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How to become a successful salesperson ? 7 skills to become a successful and professional salesman

How to become a successful salesperson ?

Old-new sales function; It has been known for hundreds of years and millions of people around the world work with it, and they make high income by getting salaries, commissions and rewarding incentives. In this section, a question may arise in the minds of many, which is: Can anyone be a successful seller or are there qualities, characteristics and skills that must be met? The reality – and from my personal experience – is that not everyone is capable of this job. It requires personal capabilities such as patience, perseverance, willingness to exert effort and the ability to persuade. It also needs a psychological readiness to adapt to different types of people, each of whom has its own needs, desires, personality and behavioral characteristics.

Based on the foregoing, we can say that the availability of some basic skills in the salesman is a necessary and a major requirement for success in the hassle-filled sales profession. It is worth noting that these skills are not born with a person; Rather, it must be acquired through learning and training, and continuing to develop it to cope with the changes taking place in the work environment. In this article, we will discuss in some detail the most important skills that make you a successful and professional salesman.

7 skills to become a successful and professional salesman

Skill 1: Identify potential customers.

You may think that the product you want to sell is suitable for all people; You start showing it randomly to anyone you may encounter. Although this belief may be a result of your belief in your product, your enthusiasm and your strong desire to sell it to attract a large number of buyers; Which leads to an increase in your income and your commission rate, but we tell you: Your belief is wrong, and if you ask why, we will answer you that it is not a condition that your product is suitable for everyone.

We think you know the proverb that says: “If tastes are equal, commodities are equal.” On the other hand, this belief means – implicitly – that you view your own interests and do not care about the interest of others. And herein lies the error; You should not be thinking about selling your product, but rather getting the potential customer to buy your product. This may sound somewhat strange. Well, we’ll explain what we mean. If you want to be a professional seller, you must define what your potential customers need and what problems they suffer from, provide solutions to them through what you present to them, and focus your efforts on them; This will save your time and effort, and most importantly, it will increase your chances of success and professional sales.

Skill 2: Checking Client Eligibility

This skill is also called examining the purchasing indicators of a potential customer. It includes trying to determine the customer’s ability to make the purchasing decision, and whether he is going to use the product or not; For example, you may buy a mobile phone to give to your husband on the occasion of your marriage, so you will be the buyer and your husband is the user. This indicates that the professional salesperson can check whether or not the customer has a true intention.

There are a number of behaviors that the customer may exhibit, which can be observed by observing them to give an idea of ​​his readiness to purchase. For example, the customer may ask you about the feature of the product, its price, how to pay, the possibility of installments, or about the availability of another design or color, or is it available now, and other questions.

It may sometimes be difficult to reveal the customer’s intention to buy because of his lack of interaction with the salesman. Is this the end of the road? of course not; It is possible in this case to resort to what is known as “test the pulse” questions. For example, you may ask the customer a direct question about his opinion of the product, or you may ask him about the method of payment – cash, check, or credit card – that he prefers if he decides to buy. By answering such questions, you will see a clearer picture of his purchasing intention.

The third skill: planning the sales interview.

It is known that all aimless work and plan will not be fruitful. Clarity of the goal will automatically lead to choosing the path that must be followed to achieve it.

If you are going to go to the client to visit him at his workplace or his home, for example, it is imperative that you prepare yourself well in all respects. The first thing that you must prepare is your information and your full knowledge of the product that you will offer and its suitability for the needs of the customer. Carry all catalogs, samples, or anything else that can help you in your business. Also, you should anticipate the questions that the customer might ask and prepare the appropriate answers for them. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and visualize what objections he might raise, and be prepared to respond to them with confidence, consistency, and calm.

Fourth Skill: Presentation

Whether you are going to meet the client face to face, or you will meet him on the phone or via the Internet, you must demonstrate your persuasive, negotiation and communication skills. Let us give you these tips.

You have to be confident in yourself and what you present to the customer.

Start your conversation with a polite greeting and introduce yourself and your company.

Speak loudly and in an understandable manner that enables the customer to follow what you say; Don’t speak in a low voice that forces the customer to tell you to raise your voice or I can’t hear you. Your voice is what shows your enthusiasm and interest and affects either negatively or positively the customer.

Do not speak quickly and monotonously, as if you are reading from a piece of paper, but rather type of your tone and pitch.

Listen to what the customer is saying and do not interrupt.

Show your interest in the customer and your eagerness to benefit him.

Be cheerful and cheerful, but don’t overdo it.

  • Do not say the product is cheap; Rather say that its price is appropriate or reasonable.

