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How to become a millionaire from scratch? 7 tips wealthy people tell us about their experience

Become a millionaire from scratch too! This might sound crazy!
But in the world of business and finance, nothing is impossible, and all successful projects are the ones that everyone said at the beginning that they were crazy. In fact, what do you think also that you can enter the world of wealth even if you live in extreme poverty ?!
Many of the success stories and the experiences of many rich people around the world tell us about a few basic rules for successful investment or starting a profitable project, and how to start from scratch without previous experience and within a short period of time to reach the top of wealth.
In this article, we will provide you with a set of tips that are given to us by the richest people around the world, to start making money periodically and increasing and becoming a millionaire from scratch. These tips are the result of numerous studies on the experiences of wealthy individuals and the most important rules and steps they followed to achieve wealth and financial success.
Perhaps the most famous of his experiences of success and gain from scratch is Harry Potter author Joan Rolling. Rowling was very poor, but she loved writing as she showed her work to a large number of publishers without any of them accepting to publish it.
After reaching the edge of despair, she visited the last publishing house to agree to publish her work, and Rolling then begins publishing the wonderful Harry Potter series. She has achieved a fortune comparable to Queen Elizabeth, according to one of the American reports.

How to become a millionaire from scratch in 7 steps?

1- Seek the salary you deserve

Never accept yourself a salary or income that is less than you deserve. To become a millionaire from scratch, you must first start by seeking to increase your salary in proportion to your efforts and skills. And to learn that the best way to make more money is to try to increase what you are already getting.

2- Create a realistic plan for your business

Well, we agree that you want to get rich within a short period of time, but to ensure yourself the best result you must put in place a realistic plan for your work. This plan must also be realistic and appropriate to the nature of your business and your personality, and it must be measurable and preferably divided into stages.

3- You have to save

Saving is the cornerstone of any rich person or successful investor, as it is the primary method that allows you to start investing. Of course, if you are able to invest what you saved in an appropriate way, then you are guaranteed to multiply your money significantly.

4- Try to enumerate your sources of income

Multiple sources of income is a very important method in case you want to save larger amounts, as you can thus allocate certain income, for example, to spending and the remainder of your income that you can allocate only to saving.
You can get other sources of income through additional work, whether this work is part-time work or even freelance work. Freelance work is the best option in this case, as it will provide you with a lot of flexibility at work, especially since you will be exhausted from your first job.

5- Develop your skills

Before you start investing, you should invest in yourself first. Focus on the skills that you possess and develop them, and then focus on the skills that you must need with the start of work, in order to try to acquire them.
In the event that you cannot acquire the basic skills necessary for your work, you must consider them to compensate them either by adding someone to your team who possesses these skills and thus can cover them, or by contracting with an independent to carry out the work that requires these skills, or even by you By trying to compensate her with other activities, jobs, and skills.
Sometimes you may not only need to improve your skills, but you may even need to change the way you think about certain things. Change always carries with it the spirit of acceptance of lots of new and strange ideas that can be your way to wealth in one way or another.

6- Invest what you saved

After you have saved enough you should immediately start investing, otherwise how do you start earning money to become rich!
Investing means doubling the amount you have saved, through a group of successful and profitable projects. You must be very careful when making an investment decision, and it is okay in this case if you follow the success stories of previous investors, or even consult specialists in this field.
You can invest in the stock market, in promising entrepreneurial projects, in large commercial companies, in projects that believe in their success, and many other ideas.

7- Establish your own business

There is no doubt that investing is a very effective way to make money and get rich, but establishing your own business will mean that you get unexpected amounts of money while working on your business with passion.
You care: How do you start your own business? 7 essential steps to starting your own business
You can start establishing your own business while you work within a specific job, so that you remain in your regular work but at the same time you create your own personal project to avoid risking this situation. Or you can create your own project in addition to investing in several projects and several markets.
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