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How do you expand your business? Smart ways and options to expand your business

How do you expand your business? It may be better and safer to start a small project and then expand it after a period of time, instead of starting a large project with a huge capital, and then exposed to circumstances and difficulties that could lead to contraction or disappearance.
As is well known, every project has a life cycle and can be likened to a living being; It is born and then begins to grow and enlarge little by little and may reach the stage of decline and disappearance. Our goal must always be directed towards prolonging the project’s youth and strength for years and years; This requires diligence and accuracy in its management, marketing and development of its products in order to keep pace with the development in the needs and desires of the market, and the various environmental changes.
It should not be understood from the foregoing that we do not encourage the expansion and development of small enterprises, but rather the opposite. But this should be done when the project has stabilized and achieved a tangible level of success, and the opportunity becomes ripe to make the decision to expand, taking into account our readiness and our willingness to move forward with that crucial decision. On the other hand, the decision to expand requires choosing from a number of smart methods / options / alternatives that are recommended by experts and specialists in this regard. In this article, we will introduce eight methods that anyone considering expanding their business and venture can choose from.

Ways to expand your business venture

1. Geographical expansion:

And that is through the establishment of a new branch or branches in areas appropriate to the nature of the project activity. Here, we should draw attention to some matters that must be taken into account in the event that this alternative is chosen. Among the most important of them: the existence of a work plan with clear goals and objectives related to the target geographical area, and that the site is appropriate and attractive; Meaning that there is a real opportunity and a realistic demand for the project’s products. It must also be ensured that the project owner is able to manage the work by himself or through competent and reliable persons who can be relied upon to undertake the new burdens and responsibilities dictated by the decision of geographical expansion. What must also be taken into account is the additional financial obligations that the geographical expansion will bring to the project owner; As it is important to determine how the new branch (s) will be financed, and whether it will be through self-financing, bank loan, or otherwise.

2. Form an alliance:

It is possible to enter into an alliance with similar projects or projects that provide complementary services to the products of the existing project. One of the most important features of this option is that it leads to the strengthening of allied projects. By taking advantage of the strengths of both projects and overcoming their weaknesses at the same time, leading to a rapid spread and expansion of the project’s activities and business.

3. Diversification:

Usually, businesses begin by offering a single product or service to a specific group of consumers. With the passage of time, the experience of the entrepreneur increases, and new marketing opportunities and unsatisfied needs and desires of consumers appear. In the event that this occurs, diversification becomes an appropriate option to expand the project, by offering new products and services aimed at exploiting available opportunities and satisfying new needs and desires. Which leads to increased sales and profits. This option is one of the best options; In addition to increasing sales and profits, as previously mentioned, it reduces the risks of relying on one product or service, which may result from a decrease in market demand or the emergence of a strongly competing product, which may lead to a loss of market share.

4. Find a partner:

Despite the disadvantages that may arise from this option, it is considered suitable for expanding the project; Especially if the partner was chosen after careful consideration. There is no doubt that the entry of a new partner will bring more strength to the existing project. It means benefiting from his experiences about the market, its relationships, and what he will contribute to the project capital, all of which are factors that help expand the project and its activities.

5. Targeting a new market:

The entrepreneur may believe that the current market size is adequate and satisfactory, and that it achieves his goals and ambitions. However, it is sometimes wise to think about expansion by targeting a new sector whose needs are commensurate with the products and / or services provided by the project. However, attention must be paid to the need to offer better advantages than those offered by competitors currently operating in that market. Because consumers will not accept new products that do not have what distinguishes them from the products they currently use, whether in terms of their characteristics, prices, or the level of satisfaction that it achieves for their needs and desires.

6. Franchise Franchise:

If your project and the products it offers have achieved fame and reputation among consumers, and if the mental image of your brand is distinctive, then the option of granting the franchise to another party may be the most appropriate among the expansion options. Here, we must stop at a set of important points that the project owner must know. First of all, the ability and readiness of the party to be granted the concession must be ascertained. In terms of its reputation, the availability of financial, material and human capabilities, the appropriate location, and its ability to maintain and enhance the mental image of the brand. It should also be emphasized that the party to be granted the franchise must abide by the instructions of the trademark owner, in terms of the area in which it is permitted to use it and the time period. In return, the trademark owner is obligated to provide technical, administrative, and marketing support and everything that would achieve the goals and interests of both parties. It should be noted that the trademark owner will receive a certain amount or percentage from the other party, in exchange for granting the franchise.

7. Internet expansion:

Reliance on the Internet to reach the largest number of consumers at an affordable cost in the information technology age has become a reality that cannot be ignored. At the same time, it is a suitable option for expanding projects and taking them out of the limited scope to broad, boundless horizons. However, it must be emphasized the importance of taking care of the attractive design of the project’s website, whether in terms of technical aspects or because of the information it contains that attract visitors to spend a longer time and make its position prominent on search engines.

8. Expanding on a global scale:

Although this option may be excluded by many entrepreneurs; Given what it requires in terms of preparation, studies and expenditures, it is considered an option for expanding existing projects. Some people may think that entering global markets is limited to large companies, but we can say that this belief is wrong. Many small companies were able to achieve a tangible expansion by storming the threshold of the local markets with a small scale and penetrating strongly and steadily to the global markets, thus proving its existence and winning a good market share, and it turned from a small project to a large project and became crowding out the giant companies, and the reason is that these projects were able To identify the gaps in these markets and turn them into successful opportunities by providing products that have won the admiration and satisfaction of consumers.

conclusion :

And in the end if you are looking for how to expand your business? We showed you the top 8 options and ways to expand your business in this article, we hope that you have benefited from this article.

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