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At Biden’s request, Moncef Al-Salawi resigns from his position as head of the Corona vaccine development team


The head of the White House team to develop the new Corona virus vaccine, the Moroccan scientist Moncef Slaoui, has resigned from his post, at the request of the US President-elect Joe Biden.

And American media indicated, today, Wednesday, that Al-Sallawi will remain in office for about 30 days during the transitional period, and his role will be greatly reduced after Biden was sworn in and installed as president on January 20.

It is unclear who will succeed Al-Sallawi in leading the Biden administration’s scientific team regarding the Corona vaccine, or whether Al-Sallawi will remain in this position.

The Moroccan scientist had said earlier that he intends to step down after two vaccines and treatments for Covid-19 hit the market, which actually happened last month with the approval of the Moderna vaccine.

However, he confirmed that he decided to extend his stay in his position in order to ensure the continuation of the vaccine delivery process until the transfer of power takes place smoothly.

Al-Sallawi had garnered widespread praise and appreciation after he was appointed by the outgoing President, Donald Trump, at the head of the White House initiative to develop a vaccine against the emerging corona virus (Covid 19).

In a press conference on the White House lawn, Al-Salawi said that he views this appointment as an honor and an opportunity to provide service to the United States and the world, in light of the pandemic that has killed nearly two million people in the world so far.


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