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How do I start working on the Internet? – Make money from the Internet for beginners 


How do I start the field of e-marketing and make very decent profits from the Internet?
If you are one of the people who ask this question, then let me tell you that you are in the right place and that this article, God willing, will answer all your questions!
In fact, we as old marketers and we have moderate experience in this field always receive messages such as: How do I start working on the Internet? How do I make my first dollar from the Internet? How do I become a successful online marketer?
Mostly I would answer this question for everyone who asks me, but the matter has become so tiring that I receive about 20 messages per day with the same question … so I decided to present this guide so that it is comprehensive for all beginners and answers their questions!
By the way, if you know your friends who are beginners and interested in this field, please share this article with them, because you can be the reason to change their lives and answer all their questions!
Also, if you saw that this article is incomplete and does not answer all your questions, all you have to do is leave a comment with your question and we will amend this article until it becomes the # 1 reference for beginners who want to enter the field of work on the Internet and make good profits!
It is important these circumstances the article will contain some secrets in this area so make sure to read it completely so that you do not miss any line .. .
Let’s get started!
 In this article, I will not get into the technical things with you, such as choosing the sash, the way to do advertisements and all those technical matters because it was previously explained on our site (the marketer’s site).
 Today, I will try to update you in general, so that everyone who has not heard of the field of e-marketing or profit from the Internet will be able to start correctly and make his first profits!

 Before starting, you must know exactly what is the field of e-marketing and how it will help us to make profits from the Internet

 With the advent of the Internet, many things appeared and others disappeared. We all know the traditional marketing in which we relied on publications and advertisements on television or radio channels.
 This marketing was very effective years ago, but now with the advent of the Internet and the shift of customer interest from watching TV to watching YouTube and from reading newspapers to reading news on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter it was necessary for us as marketers to find a solution to this problem and we can reach our audience who no longer Radio and television are used the way they used to be and therefore traditional marketing is no longer as effective as it used to be! Hence, electronic marketing appeared, which enabled us to use technology and the Internet in order to reach our customers who changed their interest from television to YouTube…  Among these technologies, there were digital ads that appeared to us on YouTube, Facebook, and the Google search engine!

 With this change, we can make advertisements to the audience we want and promote our products to them!
 You will tell me: How can we do accurate ads targeting the audience we want?
 If you are really a beginner, then you should have this question in mind so that you will find that most professionals tell you to do ads on Facebook Ads because they have very precise targeting and enable you to sell your product to the person you want to buy accurately!
 First, you must know that Facebook and Google know about us a very large amount of information, so that we are the ones who help it to do so …
 For example: When you like on Facebook for cat posts and interact with them, you are at the same time telling Facebook that you are interested in cats, not to mention that it is noticeable to you through the microphone, so you may hear the sound of the cats and you will understand that you own a cat and therefore when I will advertise on Facebook and tell her people are targeting me Those who own cats will show you the advertisement!

 This point is not necessary, but as a beginner, I want you to know how things are going. The same thing applies to Google, as she owns YouTube and its search engine, and knows what to look for and all of those things!
 Good, after we knew how advertisements work and how we can make us target customers accurately …
 all we have to do now is find the product in order to market it!
 You will tell me: But I do not own a shop or a product to sell on the Internet, how will I do that?
 In fact, you don’t need that, because there are people who own the products, but they need people to market those products for them in exchange for a commission, and from here the concept of affiliate appeared!
 For example: Amazon is one of the giant companies that contains all the products that come to your mind, and the beautiful thing about it is that it gives you a commission (percentage) of up to 12% of the value of the product if you were able to bring interested customers to buy the product!
 She will tell me: How will Amazon know that I am the one who sold her the product?
 The matter is very simple with the development of programming, when you register in  Amazon Affiliate,  the Amazon company will deliver you a link of your own that carries a specific code so that Amazon follows that code and knows whether the sale was made through you or through someone else!
By the way, there are thousands of companies that operate the system, all you have to do is search for the name of the company + Affiliate program, and it will show you how to join them and how to market their products and how much you will profit from each sale!
For example , there is a company  Click Bank  which can give you a commission of up to more than 90% on each Mabieh, to move that product is equal to $ 100 that you’ll get $ 90 Is not this wonderful ?!
 All you need now is to subscribe to these companies and promote their products through ads! (By the way, I will not explain to you how to register in these companies because YouTube is full of these explanations!
 Now you will tell me: But I am still a beginner and do not have any money to do these ads? Did my dream shatter?
 Of course not, you can achieve your wealth from the Internet without spending a dollar, and this is what I will install for you today. Just be sure to complete this article to the end!

