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How to become a successful investor? 5 tips for those wishing to start a successful investment

How to become a successful investor? The field of investment is one of the most dangerous areas with regard to the return from profits, whether the investment is in stocks, currencies or even real estate … etc., because if the project in which the investment will be studied is not well studied, that would bring about great losses. Therefore, today we have raised our topic to talk about the most important things that experts advise in this field to avoid loss and for a strong and successful start in it.

5 tips for those wishing to start a successful investment

1. Make sure to invest in areas that are not desirable to competitors:

One of the most important investment advice is to always focus on investing in areas that are not desirable to your competitors. This advice is provided by one of the best American investors, Warren Buffett, whose wealth is more than 80 billion US dollars.

For example, when we talk about the field of investing in stocks, your way of investing should not be to buy the desirable shares of everyone or that everyone is buying them, but you must always look for what is not desirable from investors, because money will always be there, but at the same time it must Be a good observer of the market and not just rely on blind expectations.

2. Your thinking should be in the long term, not the short term:

One of the advice that major investors around the world agree on is to think long-term and be patient.

Where, for example, when we talk about investors in Google, we find that they have been patient for nearly a decade in order to obtain huge returns for their shares in Google, and whoever thinks about the short term and sells his shares, he missed an opportunity to make big gains After the success of the company and the rise of its star.

3. Make sure to invest in good companies that go through tough times:

Leading experts in the field of investment around the world advise looking for companies that are good and have solid foundations in terms of the financial situation, but are going through a difficult period at some point as a result of an emergency event, as such types of companies are definitely a good investment and a treasure for investors if they are exploited.

As an example, we find Apple, where when Steve Jobs returned to it in 1997, it had lost nearly $ 161 million in the first quarter of the same year only, but thanks to his vision and with his continuous developments by introducing new products to Apple, the company’s net profit increased in The year 2017 amounted to nearly $ 60 billion, so whoever was keen to invest when the company was going through difficult times, he took advantage of the opportunity and made very large gains.

4. Create an investment plan and stick to it:

Always organization is the secret of success in all areas in general, so what do you think when it comes to investing? One of the most important advice advised by experts in this field is setting an investment plan in order to achieve success, along with continuous and good follow-up to the markets, and of course he must seek the help of experts to take their advice before deciding to activate his plan.

5. Do not invest in one area with all your money:

Financial and investment experts around the world advise the necessity to diversify investments in several areas, as the investor must have a good investment portfolio by diversifying investments in several areas, in order to avoid sudden crises that occur in one area.

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Can you teach us “how to read”? More specifically, what to digest, differ between accurate and biased opinion, what factors to look out for?what factors to write down when summarizing the articles/news? News writers are always fitting their views on what they’re covering and often the journalists (I’ve seeon on the Economist and Financial Times) are discussing some industries and other matters that they don’t even understand. Not necessarily fake news and outright biased but few changes in words that leads the person to connect the dots and arrive a X conclusion.

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