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Learn about the characteristics of hosting and what are the best hosting companies and cheapest for the year 2018

Many of us like the idea of ​​creating a site, but the factor of confusion and ignorance of the information prompts some to acquire hosting does not give the expected results, so say the purchase of any hosting you should examine its properties.

First, to know the types of extensions:

1 – Shared Hosting: are the most famous types of species, and the most widespread types of hosting, as the hosting company provides one server common to several sites.
2 – Host virtual server: The hosting is to be on a server full company provides you through monthly subscription. This type of extension is recommended.
3 – private hosting: which is directed by the top companies and sites and government agencies, as the hosting company provides real servers for these sites, and this service is expensive prices, and features fast and powerful.
Second, the characteristics that you should pay attention to according to the quality of your site, and choose from among the hosting companies carefully:
1. Storage space: The space provided by the company to upload your files
2. Bandwidth: One of the most distinguishing characteristics of hosting is the other, it is best to have unlimited bandwidth
3 – Databases: You should pay attention to this issue until you regret, before requesting the service, search for the number of databases allowed by the hosting company, the number of databases is primarily linked to the quality of your site
4. Subdomains: If you want to add subdomains to you, you should search for the number of subdomains allowed in the hosting before ordering
5 – Email: If you want to get a professional email on your site, so you should check the number of emails provided by hosting, because you simply after you try your first professional email, you will want to create other emails.
Third best hosting companies for the year 2018 and the cheapest.
The hosting companies compete to bring more customers, as they spend millions of dollars for advertising and marketing, and the following are the best hosting companies recommended by Editorsreview, a specialist in evaluating the services of hosting companies and assess their importance:


Goodady, a rich company, has won dozens of awards and valuations and has earned billions of dollars in net profits. You can book Domy Godaddy with one dollar and use one of the online coupons that is constantly updated.
Main characteristics:
* Traffic is not limited
* Free domain
* 100 GB storage space
* 100 E-mail


 Hosting is suitable for anyone who wants to create a site cross-platform WordPress, as it offers suitable properties and wonderful about $ 8 per monthly subscription, and these are the most important characteristics:
* 50 GB storage space
* Number of subdomains 25
* Number of professional emails 5


Of the additions that have received fame in the world because of the appropriate prices and reduced in some cases, as it allows you to pay one cent, or $ 0.1 in the first month and this is what distinguished them from the rest of the hosting companies.
* Unlimited storage space
Bandwidth Unlimited
* The number of subdomains is unlimited
* Applications and programs that facilitate the construction of the site with thousands of ready-made templates


The best company for me personally is a great company that offers you everything you need to get started. It includes site building tools, great features and even marketing tools to bring visitors to your site like Google Adwords, Bing Ads or others.
 These are some of its wonderful features:
Unlimited storage space
* Traffic is not limited
* Unlimited email addresses
* The number of subdomains is unlimited as well
* Unlimited number of databases
* $ 100 coupon for Google Adwords and Bing Ads

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