 But before this, what is traffic, and how can I deserve it for us to make profits from the Internet?

I know that you are still beginning and things are starting to mix with you, just take a deep breath and focus with me because I try to simplify things as possible!
 There are many people on the Internet at the present time and each of them is located in a specific place so that that place meets his needs!
 And when these people visit your site or anything, we tell him that there are visitors who have entered your site!
 The word visitors is general and we can give it to anyone, whether he is interested in what you sell or not, but when we do ads, we bring traffic, not just regular visitors!

 You will tell me:  Yaseen, I got mixed up. What is the traffic?
The matter is very simple, and they are visitors, but they are targeted so that when I bring you the traffic of your site that sells the cat product, this means that these visitors are your traffic because they are targeted and the same people are visitors if they enter a site that sells beauty products because that is not their interest!
In summary: The visitor is a normal person and is not interested in what you sell. As for the traffic, it is an ordinary person but interested in what you sell and ready to buy your product or service!  Good, after you know the product you will be marketing, all you have to do now is bring the traffic interested in this product to buy it! And in order to do this, there are two ways, either you bring it for free, and this is called  free traffic  so that you bring a target person without spending a dollar to buy your product, and here I do not mean to publish your link in Facebook groups and tell me that no one has bought from you because you have brought in visitors Not traffic!
The second way is by paying money to do ads, and this is what we call  paid traffic! Well, I will consider you now a beginner who does not have any money or experience, so that I will explain to you shortly how to bring traffic to your site so that you sell products from Amazon or any other company … by the way, if you do not have any idea about affiliate, you can watch this  course on Amazon Affiliate  after you finish this Article! We agreed?!

 How do I get free targeted traffic so that he can buy the products that I will market and profit from the Internet?

 After we understood the difference between regular visitors and interested traffic, now is the time to get to know the most important methods in order to bring this traffic for free … By the way, there is a comprehensive guide that we have put forward about free traffic and its most important sources, you can read it from here:  The comprehensive guide to bring visits to your site for free And the target, the
 first thing I must explain to you is that traffic is everywhere, but getting targeted traffic for free is difficult and not like doing ads that allow you to bring in targeted visitors!
 Therefore, you should know that in the field of electronic marketing and profit from the Internet, there are two ways to succeed:

  •  Either you invest your money and thus buy targeted traffic through ads.
  •  Or to invest your time so that I will now explain to you some strategies that will not require you to spend a single dollar and at the same time will bring you targeted traffic, but the problem is that these strategies will require you a rather long time!

 One of the most popular ways to get targeted traffic without spending one dollar is through search engines such as Google, Bing, and also via YouTube …

