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MacPlanet … a McDonald’s meal to compete for the promotion of vegetarian products :

 The fast-food giant “McDonald’s” plans to add a series of vegetarian products to its menus under the name “Mac Planet”, thus riding the wave of alternative dishes to meat.

This initiative, which the chain undertook on Monday, as part of a new strategy in which it relies on chicken products and car ordering services, would allow McDonald’s to compensate for its delay in this area.

Burger King launched its vegan version of the popular burger “Whopper” in the United States in April 2019.

Other networks such as Dunkin and Starbucks have also tried to enter the field by offering products aimed at customers who are more concerned about protecting the environment or animals or looking for less saturated food sources.

Meat alternatives such as soy steak have been launched for years, but in recent years start-ups like Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger have developed products that are closer to the characteristics of animal meat in terms of taste, shape and color.

And McDonald’s in Canada previously launched a burger with steak made from Beyond Meat.

It is seeking to introduce its special mix made exclusively for “McDonald’s” restaurants, in some markets, as of next year.

The restaurant network did not clarify whether it would renew its contract with “Beyond Meat”, only indicating that it would use external suppliers as is the case with the rest of its products.

The share price of “Beyond Mate” fell by nearly 4% on Monday on the New York Stock Exchange.

The range of MacPlant products may expand to include alternatives to chicken, eggs or sandwiches for breakfast, the group explained during a presentation to investors.

“We are happy with this opportunity because we believe that we are offering a product with proven value and delicious taste,” said Ian Borden, supervisor of McDonald’s activities in the world, adding, “When customers are ready, we prepare for them.”

McDonald’s continues to rely on its most popular products, including Big Macs, Mac Nuggets and French fries, which account for nearly 70% of its revenue in major markets.

“The demand for fashionable products in this turbulent period was greater than ever,” the group said in a statement. “(McDonald’s) believes that these basic classics will continue to play their role as an important growth engine thanks to their popularity and profitability.”

Nevertheless, “McDonald’s” is seeking to make some adjustments, including, for example, the use of new types of bread for the burger sandwiches with “improving the approach” adopted in preparing steak dishes.

The chain also seeks to focus on chicken-based products, which achieve greater growth than other egg-based dishes.

After the success of the temporary show on chicken fingers (Nuggets) with spices in the United States, “McDonald’s” plans to launch a crunchy chicken sandwich in the country in 2021.

To stimulate its online sales, which have already registered significant progress since the start of the pandemic, McDonald’s plans to experiment with a new online platform and create a rewards program for customers.

The giant chain also intends to create sites dedicated exclusively to providing order services to cars and to allocate lines for customers who have sent their orders over the Internet.

The group’s global turnover decreased by 2% in the third quarter due to the pandemic. However, this number reflects an improvement compared to the second quarter, which witnessed a 30% decline in sales. McDonald’s also posted a 10% rise in net profit, at $ 1.76 billion.

Almost all of the chain’s restaurants remained open throughout the pandemic.

However, “McDonald’s” indicated that “due to the renewed increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 since September, we have observed several times restrictions by governments on working hours and the number of people allowed to eat food inside in most countries, and in some cases the imposition of a closure Complete for restaurant halls. “

These restrictions affect most of the chain’s main markets outside the United States, including France, Germany, Canada and Britain, according to McDonald’s.

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