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How do you retrieve all your photos even if your smartphone is stolen?

One of the worst things that can happen to you, is stealing your mobile phone. Stealing smart phones, is a phenomenon that is everywhere, and thousands of devices are stolen from their owners every year. The thief usually steals your phone if you are not careful, especially in crowded public places. Or just that he lost you without being aware of it.

Unfortunately, everyone may not care about the phone itself, but will be disappointed by the loss of many of the pictures and personal files stored in his phone. Here is the big dilemma, these images may have high images and special, so in this post we will identify a very famous application can save you from this serious problem and answer all your pictures in the phone.

The app is known as “google photos,” but what Android users do not know is that they can use this app to sync a stored image, video clips and phone with their Gmail account, and in this way can keep all of their images even if their phone is lost or stolen .

After you download the application, you sign in to it via your Gmail account. When you log in, the application will click on the icon shown in the image (left) to access the settings, then select “device folders”. In your account.

In order to synchronize any file with your account, you just click on it and activate the sync option as shown in the picture below.

Of course you can choose the quality of the image, as well as the time and when the synchronization is done. Just logging in to your Gmail account in the Google Photos app and logging into https://photos.google.com/, and you’ll find all of your synced photos, this way you can keep your photos even if Your smartphone has been lost or stolen.

If the application is not installed on your phone, you can download it on this link

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