 As you know, when anyone searches for a specific word on Google or YouTube, such as “buy iPhone 11,” this means that this person is interested in the product and ready to buy, and all you have to do now is to show it to him and enter your site or channel on YouTube!
You will tell me: How will I appear to him while I am a beginner?
 Do not worry, it is not as complicated as you think and that is through SEO or improving your site or channel for search engines, whether it is YouTube or Google, so that if someone searches for these words that you target, you will see your site or your video on the first page!
 All you have to do is create a video for your YouTube channel or an article on your site!
 But before you create these things, you must read  SEO and  how you can use it in order to produce the # 1 result, whether on YouTube or Google!
So if you are good at making videos, I advise you to read this article in which I explain to you on SEO and how you can use it to make your video appear in the first result and how you can get thousands of views, you can read the article from here:  SEO YouTube
Either you do not like To show your face on the camera and love to write articles, you must learn Google, which will enable you to make your site appear in result # 1 Google search engine, you can read the article from here:  SEO Google
 By the way, I know that you are still a beginner, but I will not explain to you how to create a site Or a YouTube channel, because YouTube is full of these explanations, all you have to do is go to YouTube to find a way to create a blogger site, and you will find thousands of explanations.
 Update: Because there was a high demand about  how to create a professional website from scratch,  we created  this article You can read it and learn how to create your site the right way.
 Now that I know the product that you will market and create the website or video and apply what I learned in SEO, to be frank with you and not sell you the illusion, the results will not start to appear until after 6 hours of hard work!
 You will tell me: How is that!
You should know that SEO is one of the best ways to get 100% free and targeted traffic, but the problem is that the search results are issued in Google. It is not difficult, but it takes a long time, especially since Google will need to trust you and build a lot of valuable articles then you will start boiling results Search and make you have a lot of traffic on your site!
 On the other hand, if you are good at making YouTube videos, it can be the shortcut, as it will bring you targeted traffic in less than 48 hours, unlike Google, which will take you about 6 months!
 I know you are still a beginner and 6 months is a bit long and you want quick results …
 But let me be frank with you. You should invest your time because it will take 6 months whether you do something now or not, so make sure that you invest your time correctly!
 On the other hand, I will now explain some of the strategies that you can rely on with SEO and get into the money for today and more in a short period of time if you do well with it!

How do I build a business as a start-up and make profits at the same time

 Good for up to now, all that I have explained to you now is very enough to say to you congratulations. You are no longer a beginner as you think. All you need now is some money to invest it, whether in advertising or developing your business!
 In order to collect capital, there are thousands of ways, but I will explain to you now two ways, no more, but just follow our site ( the marketer’s website ), as we offer every time new strategies in the field of e-marketing and profit from the Internet !
 As I mentioned, the SEO for Google and YouTube is very enough to make thousands of dollars without spending a single dollar!
But the problem is that this strategy will take you a long time to show you results …
so I will suggest that you use these two methods in order to achieve good capital and at the same time build your business through your site or your YouTube channel or the Internet together!
 These methods are as follows:

  • Freelance
  • Use of Instagram

I know that you ever heard about freelance work and that it is a good field that will bring you good results and great porn without leaving your home so that you will work at the time you want and the place you want!
 Let me tell you that this will be in your dream, especially if you are a beginner, in the beginning, no one will trust you to hand you his project or something like that!
 However, does this mean that there is no other solution ?!
Of course, you can achieve great success from self-employment, all you need is hard work and some patience!
 I know that you are saying in your mind: Yasin, I am still a beginner and I do not have any experience or skill !!
Do not worry, I am here to help you and this is what I will explain to you now!

 As you can see in this picture, it is Makhouda, not a site for  five,  which is a free business site. I did not mention “ Fiveer ” because I consider you a beginner who does not know anything and does not even know a foreign language (rather I want to consider you like my grandmother who does not understand anything so that you will not have any excuse in End of this article).
 As you can see, the owner of this service brings 1000 views on YouTube for $ 5 and has sold a good amount of this request!
Now you will tell me: How do I compete with him: /
Don’t worry, there are services that sell YouTube views, Instagram, likes … and everything you can think of at a reasonable price, and the most famous of them is ” QQtube “

 As you can see, ” QQtube ” sells you 1000 views for only $ 2!
So all you have to do is open an account in Fives or any microservices site. After that, put up your service so that every person who will ask for your service will pay you. You will take those profits and pay for ” QQtube ” so that your profit margin is about $ 2 on each service you do !
And this without you needing to learn any skill, isn’t that cool ?!
By the way, the site ” QQtube ” has many services, including views on Facebook, likes in Instagram, Tik Tok and many things that you can use to turn them into services that generate good income!
For reference : It is true that this method will bring you good profit, but this does not enable you to learn a skill!
For example, two weeks ago, I paid about $ 65 to a person on the Fiverr site to create a cover for a book I want to release. I know that he has many ready-made templates, whether in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, and this work will not take more than half an hour from him!
Therefore, if you want to learn a skill, I advise you to learn these skills because I have been ahead in this field and I know what to do and I want to shorten the way for you, among the most important of these skills are as follows:

