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How do you write an essay aiming for the reader to buy?

One of the things agreed upon is that the owners of companies and brands or even independents or private persons want to sell their products and always seek to obtain potential customers to buy their products through large marketing campaigns.
But sometimes one of these people may want to write a specific article in which he talks about one of his products or he may even want to write a simple description on the product in order for the customer to buy this product because the content is considered one of the best marketing methods in general, and if you do not believe So I advise you to read the article “Is Blogging a Waste of Time? Or is it really good for business?

But the problem is that many people do not know how to write an article aimed at the customer to buy, and the truth is that this matter may be somewhat complicated because many people may not trust written speech in addition to that some people cannot write even an article that attracts the reader. .
But do not worry, in this article we will go into detail about how to write a great article that attracts customers or the audience to read it and at the same time motivates some customers to complete the purchase.

First, make sure the headline and introduction are attractive

One of the basics of any article is “the title”. Whether you are speaking in any field or what is the goal of any article, the title has a very large main role because it is the first thing on which the reader’s eyes fall and therefore it is imperative that the first step that you must work on in your writing is to create A catchy headline to grab your audience’s attention.
Therefore, you must first of all and before knowing the things that you must mention in your writings to urge the customer to buy, blow your mind and create an attractive title that is closely related to the topic. We have already explained in detail how to write an attractive title in the article “How to write the title of an article that brings a lot of clicks? ”

After completing the title, you move to the second part that comes next in importance, which is “Introduction”. The introduction must be brief and concise, and it must take into account all the details mentioned in the article in an interesting and concise way.
Imagine with me that you have chosen an attractive title and then you have written a very long introduction that contains a lot of unnecessary things that are not made for the title with any relevance, surely the client will go straight and will not continue reading the article, so the ideal introduction is the one that is brief and contains the details of the article but is presented Mysteriously, in order to increase the reader’s curiosity, so continue reading the article.

Second: Start by clarifying the details that the customer may want to know directly

After completing the first step, which we call the attraction factor, you must now move to start the things that motivate the customer to buy your product. If you want to write a specific article about your product, you must clarify all the details of the product, small and large.

For reference, most customers prefer to read all the details of the product before purchasing it, and therefore if you provide this matter in your writings, then you increase the chance or likelihood that the customer will buy the product, for example try to mention all the details, whether small, such as the weight and dimensions of the product, color, etc., or large details such as materials Your product, and have you relied on other companies in the manufacture of your product or not, and will the product be shipped from outside the country or is it in the local market, and is there a return guarantee or not? If so, what is the maximum period for recalling the product?
Do not underestimate all of these questions, as they are the things that any customer searches for before purchasing any product, and therefore if you clarify these matters in your article through organized clauses, you will increase the likelihood of completing the purchase greatly.

Third: Try to clarify the benefits that the customer will get from your product

The third step, which is no less important than the previous steps, is to clarify the benefits and benefits that the person will reap if he buys your product or service, and there is an important point that you must take into account, which is to know the difference between the benefit that accrues to the customer and the advantage!
For example, you are a person who has a car sales company and decided to write an article in which you aim to urge your customers to buy. You must know what is the difference between the benefit and the advantage since if you write that “your car has a reinforced roof,” this is a display of the features of your car. If you write that “this car will keep your family safe because it has a hard and reinforced roof”

This is what we call the benefit or the benefit to the customer, and the effect of the two sentences is completely different on the customer so you must always be careful to mention the benefits and benefits for the customer instead of continuing to list the features of your product, because all competitors talk about these features and the difference is in the way Display.

Fourth: try to keep the list of features simple

This step is mainly related and complementary to the previous step and you should also pay attention to it in writing the article, because if you mention a long list of features, this matter will not benefit you at all, for two reasons: The first reason is that the reader will only be interested in the first four or three features of The mentioned list or rather, he will only remember the first three points.

The second reason is that this may put you in a position of lack of credibility for some customers as most customers will not believe this very large amount of features and therefore it is definitely better to mention some of the basic features and try to convert some features into benefits as we indicated.

Fifth: Try to include videos of customer testimonials in your article

Just as organizing the article is a very important thing to attract the customer, adding photos or videos to testimonials from a group of clients is very important; No matter what you write a lot of articles or writings for your products, you will not be able to convince a very large group of customers compared to the fact that some customers will testify to your product with the quality and professionalism.
Many marketers always prefer to rely on testimonials from the public in marketing campaigns, and indeed these campaigns achieve overwhelming successes, so what is the problem when you write an article in which you aim to urge the customer to buy that you add a short video of customer testimonials after mentioning the advantages of your product?

If you cannot create a video, you can simply display some collages from social media platforms or from your store that contain positive comments, so believe me, this will help you very greatly in motivating a large group of customers to complete the purchase and this is what the best marketers do.

Sixth: Try to be brief and honest

This step is also important, which is that you must follow a brevity approach in articles in which you aim to have the customer complete the purchase process because the person who wants to buy a specific product will not continue to read things that are not related to the product, so there is a wide difference between articles that provide benefit and Articles that encourage buying.
Therefore, always make sure not to talk about external matters about your products, and you must also be honest in all the words that you write and all the features that they offer because if the reader buys the product and does not find the product as shown in your writings, he will not buy from you again, as the matter is It can get worse if a large group of customers buy your product.

In this case, you will find a lot of negative comments pouring into your article, and therefore no other reader will trust your article or product, regardless of the quality of your article or the quality of your words, so you must pay attention to this point and ensure honesty in all your writing.

Seventh: Use one of the encouraging words in your article

One of the most popular techniques that contribute greatly to persuading customers to make a purchase decision is the use of one of the motivating words such as the word “exclusive” or “limited offer” and similar words, and it is preferable to offer a bonus to the customer. Others sell the same product, so what’s the difference between you and it?
The idea is to offer the customer something additional to urge him to buy the product from you and not from anyone else, and it is necessary for the additional thing to be related to the product, for example if you sell nutritional supplements, you can provide some plans and exercise videos as an additional bonus to the customer and so on, believe me, these are considered one of the most popular attraction strategies Customers.

These are the most important things through which a good and professional article can be written to urge customers to complete the purchase process. It is also worth noting that after taking care of the things we mentioned in the article, you must pay attention to the SEO rules in your article in order for your article to appear in the search engines. Bigger, which brings you more purchases.
This is done through attractive headlines and sub-headings, writing in Classical Arabic, taking into account the quotation marks, and other things that will help your article appear in search engines if someone searches for the product or service you are writing about .
It is also important is the writing on the Cuban bases Raating which is one of the most important methods used in the science of marketing to attract customers and achieve greater sales and already Tdguena him in an article , ” Why should I care about any Marketer learning Cuban Raating – Copy writing the  Also, there is a full course for professionalizing this Cuban Reading science on Hani Hussein’s website, and finally, if you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to ask it in a comment and we will answer you, God willing.

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