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LG reveals the fact that it has abandoned the smartphone industry :


The South Korean company LG is one of the important digital world companies with a great history, and it is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones, although it is not among the three major companies such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei, its devices are highly respected ,


And in the recent period, a number of reports have appeared on the global media, sourced from the South Korean site The Elec, which indicates that LG will abandon the smart phone industry and thus announce its official exit from this field within the next few weeks, and this is the news Which caused a sensation and a lot of controversy in the technical circles.


It seems that the response to this news was not too late and came in absolute denial by one of the most important officials of the company LG, as according to the global communication official in the company for consumer technology, “Ken Hong”, all that was published on the Elec website is ” It is completely wrong and has no basis. This matter does not even deserve to be answered with a statement. ” Although no official statement was issued by the South Korean company, this denial is the most important in the matter.


And the company LG had presented remotely a new phone with a rotating screen on the sidelines of its participation in CES 2021, and it is a phone similar of course to flexible phones with folding screens, but the mechanism of the screen is different, and it is known that the South Korean company is very advanced in terms of With modern screen innovations, whether it is related to smart phones or as well as smart TV screens, LG is also an essential supplier of screens for the rest of the electronic equipment industry.

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