  • Design by professionally with these programs: (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop)
  • Editing and motion graphics by professionally with these programs: (Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect)

I did not tell you to learn programming because it will take you a long time and its return will not be great unless you take a complete project, and this will require a year for you to run out. On the other hand, learning design and montage is not difficult compared to programming in 4 months is very enough to master them (if you study hard and apply what you learned every day!)
Also, you do not have the right to say that you are a beginner and do not know the English language, because YouTube is full of brothers, may God protect them, who explain these programs from scratch to become professional in the Arabic language and for free!
In summary, if you did not achieve anything, then this means that you are the one who does not want that because everything is present in our present time, all I ask you is to sit down and invest two hours a day in order to learn and I guarantee that you will make a leap some months!

 Good, after I shared a method that enables you to make moderate profits from freelancing without having any skill, now I will share with you some ways to be able to profit through Instagram!  But before this, let me ask you: How many hours do you spend on the phone?
Have you ever thought about using your phone to make good profits ?!
If your answer is no, I have good news for you!
Today I will share with you a method that most of my friends use as they make more than $ 1,000 a month by their phone using Instagram!
In fact, we will not directly profit from Instagram, but rather we will use it as a source of traffic, whether in order to promote our products or the products of others as a sponsor …
But what my friend does is different in that he is marketing to people or companies using his Instagram account that exceeds 100,000 followers, by making “Shoutouts” or a promotional post for the company. You often find people famous as “Cristiano Ronaldo” doing promotional posts on Instagram for companies like “Nike” and “Clear” …
In summary, in order to profit from Instagram, all you need is an account with thousands of followers (at least 10,000) and you will notice that you automatically started communicating with messages from companies or individuals to promote their account for a certain amount (it may reach $ 500 per post).
Now you will tell me: This is good, but how do you collect thousands of followers!
 But I will be frank with you. This point has no secrets or secrets. You just need to create an account in a specific field (sports, cats, technology) so that you put out 3 posts per day and a video with the use of hashtags that your audience is looking for!
 After that, go to account holders in your field and they have a huge amount of followers. Log in to his followers and do a “follow” and interact with them so that they will follow you after that!
After months of continuity and posting pictures every day with different hashtags in the same field, you will notice that your account started to grow and started to top all the hashtags. I promise you that if you have patience and continuity, you will get more than 10,000 followers in the first months!
All you have to do after that is create another new account and enlarge it, after a year you will notice that you have many accounts and each account achieves more than $ 1000 per month!
Isn’t that cool ?!
Of course it is, especially since you will only work in your spare time. Instead of wasting your time in trivialities, create a business from your phone only, but this will require you patience and persistence because this is the secret of success in Instagram!
By the way:  You can cooperate with other accounts in the same field as you, so that each of you promotes the other and you enlarge your account in a short period of time, and this is what we do on Instagram so that we have many friends as we cooperate with each other!
Also, if you do not believe what I shared with you, just  follow us on Instagram (@ mosawi9.com) and notice  that we publish every day and this is what led us to reach more than 18,000 followers in a short period and in a field that is considered one of the most competitive fields!
 In general, there are many ways to start without experience and money, so just make sure to follow the marketer’s website, as we share many areas every week and you might find another area that matches your personality!
 Now we will address the well-known question among beginners, which is: How will I receive the profits? Do I need a bank account?

How to receive profits via Paypal, Payoneer or Alnbek!

