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Facebook prohibits a famous phrase on its platform


It seems that the debates on social media platforms about the US elections and the situation in the country after that are still continuing, especially in the recent period, after the outgoing US President Donald Trump was banned from accessing his accounts on many social networking sites, especially Facebook and Twitter.

The social networking site Facebook announced that it had banned a famous phrase on Facebook, a phrase that spread after US President Donald Trump lost the presidential elections last November in front of his rival Joe Biden, and it is the phrase “Stop the steal” that the supporters of US President Donald Trump symbolize What they call the theft of the American elections by their democratic rivals, which has sparked much controversy and even confrontations in the recent period in the American arena.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms had imposed a temporary and extended ban on the US President’s accounts on them during the period, after the large demonstrations and protests that spread in light of the accusations made by Donald Trump and his supporters. This is called election theft, which are allegations that the American judiciary refuted.

Twitter, for example, had refused to allow interaction with Donald Trump’s last tweet, which is a video he directed to the demonstrators who stormed the US Congress building, whether by like, commenting, or retweeting.

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