic to your store or Your sales page, and usually when the visits increase, the profits increase, so it is very important to pay attention to the things that we will explain to you in this article, and I also advise you to review the article “ Tricks That Help You Sell Online” It is very useful and related to the topic greatly.

1.Create short, readable product URLs

When it comes to sales pages for products, it is necessary that the URL of these pages be short and can be read and saved as well. This method may seem unnecessary to many, but for users, this matter can make a very big difference as this method makes Sharing the titles of these pages is easy and more effective, thus users will share the page titles easily and without any trouble.
It also makes it easy to manage your site effortlessly because it enables you to read clearly what each link indicates, for example if you have two product models with different model numbers, it will be convenient for the user to be able to edit the URL in his browser to access the product with all Ease, as this will save users the trouble of returning to the main product page to find the item they are looking for, and of course there are a lot of plugins and sites that you can use to shorten your URLs in a few simple steps.

2. Try to include an accurate description of the product

One of the biggest mistakes that some people make when creating an online store is not writing accurate descriptions of their own products, and the biggest mistake is publishing completely wrong descriptions, so it is very useful to review all your products and write an original and accurate description for them, so believe me the existence of special and unique descriptions for each product that show your site or Your sales page professionally and shows how much effort is spent in displaying products, in addition to that you must be as accurate as possible with the names of your products.
For example, if you run a website that sells many different products in the same general category, it is necessary for you to make sure that each product is properly classified in its own page, in order to distinguish it from other products of the same category, and finally make sure of Releases for products, especially products that are constantly renewed, all of these things will reduce the likelihood that the customer will buy a product that does not match the description he read, and about the experience that customers do not like this point in particular, and they will consider your site unreliable and you will have bad reviews, so make sure of the description Displayed on each product page and try to make it as accurate as possible

3 . Try to quote your product with an updated picture

This may sound strange, but displaying the cost of your products with updated pricing information is very important, most users will visit your site several times before completing the purchase, and if your prices are incorrect, missing or not updated according to market fluctuations, these potential customers cannot Measuring how stacks up your prices against your competitors’ prices, it is also natural to expect your customers to conduct a focused shopping comparison to determine the most appropriate price.
Also, if there are retailers who are directly competing with you, it should be easy to find your pricing information, and moreover, the price you offer should be the price that the customer sees directly before completing the purchase, nothing negatively affects the sales pages Product-specific except when pricing structures are poorly executed, so make sure all of this data is entered correctly, and that your customers get the correct pricing process when checking out.
It is also worth noting that if you perform incorrect pricing, this will eventually lead to a loss, and therefore you will have to bear the loss resulting from communicating with the customer and informing him of the correct price in order to pay the difference, and of course your chances in this idea to satisfy this customer are almost zero, and therefore We note the importance of correct pricing, as in all cases, you will come out the loser if you perform incorrect pricing. Personally, I know one of the site that announced its closure a few months ago and among the reasons for the failure of the site that led to its closure is the failure to update the price in the products.

4. Try to take good photos of your product

It is very necessary to pay attention to the visual content on the product’s sales page, and therefore you must display images of your products well in order to attract the eyes of your customers, and when we talk about this point, some people think that we mean by that to buy a professional camera, photograph your products professionally, etc., this option is good But it is not ideal as the formats for professional cameras and image sizes are quite large for websites, and they may need additional time to download the full image.
Therefore, it is better to use a cell phone camera, as it gives good details and the size of the images is relatively small, and the main idea is lighting, and later when you have the money you can buy a lighting device for photographing products, you can also compress images with one of the tools that specialize in that. By compressing the images while preserving their quality, believe me the visual content is very important and you must put it in your minds as it will help you in the marketing process, but keep the speed of your site in mind as well as it is a very important factor and this is the importance of compressing the images before uploading them.

5 . Allow comments to be added on the product’s sales page

Comments on the product page is very necessary, both for you and for other customers, when you allow your customers to express their love for a product and write positive comments and share these comments leads to building great trust between you and the users, in addition to that you give a brief idea of ​​the quality of the product to potential customers.
As for the negative comments, they are useful for you as well as it helps you very much to know the problems related to the product and address them as soon as possible, and actually, my friend, user comments are one of the most important factors that should appear mainly on the sales page for your products and beware, then beware of blocking the appearance of comments Let the negativity arise and respond to it professionally .

6 . Take care to add details

If you have the ability to add detailed specifications or include multiple images of your products from different angles to provide a better buying experience for users, do not hesitate to do so because this act will significantly increase your conversion rate. Think when you look at the product on your page as if you are the customer, what What are the things that you must see in this product in order to make a purchase decision without any worries? All information and images with which you will answer this question must be included on the sales page of the product.
For example, if you are a supplier of a major brand, you can link the product page with videos that explain the details and features of the product that you offer, as watching an explanatory video or accessing a detailed product outline can make a very big difference and this is what happens on the Amazon site, always try to You are keen to provide detailed information such as weight, size and dimensions of the product, for example. These things are of interest to many customers, so you should really take care of them seriously.

7 . You should consider compatibility of the website or sales page

Most of the customers will browse your store through different devices, whether a computer, a mobile phone, or otherwise, so you must ensure that the design of your store’s web page is compatible with web browsers on computers and mobile phones, and the products must be displayed in the sales pages correctly and coordinated It is flawless on any platform whether Android, iOS , Windows, or otherwise.
If you want to reach the largest number of audiences, then you need to make sure that regardless of how customers reach your site, users must be provided with an online store that looks good and works correctly and without errors, also the rules of SEO are very important because it will enable you to Get customers for free from the Google search engine and it will also give credibility to Google spiders about your store or your sales pages.

8 . Make sure the buying process is easy

After making sure of all the things that we mentioned previously and taking into account them on the sales page of your products, you must now make sure that the process of buying and paying is easy, this is one of the most important steps as if one of your customers reaches the payment stage, there should be nothing that causes concern and makes the customer change his mind At the last minute.
Make sure that all of your payment gateways work perfectly and that any promotions or discounts are working properly, so believe me if the customer finds a defect in any of these matters, he will change his mind immediately and will not complete the purchase so this point must always be taken into account.
And here is a simple thing that I note which is the addition of the value-added tax, some stores add it within the amount shown to the user on the sale page and some other stores inform the user about it when completing the purchase and payment process, but personally, as a user, it is preferable that the price is displayed on the site and that there are no surprises in the price When completing the payment process as this may alter the purchase decision.


These were the most important things that you should care about on your product sale page in order to appear professionally, and I also want to point out another point that some may overlook, which is interest in search engines or SEO , one of the very necessary things that you should take care of. In it to show the sales pages of your products in the search results.
Therefore, always make sure that you use keywords correctly, especially in product descriptions, in addition to a lot of SEO guidelines that must be taken into account, in the end, the way the product is presented and the arrangement of the sales pages is more important than the product itself, caring for these things is basically marketing the product Therefore, try to know these points in your sales pages in order to be able to get the largest amount of customers and increase your profits. I also recommend that you read this most wonderful article entitled “ Creative ways you can use to take your potential customers’ data,  which includes some very important information for you.
Also in conclusion, there is something simple and intuitive, but I also liked to mention it, which is the inclusion of social media in the sales page, meaning that it is easy for the user to share the product with others on various social media, this method helps in bringing in many sales for free and without The trouble in marketing.

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