 Good now that you have found the field in which you will work, whether it is affiliate, Instagram or freelance work, let’s say that you are starting to make your first $ 100!
First I want to say congratulations to you!
Now you will say to me: Now how will I receive my profits in order to invest or spend them?
Good question, in fact there is no direct answer to your question because every company prefers to pay in a specific way to its marketers …
 But according to my experience, most of them accept Paypal and Pioneer!
I know that you heard a lot about Paypal, but you do not know what it is and how you can create an account with it …
Paypal is simply an electronic bank that allows you to create an account in it from anywhere in the world (provided that it supports your country) through which you can receive your profits from companies that support Paypal and you can then transfer money from Paypal to your Visa card or your bank in your country. .
In order not to go longer on you and not let you waste your time searching the Internet for ways to activate Paypal …
 If you are really serious about working on the Internet and want to achieve your wealth, God willing, you must have a bank account!
Not only will the creation of a bank account help you link and activate it with Paypal, but it will also be the solution to many problems that most beginners fall into, including receiving profits in Google Adsense …
So if you really want to work and not waste your time in the explanations that tell you (Paypal did without a bank account) then let me tell you that you will fail because you will waste days trying to find ways that will not work with you for a long time in return, if you invested that time in your project, you would have made good profits!
Because through my experience, I discovered that time is the most important thing and must be invested wisely, so do not waste it on trivial things that can be solved in minutes, including creating a bank account!
The important thing is that after you create a bank account, all you have to do is link it to Paypal and activate it, and you will start receiving your profits smoothly!
By the way, YouTube is full of explanations on how to link Paypal to your bank account, and even if you do not find explanations about your bank, just speak with your bank and he will tell you what you should do!
You can also watch this video, which includes an explanation of how to open a Paypal account, and all you need to know:
  Now you have an account in Paypal and ready to receive profits in most companies, but there are some companies such as Amazon that do not accept dealing with Paypal directly, nor do they support local banks, so you need to establish an American bank.
 You will tell me: An American bank account, how is that?
 I know that you think that it is impossible, but with the development of technology, American banks have appeared that enable you to do this.
 One of the most famous of these electronic banks is the Pioneer Bank!
 Pioneer is a financial services company that provides money transfer services over the Internet and electronic payment services. Through it, you can create an American bank account and receive profits from most companies in the world, and the most famous of them is Amazon!
 You can create your account for free here:  Payoneer
If you encounter problems creating your account, just search on YouTube, and you will find thousands of videos explaining this step by step, because my interest now is to show you the way and not explain everything to you in detail!
Well, let me say congratulations to you because if you applied what I explained to you now, you are no longer a beginner and have a good background. 50% of marketers are not aware of it!
After you use the strategies that I told you about, you will notice yourself that you must move to the next stage of creating a business. It does not have to be a big business, but what is important is that you create things that will grow over time …
By the way, the Instagram project is a business. Year after year, you will notice that the accounts that you own have become many and have many followers!
The problem with the Instagram project is that it will not continue for long because “Reach” or the percentage of reach that it used to decrease, and the demand that it was in will decrease in the coming years …
What is important in this picture, I will explain to you the next stage that you will move to from the beginning of someone who has got some money and some experience …

 In general, according to my experience and what I saw in my surroundings, everyone who started working on the Internet has moved to one of these areas:

  • Google Adsense through the website of a YouTube channel, after that the move to Adsense Arbitrage!
  • The dropshipping is then e-commerce so that you have a stock of goods!
  • Affiliate or Al Sabeey to market other people’s products!

 Frankly, there are many fields, but these three are the most profitable before moving to the last level, which is establishing a company and building a team!
As I noticed, I just left freelancing with all these areas because it is considered an additional source of income and is independent of your business and it is like a resource for your main project so that with its profits you can create ads and all of those things!
In fact, I will not repeat the explanation of these areas because we have already explained them on the marketer’s website, all you have to do is go to the search box and write the field that you want to learn, so do not worry  the marketer’s site  is the number # 1 in this field as we bring the  best marketers  to share their experiences with you in all fields!
In conclusion, everything that his company with you is very enough to start your journey in the field of working on the Internet and achieve your wealth, but if you think that after reading this article, you have finished and that you have become able to work well, let me tell you that you are wrong. The purpose of this article is to show you the right way But the rest is all on you so that you have to do research and learn every day and most importantly from this daily application!
Also, if you have any other question or point that you did not understand well, just write it in the comment and we will update this article so that together we make it the comprehensive guide for every beginner who wants to work on the Internet! Good
 luck to you and don’t forget to follow us on  our YouTube channel!
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