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How to create a professional blogger blog and earn them a comprehensive guide step by step

How to create a blogger blog – We will start with a comprehensive guide on how to create a free blogger blog and how to publish and market it through social networks and profit from it through more than one method. Profit from the Internet before that adsense ads such as what may be new ways for some

This guide will, God willing, detailed and from the beginning of the work of the account until the publication of the code and the steps of profit to benefit each novice did not enter the field of codification by
This guide contains these important parts

The first part includes these important steps

Step 1: Create a gmail account
Step 2: Create blogger blog and main interface options
Step 3: Create the first post and explain the blogger editor
Step 4: Choose a professional blog template and how to modify it
How to Localize Blogger Templates in One Step
How to manually localize blogger templates
Step 5: Install a professional blog template after blogging
Step 6: Modify the blog’s favicon preferences icon
 Part II contains
Top 5 Professional Bloggers Templates for Free Download

Part III contains

How to buy a domain from Godaddy and add a custom code to Blogger
part Four
Add blogroll blog to google analytics tools and google analytics and adjust the most important settings to create code for search engines:
Fifth part
The best ways to profit from blogging and Blogroll Blogging – are going on

Step 1: Create a gmail account

First, to get a blogger blog you must have an account in Google, where you can get all the services of Google from the email and blogger and we will need other services when posting the code also through your Google account

So if you do not have an email on Google Mail Gmail, follow the steps below to get it

 Go to www.google.com
Create a Gmail account
Pressing on gmail
To start a new account, it is also possible to click on more
We choose it and fill it with data, but I choose to start here from Jemil so that we can also give a quick glance
The account login page shows us where we choose to create an account to create a new account as shown below
Create a Gmail account

We fill in the following data in full as shown

After writing the data we press on the next step and here I would like to clarify the importance of choosing the secret secret force because it will be the gateway to access all Google services from Gmail, Blogger, YouTube and many other Google services
Here are some tips when making a secret number
First, a new secret number has not been used by any other account on the Internet
Second, the secret number shall be composed of letters, numbers and symbols, and the letters shall be large and small
Just an example of it!
I would like to point out that there are some programs that automatically create a secret number and keep it for you to talk about later, God willing
 After pressing the next step we find as the picture
Then click on the next step to find it as the next image

Create a Gmail account

Click on Continue to access the main page of the Gmail, which you find as picture

Create a Gmail account

As shown in the picture the most important features in the email where you find that the interface divided into three sections I
The basic is for all public messages from websites, bloggers or any other sites you have subscribed to
And the second is a special social messages that belong to all social sites such as Facebook and YouTube
The third is for promotional messages and advertisements
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Step 2: Create blogger blog and main interface options

After the work of the Gmail account we can now access all the services of Google and we choose them now blogger

How to create a blogger blog and profit from it

Here we go on the Blogger homepage to start creating the new blog
We choose to create a new blog as pictured
How to create a blogger blog and profit from it
 To show us the next page where we choose the name and address of the blog we want
How to create a blogger blog and profit from it
It is best to choose an attractive and appropriate name for the content of the blog you wish to create, and of course it is best to have a name that does not exist previously, so that your unique mark that distinguishes your blog from others
After filling in the data and choosing the template you wish to create, click on Create Blog
Here I would like to explain to you that all this data can be modified later through the settings as we will know later that I felt that after that there is a better name
Here you have successfully created your blog to show you the next page you can now start blogging
How to create a blogger blog and profit from it

Before you start blogging you can click on the name of the blog to access its homepage, which you find as the image
How to create a blogger blog and profit from it
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Step 3: Create the first post and explain the blogger editor

Now we have come to the homepage of our blog and now we can work and start blogging
When you make a presentation of the blog you may find that it is a simple form and does not have significant effects and this is what we will show in the next lessons from how to obtain an attractive blogger template and the work of amendments and Arabization of foreign templates and explain the most relevant codes for the blogger
But I preferred to start explaining the numbers and doing the posts for more than one reason
The first is that some may want to create a personal code or simple and do not fancy making major adjustments to the form, but only the most important is the development of topics and participations
Second, it is better to have more than one subject in the blog when you put the template and make adjustments until you feel all the effect that gives the new template, whether in the general form of the code or on the topics inside it
Thirdly, you can benefit from the blog from the first day and there are posts that you can share with your friends and with everyone until you blog and shop your blog from the beginning and then choose the template you want then and make the modifications. This may take some time to get to the best template and appearance of the blog. Therefore, the most important are the participations
How to make a new blog entry
You can do the first post by clicking on Start blogging or New post as in the image
Blogger Editor – How to create a professional blog on Blogger
You will then be purged for a new post work editor
Blogger Editor – How to create a professional blog on Blogger
As shown in the picture, the most important tools and formats that you need to do the participation of the choice of font type and determine the size and alignment of paragraphs and others

It is an important tool in this editor

Address and subheading tool
Where it has a very important role in showing your participation and articles in a wonderful and search engine optimization as we will learn later in more detail when talking about advertising and marketing blogs, but now be careful to address the main address and sub-sub

Add an external link
You can choose to open the link in a new tab when you activate this option. Here, too, I recommend that you activate the nofollow attribute when you link to an external site so that it does not affect your site.
(Later we will know all these things in detail when talking about the Sioux and publicity code)

Add a picture and add a video
Try to include at least one image in all your articles and articles
To select a specific category and category for your topic where you can place each group of posts in its own classification for organization and for easy viewing
Fixed link
Make each topic a link that expresses the content in English and is very important for search engines
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Step 4: Choose a professional blog template and how to modify it

