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Financial Success Secrets – How To Achieve Financial Success?

Financial Success Secrets – How To Achieve Financial Success How To Achieve Financial Success?

What are the secrets of financial success? How do I get rich? How do I get financially successful? What equation must I apply in order to achieve financial success? How do I achieve financial freedom? Many questions that everyone ask themselves that take a lot of their thinking. The truth is that there is no magic wand that a person can use in order to succeed financially, but there are proven methods and methods that can contribute to achieving a satisfactory amount of financial success, provided that you adhere to them and give the matter the time and patience it needs.

Financial success does not necessarily mean an abundance of money and a large surplus of it. Rather, it simply refers to having what is sufficient to meet the needs and desires of an individual, without this causing him to be financially stifled, and his inability to fulfill the obligations and basic needs.

In order to be able to provide the desired benefit from this article, we will try to simplify matters and explain them in an easy way. So we start by answering the following question: How is it possible to achieve a surplus of income? A surplus is the difference between income and expenses, and if you want to succeed in achieving a surplus, you have to increase your income or reduce your expenses or do both. Of course, the income cannot be increased if you are an employee with a monthly salary. Therefore, you should search for other sources through self-employment or investing an amount that you previously saved in buying shares, participating in a project, or establishing your own project.

On the other hand, consideration should be given to reducing expenditures by writing all monthly expenditure items in a specific list, and classifying these expenditures into two groups. The first includes the necessities and it consists of all the expenses that must be paid, such as food, house rent, electricity, water, internet bills and others. The second group consists of unnecessary things (luxuries) that, if not spent on, do not affect your life. Now review the range of luxuries and decide what items can be dispensed with in whole or in part, and here you may be surprised at how much you will be able to save. This way you will have achieved a good degree of financial literacy that will help you achieve financial success.

Since every successful business must have a well thought out plan behind it, financial success must be based on a specific plan, which we will share with you below.

Steps to financial success

  1. Set your financial goals:

You should set a clear financial goal for yourself, with this goal expressed digitally. Ask yourself what my goal is after a year? Five years later? And maybe more than that. It is not enough to say my goal is to become rich, or I want to have wealth, for these are not goals but just wishes; The goal must be measurable, otherwise it is not considered a goal. The administrative rule says: “Anything that you cannot measure cannot be controlled or managed.” Accordingly, the objective is “an indication of the required result, in quantitative scale and in time.”

  1. Double your monthly income every three years:

If your monthly income is $ 2,000, after three years it should be $ 4,000, and after three years another $ 8,000. You may be wondering as you are reading now: How can I do this while I am an employee; It is not in my hands. I tell you the truth, as I am not directing my words to those who left for the job and did not make every effort to search for new sources of income. But if you work in a job, it is still time for you to break free from its restrictions, work on your own project and earn money while you are at your job. All you have to do is seriously look for a job that matches your qualifications and skills and give it your time to give you an additional income.

  1. Double your ownership every five years:

If you own a home, keep in mind to have another home, or if you own $ 10,000 now, aim to have $ 20,000 after five years. Your ability to double your ownership every five years is the minimum financial success. We stress once again that this will not be possible if you stick to your job without diversifying your income sources.

  1. Have permanent participation in charitable work:

The effect of charity is magical, and it helps increase money. What a lack of money from charity. Rather, you will find that God extends and blesses your wealth, your health and your children, and this is only your reward in this world, but in the hereafter it is up to the generous, glory be to Him. Let us here give you advice, which is to make your charity on a regular date, and perhaps it is better to have it monthly so that it becomes a habit of your habits and the Devil does not whisper you, so you leave it.

Now, allow us to answer a question that was posed in the introduction to the article, which is what are the secrets of financial success? In fact, the secrets of financial success are many and many, and it is not possible to mention all of them. Therefore, we will suffice to mention the most prominent of them in order to achieve the desired benefit.

  1. The rich believe that they can build and change their lives, while the poor believe that things happen by chance and they have no hand in changing it.
  2. The rich play the money game to succeed, while the poor work so that they do not lose.
  3. The rich are committed to being rich, while the poor dream of being rich.
  4. Rich people think of big things of high value, while poor people think of small things.
  5. The rich focus on the opportunities, while the poor focus on the obstacles.
  6. The rich befriend the rich and the successful, while the poor curse and hate the rich, even though they want to be like them!
  7. The rich accompany the positive, while the poor accompany the negative and frustrated.
  8. The rich focus on increasing wealth, while the poor focus on getting returns from the work they do.

If you work with the advice and what is mentioned in this article, then you will put your foot on the beginning of the path to financial success that will lead you to financial freedom, and you must continue to follow it at a steady pace and not be affected by the difficulties that may face you, but make your goal motivate you and encourage you to continue the walk, it is worthy of you to do All you can to achieve.

We wish you success.

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7 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom | Brian Tracy



7 Steps to Financial Freedom:

1. You have to begin to think positively about money.
2. Rewrite and review your goals on paper everyday and think how you could accomplish them.
3. Plan everyday in advance.
4. Concentrate single-mindedly, every hour of every day, on the most valueable use of yourtime.
5. Invest in yourself in terms of yourself-improvement and learning.
6. Ask yourself these magic questions after every meeting and event of important your life.
+ What did I do right?
+ What would I do differently next time?
7. Be generous to others
“Today, the greatest single soure of wealth is between your ears.” – Brian Tracy
What are your finacial goals?


Our mentality is so messed up we validate ourselves with wasteful vanities, you don’t need to buy that new shoe or that new car yet when you can’t even guarantee yourself financial freedom, why not invest and be your own boss. my opinion


I am already 55yrs and about to feel that financial freedom is beyond me. After I heard Brian Tracy, I am again encouraged to take immediate action and apply the discipline, self control and self mastery that is required to achieve my goals. Thank you Brian for your encouragement and how to…


While at college I set my first financial goals: buy a place to live (done), buy a decent car (done), help my family to get out of all depts (done) and save some money if possible (saved some, but not as much as I’d like).
Now I’m 30, married and work in a corporation as an assistant of the head of marketing. My next goal is to start a company, a marketing agency. I’m looking for a investor. My new financial goals are staying out of dept, have a great relationship with loyal clients and be self-employed until retirement.

I want to own a place which I can rent out. And gain a passive income. At the same time as doing more things to make more money. Then eventually with money earned from the place and my own efforts I’ll buy another place and repeat the formula. Eventually I will have enough money coming in to have to worry about money.


This is the first time I’m mentioning my dream. I want to but a home I don’t care if it’s a house tiny home or apartment as long as I can get dual use furniture that doubles as two things and can have maybe an herb garden or a garden to grow a lot of my food. basically I would love to live in a great place that has the minimum green footprint possible. one day I’d also like to adopt and for that I’d like to be financially stable just so I would be in a better position to provide.



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