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How to display your services on the five-site :

How do I provide a distinctive service that brings customers and achieves a good income for me through chmarkh? A question that might occur to every new user of chmarkh website. If you want to provide a new service, here are some tips to be more distinguished in your service and achieve better sales.Present your service professionally: Describe the service accurately and in a proper Arabic language, choose an expressive image that fits the offered service and set a delivery date that ensures the optimal implementation of the service.
Provide innovative services: There are a lot of translation, design and programming services, try to distinguish from others and offer innovative services or specify the category that benefits from your service accurately.
Treat the buyer as you would like to be treated: Any user who requested the service can evaluate his experience with you. The more positive the number of reviews, the higher the service rating and your rating as a seller on chmarkh website. Make sure to deal with the buyer with friendliness and respect and implement the service to the fullest. Also, do not mention anything about the service that you cannot implement and describe it accurately to avoid any dispute with the buyer.
Do not display your services more than once: every service has a rating, the higher the likelihood that it will appear to visitors before other services. Offering the service more than once will only distract the evaluation and will not increase sales.
Read user requests: Try every period to read user requests to provide services that users need and display them on the site. You can read user requests from the left menu of the site.
Tell your friends about your service: Use the share buttons at the bottom of each service to publish the services that you provide among your friends and try to market to your account in Fives and your services yourself and do not rely on displaying them on the Fives site only because the site offers thousands of services and if you do not make some effort in marketing your services, you may be lost among the other services on the site .
Finally, we wish everyone to achieve better profits and to make the best use of the chmarkh website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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