You can now choose an attractive template to add to the blog more appeal and great appearance
Blogger templates are available online and are only available to be written in the Google search engine on Blogger templates and you will find many results
You can search directly for blog templates and add them directly to the blog and edit them
Or you can search for templates plotters not translated and we will need to first Arabization before the amendment to them and may need to really Arabize template because of the large number of foreign molds far more than the Arab or Arab templates
You may be interested in the best 5 blogging templates
This is a collection of sites where you can get great templates
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How to Localize Blogger Templates in One Step
After choosing the template and uploading, we now move on to the second stage which is localizing the template
If you have downloaded a template you can skip this step

First to Arabize the template using some programs so you can download the following program to Arabize the template of the programming Brother Ebeid Soft
Download the first version
upgrade software
Download the second version
After downloading the program and installation we find the interface as the picture
We choose to open and localize to choose the template of the device and will find it in XML format
After unpacking the file you downloaded from the template site
As you can see in the picture
Arab blogger templates
 The program will be directly indexed so that you can then copy and put it in the blog and we’ll explain how it works soon
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How to manually localize blogger templates
First select the XML template file as shown in the previous image
Second, make a right click on the file and choose Edit to open the file with you in the text file in the Notepad program or use any text editor as you want
Third, click Edit and then choose replace replace or you can use the shortcut ctrl + H to open replace replace

Arab blogger templates

We type right in the first box and replace it with ymen in the second box and then press replace all
Arab blogger templates

Fifth, repeat the previous step, but write in the first box, then in the second ysar, then choose Replace All
VI then repeat it again and write in the first ysar and then in the second right
Seventh we repeat them again and write in the first ymen and then in the second
Eighth we modify the copyyleft keyword again to copyright using the same previous method of substitution
Here you will be able to change the directions of the template to become suitable for the Arabic language
We now turn to the footnote change and alignment padding and margin
It is not necessary to know about their meaning or use it now because it is one of the most important things in web design in html and css and you should be aware of these languages ​​later in order to be able to design and modify websites if you like it but now it is enough just to know how to change their value to Arabization Template
First change the padding
We search for the word padding
By pressing ctrl + F or from the edit menu and then find
We write in the search box padding
We look for the padding, which has four values, and we replace the second and fourth values ​​from the left
You may see values ​​in this way
padding: 3px 10px 5px 4px
 Just replace the value 10 with the value 4
Then press find next to do the same and replace all the padding values
Second, change the margin
We repeat the same steps that we have done with the padding and change the margin values ​​which have four values ​​by replacing the second and fourth values
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Step 5: Install a professional blog template after blogging
First we select a template from the blog homepage
Then click on edit html

Create Blogger Blog – Install Blogger Template Blog

 We scan all the code with the ctrl + A command
Then press delete or back space from the keyboard
We paste the new template and save the form
Create Blogger Blog – Install Blogger Template Blog
There is another way you can install the template out
After pressing the template as previously explained we press Backup and Restore
Create Blogger Blog – Install Blogger Template Blog
Then we select the template file from the device in xml format as we explained earlier and click on upload
Create Blogger Blog – Install Blogger Template Blog
You can now view the blog and view the blog after the template has been installed
How to make edits to a blog template
Each template is a special method in the amendment depending on the additions and scripts contained in the template, but all must be modified to link lists and links to social networking sites
To edit the template we select a template and edit html
Then we do ctrl + F to search for the following words which we will modify
How to edit template settings on Blogger
 As you notice in the picture, we search for any word in the list, either top or side and we change it to the word or classification you want and then change the link to your link
Here you searched for the keyword as an example and notice that in most templates you find the word edit, you search for it and put the word you want and then find the place of the link as the picture or you may find the # mark only clear link mode
If in the template icons of social networking, including of course Facebook Just put the word facebook in the search box and change the link to the link to your page
Here we come to the end of knowing how to choose a blogger template and the amendment and amendment of the code
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Step 6: Modify the blog’s favicon preferences icon
Complete the changes to the code and learn how to change the preference code to give your blog more attraction and to give your logo more fame because the code is often changed to the logo of your blog or a character or image of your own and for those who do not know the code is the code next to the title of your blog He is currently a blogger

Change the preferences icon in Blogger

To change the preference code, follow the steps below
First, after choosing the logo or image that you want to make it is your preference code instead of the blogger code you go to the following site
Here is an important point to clarify. Why do you need this site to change your favicon preferences code even though you can upload any image with PNG, GIF, or other popular extensions directly to your blog and edit your favicon?
Because there are still a number of browsers that still do not support these extensions of the preference code and need to extend ico and therefore this site to change your logo from any extension owned by this extension to support all browsers
 To find the main destination of the site as in the picture
We choose the file or image that we want to make it a preference code and then press create favicon
Change the preferences icon in Blogger
The site creates your code to take you to the next page to download the code to your computer Click on download the generated favicon and choose where you want to save the code and let the desktop
Change the preferences icon in Blogger 3
Now the preferences icon is ready for you and we move on to our blog management page
We choose planning
Change the preferences icon in Blogger 4
We choose the layout tool from the Preferences icon and then press Edit
Change the preferences icon in Blogger 5
 We choose the icon from the place saved on the device and then choose Save

Change the preferences icon in Blogger 6

After clicking on Save, an automatic update of the tool page will occur and you can now preview the blog to find it with its new preferences


We have identified so far in the guide to create a professional blogger blog free to the first steps and most important to create a blogger blog and how to create the contributions on the blogger and the selection of professional blogger templates and modify them and modify the code preferences of the blog and we will complete in the second part of the best templates professional blogger that you can download for free and then part The third and how to buy a dedicated domain from Godaddy or NeemShib and his code and the fourth part How to add the blog to the tools of webmasters and Google Analytics and the most important points that must be taken care of during the blogging to take into account the search engines and finally in part Yesterday and last are the best ways to profit from blogging and from your blog

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