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How to Launch a Blog Successfully and Make $103,457.98 Your First Year Blogging :

We’re excited to be sharing today’s lesson as Lauren and I are currently stationed in Peru with the Wifi Tribe. We’re talking all about how to launch a blog successfully and how we made over $100,000 our first year blogging. *Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that we may receive a commission if you sign up through our link. Please know that is in no way affects our opinion and we only recommend companies that we have personally tried out and used ourselves!
The transparency in all of your videos and posts is so inspiring! I love how you are just so open and honest – it really gives me hope. I agree with your first topic – investment is a huge deal and I think it really shows how dedicated you are to put in money towards something so you can eventually make money out of it. I finally invested some money into my blog, such as buying hosting. My next purchase will probably be a theme. I am currently using a free theme to work with and I will be launching my blog with it I think, but I believe I might be updating it soon after. Do you think it’s okay to do this? What are your thoughts? Should I just take the plunge and spend the $60 more for a theme?Thank you!!!
Hi guys, thanks for everything you’re doing, I think you’ve finally given me the push I needed to start my own website. I’m just worried about the legal stuff, my budget is very limited and I can’t waste it on a lawyer or other legal services… so I guess my question is, when did you start worrying about privacy policies, cookies, and stuff like that? They’re kind of holding me back…
How do I know if this is for me? I am spending tons of money on things that seem to be useless to me. I am not very tech saavy and have a hard time understanding what I need to do. I am desperate for someone to show me and help me get started. I am also not very creative. I love your videos and want to learn the ins and outs.
I’ve been watching and reading a lot of your stuff recently and I just wanted to say Thank You for providing key content and proven ideas but not trying to shove things down our throats.  Your laid back attitude keeps me coming back.  It was very refreshing when you were talking about the ‘4 Day Pinterest Course’ and said “don’t get that just now, wait until after you do your blog”.  I’ve followed people over the years that end up just directing all their information towards something that they are selling. I no longer follow these people, regardless of the valid points they make because I don’t want to feel like I’m being sold to.  You are selling support, information, and hope in a meaningful way and for that, I salute you!
Hey Alex, thank you for your work, please could you answear me for these questions ?1) can we make money just from woldpress.com free blog service ? 2) can we start a worldpress.com free blog then connect with bluehost like what you did and still get rid of worldpress barding name on our blog link ? 2) If we choose 12 mounth subscription, can we get refunded if we don’t want to finish the 12 mounth ? for basic and the popular offer 3) can we use the audio and video with this offer ? 4) are we free to monitize our blog and to sell products / use affeliate marketing ?

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