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Huawei says its new phones will replace computers

Huawei says its new phones will replace computers

Samsung, which announced the launch of its own model before the end of the current year, but Huawei in turn has a special opinion on the subject.

China’s Huawei’s chief executive Richard Yu said in a press interview with Welt that China’s folding smart phones will eliminate the need for future computing, he said.

Answering a question about Huawei’s latest innovation, Richard Yu told the reporter that the reason for the permanent use of computers is often because they have large screens while smartphones have smaller screens. However, Huawei will change this concept by providing phones with folding screens, which means that this phone will come in a larger screen than is currently available.

As Samsung prepares to launch its folding phone by next November, Richard Yu says we have to wait less than a year to see the new Huawei phone on the ground.

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