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Make money: big fortunes with simple ideas
“Find the need, then satisfy it.” This is the saying that most economists see as the main pillar of economic success in most of its fields. Nothing like the need for a commodity makes the buyer accept to buy it, and if this need is widespread, your success and wealth arise from your desire to satisfy this need Now, the value of a commodity is determined by nothing but the popularity of its purchase.
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To ensure the success of your business, it is necessary to provide in it all the production factors of raw materials and soil suitable for production, management and trained work team, and other production factors that are indispensable, and the success of the product is the value of its profit that includes the cost of production with all its raw materials, in addition to the salaries of the hands The worker, plus the profit price of the product.
This small or large value of profit is the main factor in creating wealth, and because production is at a certain value that is calculated at the cost of all stages of production until it reaches the hand of the consumer, and then sells it at a greater value to ensure profit, it is considered an adventure with uncalculated results, as many have sought to ensure profit through a commercial enterprise. Of financial return, and this is what we will mention in this article for you, because millionaires did not acquire their millions except from simple projects and persevered on them until they were produced in this way.
Simple projects:
Working with simple projects to ensure profit is not limited to one field without another. You can start building house roofs, building walls by vacuuming, or running a small dry-washing company to ensure profits without high production costs, and remember that the key to wealth is in your hands, when you do your work. In the most complete way that pleases you with yourself, and that pleases those around you about you.
And remember at the same time that your business has added value, and that you stand out from the competitors around you alike, in order to be more wanted than others, and to be able to compete from the first moment you start, as many millionaires were in their beginnings truck drivers or sellers in stores A small business, but they distinguished themselves from those around them and chose to seize the profit for themselves, so they did, so choose a field that excels and innovates in it, then you will make a lot of profits as long as you are interested in developing your capabilities and skills.
Therefore, there is no specific field in which you can profit alone, your field in which you can profit depends on what you can provide, what the consumer needs at the same time, and the amount of added value that you are able to provide. For example, in the nineties, prosperity was highest in the field of Technology, which increased production companies in this field to a huge and steady number, and then their shares began to decline and decrease, as people later reluctance to do so and their interests changed until they were confined to working internally and locally.
Domain Determination:
The bottom line is that the area in which you will be able to profit can only be determined by you, as the opportunities change from time to time, and the opportunity that is in demand and greater demand today may not be the same as tomorrow, so you have to look for what the consumer needs in order to be able to take off strongly.
For example, “Tom Futjo”, the owner of the “Browning Fires” factory, began his life as an accountant, but he was not satisfied with his earnings as an accountant, and he found that his relatives did not find someone to transport the waste and the weekly garbage to them, so he did this work in the evening after the end of his work, then the circle of his work expanded Until he transported it to the entire neighborhood, then he rented a small truck and began to expand until the town was completely covered, and today “Tom” is one of the richest people in his country.
For another example, “Colonel Hardland Sanders” at the age of sixty-five was able to achieve wealth and reap abundant profit, after presenting a new recipe for serving fried chicken that won the satisfaction of the consumer, and “Debbie Wilders”, who is the father of four children, reaped abundant profit by opening it For a small restaurant that sells pies.
Therefore, make sure that nothing enables you to gain abundant profit, such as finding an urgent need for the consumer and working to provide it for it, in the best way and in the fullest manner.
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