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Force Donald Trump to unblock followers who block them on Twitter!

US President Donald Trump recently approved the US Federal Court’s decision and began on Wednesday to unblock a number of his Twitter users who had previously criticized him.

The US federal judge, “Naomi Rees” in the New York Court has issued a ruling on May 23 last prevents the President of the United States of America Donald Trump from the prohibition of any follower of Twitter followers because of their political views or criticism of him, and this ruling came after the progress of seven people from the followers The President filed a judicial complaint following their ban by the President.

The ruling in May last came in line with the right of expression provided for in the US Constitution. After the verdict, the US Justice Department indicated that it will appeal the decision last June, but that did not happen, as the president finally banned a number of critics on Twitter, but other reports Suggest that many of the president’s critics are still on Twitter.

No need to worry about Trump’s unsecured phones. He’s already directly selling America’s secrets to our nation’s enemies. They don’t even bother to hack the phones. Britain, France, and Germany, on the other hand, need to hack the phones to keep tabs on the 71 year old coot. And Mexico hacks those phones just to troll Cadet Bonespurs. Every 20 minutes, they transmit “La Cucaracha” through the hacked phone.

The phone thing with Trump – is so simple to fix. I feel there is something missing in this story. “inconvenient” simply does not pass the smell test. He does not trust others in his administration with possible information about what he was watching, or who he was calling, or he may actually believe his own lies about a deep state that is out to get him. Paranoia? Maybe?

Just a reminder for those on the east coast, either still drinking the night away or starting the workday off with some indoor clouds, our would-be emperor Clementine Caligula will be on FOX and Friends in less then two hours, either to confess to some more felonies and plans to violate the constitution or if you are a MAGA cultist, share his plans to make Murica great(er)?.

C’mon, the late night comedy shows have been nailing the tweets that weren’t actually written by prez cheeto for months. Easy litmus test: get a toddler and have them read it: a full grown moron and a developing mind will sync up perfectly. (Oh, and fair warning, that toddler’s parents are gonna be PISSED when you return them.)

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