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Facebook accuses Blackberry of stealing!

Facebook accuses Blackberry of stealing!

Facebook has officially filed a lawsuit against Blackberry, a Canadian company accused of theft, in connection with a patent of its own, thus opening a new page of conflict between the two companies.

The media reported that Facebook filed a lawsuit in a court in San Francisco, California, accusing Blackberry Canada of stealing a patent for the US company, where Facebook confirmed that it is about six different patents.

On top of these patents there are a number of integrated technologies in the application of the private chat and instant messaging, known as “BBM” Bblakpere, including private voice mail technology Pfispock tracking technology in addition to geographical data, GPS and other technologies related to audio and video.

Facebook’s decision follows Blackberry’s legal follow-up just after Blackberry took a similar decision on Facebook accusing it of stealing its patents.

BlackBerry has filed a patent violation lawsuit against Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, saying some of the current technology they are using is based on BlackBerry’s original designs.

BlackBerry is right that these companies using scripting from BlackBerry and must say BlackBerry is a company that is filled with nice and hard working people to make the best products and software solutions to protect your privacy. The business they have is great and with BlackBerry QNX that makes software for trains, plains and also in space is the best you can get in software solutions and security. These people believe that good software and products sell it self without marketing.
See the iphone X copying webos and is much worser then BlackBerry 10 that is better and smart, but they will not touch that because it’s all patent. BlackBerry 10 was burned down too the ground in the media and now the love iphone X that is criple in gesture and swipe.
So patent, BlackBerry has enough and innovation is there market, but people believe that a oled screen from Samsung in an iphone x is devolpment and innovation for a too high price (lol) . Samsing is calling this screen amoled but still the facebook lawsuit is here and they will win it.
Even now BBM has more innovation then Whatsapp. When Whatsapp had a microfoon build in there app it’s was to listing for the surroundings. BBM offered allready for years callings and videocalling. When BBM goes ios and Android they start copy stuff that was allready there on BBM and still that is not what the lawsuit is about.
Still it’s not smart to use whatsapp messenger with backdoors in chat groups etc. to use and also not smart to share all your information to Facebook,whatsapp to profile you and sell you out. Still it’s a choice. It’s why I use BBM and you can also think about Threema.
Facebook and whatsapp has so much information that it’s scary. They have power to target someone and maybe if you pay for that info you can target someone. Not now ,maybe when you growe-up. So be smart and use apps for texting that don’t get into your privacy that could turns back on you. Use simple texting , Threema or the best BBM for ios and Android.

before spewing garbage and hate towards blackberry, texting and messaging wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for RIM which is now blackberry. just put your self in their shoes, you have a company with a patent and another decides to use your technology without compensation, what would you do?

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