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From Israel to Jordan: Where did the White Helmets disappear? In Saudi Arabia: “Kiki” dance next to Iblis and Hajj “Modern” accompanied by Amr Khaled
Bassam Badarin

The MBC camera infiltrated the “pilgrimage” tent set up near the holy rites in Mecca by a foreign hotel company for those with an “important person” card.
In the tent of the wealthy, he has a “facility” for whomever he “has managed very well” and the camera crossed, picking up some of Snacks’ meals with air conditioners and red carpets.
I noticed that the most numerous customers here are segments of Egyptian velvet society.
The most important is to bring these “jadaan” with them who understand the words and interpret their tongue, where the guidance also calls the category of five stars is our sheikh and Sheikh «Advertisements Chicks» Amr Khaled.
You immediately have the following question: Is what is said from the texts of religious preaching in the tent of the nobles is the same as what is said to the poor and the poor of the pilgrims, who were raided by the floods because Mecca without infrastructure and housing ?!
After the selection of colleague Nazih al-Ahdab in the «over power» on the «island» of the image of the pilgrim who throws the ramparts of his luxury car risk in my mind that the gravel delivered by our gentleman with great softness has settled under the car tires, and did not even reach the hairs of Satan, on him.
Satan does not even look at the scene and says: “So you, O Prince, translated me.

Kiki Dance

What we have stayed and agree Ahdab here watching «throw the devil» with a dance Kiki in front of the camera, after showing the rich of our people in order to distinguish even in worship.
In general, the matter concerns the slave and his Lord in all cases.
A friend suddenly decided to approach God and perform the obligatory prayer. When the floods and rain hit the tents of the pilgrims, he searched for refuge. He decided to find a comfortable place to spend Arafa night. A young Saudi man asked him to spend about 1600 dollars.
Of course, the offer was rejected and an Egyptian expatriate working at the site managed to arrange a tent «less water pool», where the air conditioner quarter of the amount. These also trade here not Tabor in this world.

Where? White Helmets?

We asked a Jordanian official about the secrets of “hosting” the so-called “White Helmets” group, which the entire world suddenly cared about without the rest of God’s creation, a victim of the Syrian war and its assassins.
For a detailed documentary at the Al-Mayadin station, the White Helmets are “spies” of the Western countries that conspired against Syria, who were secured and transported.
For Jordanian government television, a group of poor people tried to save them from the clutches of the Syrian regime’s revenge and a “terrorist” machine.
In the two versions, there is no answer to the question: Why was the group transferred, and about 800 people were transferred to Jordan from Israel, and in exchange for guarantees of visas and stays in Western countries under American sponsorship ?!
These are supposed to be “thugs” stranded and told us that they are specialists in ambulance and medical crews, and as long as the war has brought them to the Israeli border, why is Jordan hosted by them, after everyone noticed that the international community could have secured the pampered group through Israel without at least a public justification For Jordanian transit.
Of course, it’s a question of Hollywood’s “national security”, and it’s hard to repeat questions about it and get convincing answers.
But most probably the novel, which we received is true, brothers, who represent the crew concerned to provide «health insurance» for some factions of the Syrian revolution «jihad».
Our colleague Emad Aldbak partly believed when he said: For the first time in my life I read about revolution with health insurance ?!
In fact, the true revolution of the great Syrian people is not concerned. No one cares about the innocent and the victims of the conflict, neither in the Syrian regime nor in the opposition. The price of the pendulum, which was used for the Syrian refugee, reached northern Jordan for thirty dollars. »It is not permissible to pay zakaat al-fitr.

Again … «Tobacco»

Last week I read the news anchor on Jordanian TV three news “one shot” has to do with the myth of the fugitive tobacco corruption.
This is a new and required policy when it comes to trying to stop the Jordanian keenness to follow his country’s news via the screens of others and is required so that the government television can compete with the new government TV, which is named “The Kingdom”.
More importantly, government authorities in turn seek to keep the tobacco issue alive and preoccupied with the street. The need may soon be urgent to distract people from the “tax escalation”.
It is strange that the official media interested in the issue of tobacco does not show the same enthusiasm towards the terrorist operations, which were paid by the best security men. Until now, there is no news of any kind that informs us about what happened or the results of the preliminary investigation or in the name of And the identity of the detainees and bodies that were said to belong to three terrorists.
In the midst of this coma, the Jordanian official should stop asking his chronic question about the secrets and secrets of the flow of other novels in the embrace of society.
Director of the Jerusalem Arab Office in Amman

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