Do not mention competitors badly; This will give you a negative impression.

Do not tell the customer: “You are wrong.”

If you follow these tips, your odds of winning the deal will significantly increase.

Fifth skill: overcoming customer objections

Do not assume that the customer will take whatever you say for granted. Do not accept back and forth. Rather, expect that you will face some objections and concerns from the customer side. Here you must be prepared to respond calmly and confidently. The customer might tell you that the price of the product is high, so how would you respond? Assure him that he is right, and that the price of your product is relatively high compared to competing products, but that the benefits and the level of quality that this product offers are better.

In order to be able to overcome the client’s fears, provide them with all the evidence that supports what you say; For example, by allowing him to try the item or giving him a free sample to try it, or giving him a written promise to return the item and return its price to him if his needs are not satisfied. And if you are selling a durable product, explain to the customer that there is a long-term guarantee on it, and you can also explain to the customer that maintenance and spare parts are available at reasonable prices.

Skill 6: Close the Deal

This skill is the most important of all the skills of a professional salesperson, and it is the ultimate goal for any salesperson. And no matter how skilled the salesman is in presenting the offer, the point is the conclusion or the result, which is to complete the deal. Here, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of choosing the right time to complete the deal, as it plays a decisive role in deciding what the outcome will be.

The professional skill of the salesman is shown in his ability to choose the right time to complete the deal with the customer, when he is certain that the customer is ready to buy. But if the salesman notices that the customer is not yet ready to buy, he must continue trying to convince him by following up on the sales offer.

The seventh skill: following the client.

Some sellers may think their work is finished once the contract is signed with the customer and he hands them the product. However, this is far from the truth. Because the professional salesman follows up the customer after a period of selling the product that is sufficient to try it and take a position on it. If any problem arises then the professional salesperson is ready to lend a helping hand; Which increases the customer’s satisfaction, and may make him re-order the product over and over; The salesman thus succeeds in building customer loyalty.

Also, the professional salesman follows up his client to obtain the names of other clients who are nominated for him to present his products to them. One of the duties incumbent on the salesman towards his company is to follow up on matters of collection and payments if there is a need for that.

Mastering these skills will make you a successful and professional salesman, who loves his job and achieves through it all that he seeks from sufficient income to provide him and his family with a decent living.

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Sales Excellence – How to become a Great Salesperson


What does it take to be great at selling? What does it take to achieve a level of sales excellence? In this video on selling, I walk you through the steps every great salesperson takes to achieve a level of success that eludes others.




1. Understand the product.
2. Understand who you’re selling to.
3. Have a sales process (Provide a simple path and educate the customer on why your path for them should be chosen. Provide insight! Information beyond the obvious!) Are you showing or are you selling? Helping the customer understand why and be the expert.
4. Take personal accountability for selling and presentation. Compile information for yourself from every resource. Ask people why they buy from you! And ask veterans. Organize this information in a way that works with your process. At the end of the day you are responsible.
5. Develop your own personal sales skill and people will come after you. Show people you understand the product, the process, the market, and put it all together and you can provide value.


I’m a 20-year-old real estate agent that started in this year and because of watching your video constantly, I made my first sale. big thanks to you!!


Great video – I train my insurance agents to think of the prospect as the most skeptical person they can imagine, and that to persuade them to buy, they will need to think through all the possible issues and objections a qualified prospect may have to buying, and craft a presentation that answers those objections before they come up.


Excellent advice victor. you were so right I was waiting on my company to hand feed me all the information I needed when actually you just have to go get it and everything will fall into place. I did make the first step by looking up this video now I just need to take it all the way. . thank you so much!


I believe what has been working for me, after watching Victor’s videos, is showing the right level of enthusiasm and confidence. Being overly confident can come across arrogant and to much enthusiasm can seem cheesy. Not being afraid to say No, is a great attribute. If you want to hold gross then these things are top priority. Also you’re not a sales person just at your dealership, but every where you go. I went to the Pacers vs Heart game on New Years Eve, today I came in and sold 3 vehicles because of people noticing my coat having my company logo on it. Plus not being afraid of talking to that guy standing in line holding 2 beers and ordering another.


I love how Victor is different from other self-proclaimed sales “gurus” and experts out on Youtube. You are genuine, and it just comes across naturally, you’ve really been a success rather than faking your success and that experience just comes across from your talking.

Around 10:00 he says where we can get sales training information, instead of promoting his own business he referred us to our own research on the internet.

I would buy your course even if you told me not to buy it. I guess you sold me well Victor

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