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SEO YouTube: Top Result # 1 on YouTube :

If you want to export search results on the YouTube platform through SEO, then you are in the right place!
 In this article, I will not only share with you the methods for generating search results on the YouTube platform, but rather I will help you to generate search results on YouTube and Google alike with your videos. I will also share with you some secrets that will make you get targeted views without needing to top search results.
 Before starting, I ask you to carefully read this guide because you will find information that you will not find elsewhere, and I ask you to complete the article to the next!
 5 years ago, I was looking like you for the best ways to get the first results on YouTube … but unfortunately I used to read and apply without making sure of the quality of the information, with a summary I wasted 3 years without achieving what I aspired to! In fact, tired of the failed attempts, I sat with myself looking for the cause of the problem. In fact, I did not find a solution!
 One day, I asked myself, “Do you see them as the best marketers in the world?”
 The answer to this question was the reason for changing my life 180 degrees!
 I don’t want to tell you that you are lucky to be present in this article and on this site. I do not know if a friend of yours shared this article with you or visited us through search engines … Yes, you are lucky because you are on the right site that will reduce you thousands of tried and failed methods and give you the right methods on a plate From silver!
 In general, after searching for an answer to my question, I found the best marketers in the world …
Here’s what I did:
1- I deleted all the information I owned
2- I searched for the best marketer in his field, for example “The best SEO marketer in the field of commission marketing …”
3- I followed their advice without listening to anyone else!
The best person benefited from it in your Balautob field was Suy: Brian founder of the site ” Backlinko “
 Having learned from top marketers here came the idea of site  Marketer :  Collect the best marketers in all fields in order to share their experiences and help beginners . You should know that  novices have more potential for success than old marketers … with  one condition!
 Take the right information from the start!
 In the event that you are a fan of forums, you often get at least 10 information per day, 9 of which are wrong information, and the probability that the remaining information is correct is 2%.
 What I ask you to do is filter the information you take because it will make the difference in your success from your failure! As a result, we have partnered with you with the best Arab marketers  in order to follow them, benefit from their experiences, and most importantly,  take the correct information! 
 Sorry for this prolongation, and let’s get to the bottom of the matter!

Well what is Youtube SEO?

 Youtube SEO is optimizing your videos for YouTube so that they appear in the search results of YouTube. This depends on the factors that your videos must have in order for them to rank well in the search engines, and this is what we will learn about in this article.

What steps do I need to take in order to get the search results to come out?


  1. Internal improvements
  2. YouTube Keyword Research
  3. Create videos that make your visitor stay longer.
  4. Promote your video
  5. Raise the “CTR” percentage to the maximum degree

 In the event that you master these six steps that we will mention in this article, you will be able to top the search results on YouTube and Google alike!

1- Internal improvements

 Yes, just as your SEO needs internal improvements, “On-page Seo”, even your YouTube channel needs internal improvements. 
 Important point:  Internal improvements to your YouTube channel are not necessary for  YouTube SEO …
so why would I bother myself with this?
In summary, it is necessary for  the search engine Google! How is that? Let me give you an example on our YouTube channel:
As you know, we recently launched a course about  Amazon Affiliate  on YouTube, where we explain what you will need in order to make a decent income through Amazon Affiliate!

As you can see, our Playlist is fourth on YouTube …
but let me show you its result in Google!

As you can see, we are ranked first in the Google search engine among all the videos …
And all this through internal
improvements. Internal improvements consist of many stages, the most important of which are:

  • Title and photo “Miniature”
  • Backlink
  • Description and “Tags”

Title [Title] and  Photo “Miniature” :

You must know that the title and the image are all that the visitor sees, whether on YouTube or Google, so you must take care of that to the maximum!
 For the title, I prefer your keyword to be at the beginning of the title.
For example, instead of writing:  the comprehensive course for profit from Amazon Affiliate. Write:  Amazon Course Affiliate  Everything you need for profit.  The more your key at the beginning of the title is easy Tsdrick search results either on Google or YouTube also must be your very interesting to ” see how it achieved $ 2,000, the secret that hides from you all … ” All this will help you in order to get ” of CTR ” high therefore views This is what “Mohamed Kouifi” relies on in his videos, so you often see that his viewership is very high.In summary, the higher your “CTR” percentage, the more signals are sent to YouTube and Google that your video should be at the top of the results. I talked about all of this in detail in the SEO  course .  It is true that the title is an important element, but “Miniature” is more important at times, so you should prepare an interesting “Miniature” so that the customer will click on it from among thousands of results. What I suggest to you is to use “Miniature” in bright colors “green, orange, purple …” You can take a vivid example on the Shopify Arabic channel  !

As you can see, all the channel’s “Miniature” are in green color, and this helps it a lot in order to get a high “CTR”, thus high views and as a result search results are issued, whether on YouTube or Google!

2- Backlink

 I know you are surprised … how can Backlink be an influential factor in order to generate search results on YouTube? In fact, backlink is very important to Google, but not as important to YouTube … well, what will Baklink benefit us? Good question, you should know that the # 1 factor for YouTube is “CTR”, “Views” and “Watch time”, no more or less, but in order to bring these things you need views and in order to bring views you need targeted traffic that provides you with these. the conditions. In fact, we will use backlinks not only for YouTube, but in order to make our videos top the search results on Google … Let me give you a working example to understand with me the matter!
 We all know our YouTube channel, it is not the marketer’s channel, but I am talking about the Shopify Arabic channel … You should know that the Shopify Arabic channel does not top any important word on YouTube, but the percentage of views it gets is very huge, and all of this through the Google search engine! How is that? You know very well that Google has added a new feature in the search results for YouTube? So all I had to do was apply what we learned on SEO sites to my YouTube videos … The example is as follows: On my YouTube channel, “Shopify in Arabic,” the most important word that comes to me with tens of thousands of views per month on our channel is the word “routes shipping” and if we go To YouTube you will see that I am not top of the search results on YouTube? Yes, unfortunately, I am in fourth place …

 But we are ranked # 1 in Google Videos ??

 How is that? With internal improvements I explained at the beginning and backlinks which are the # 1 factor in that! In fact, everything related to  SEO  and internal improvements I mentioned in  this article,  so I do not want to repeat the same thing.
 The backlinks I mentioned in  SEO 2020 are more than enough to make your videos top in search results on Google and Bing!

3- Description and Tags

  Now here we have reached the final stage of internal improvements, namely description and “tags” …
 You should know, my friend, that the prescriber is considered factor # 3 after the title and image to bring customer interest and raise your “CTR”. As we said, the more “CTR” Your whenever you climb the search results!
 Also, you should know that “Description” and “Tags” are the world # 2 after the headline in your presence with “Suggestion” for YouTube…
How is that?
Maybe you saw a video one day, and if you went to the next video that YouTube suggested to you, didn’t you ever wonder how this is done?
 Yes via: Title, Description and “Tags” and this is what I will share with you!

  As we mentioned, the description is an important factor in the search results on YouTube, and it is also the # 2 factor in your appearance in “Suggestion”.
 What I want you to focus on in the description is to talk about the content of the video without going deep as you are interested in the visitor and add the keywords at the same time.
 As everyone knows, YouTube and Google have begun to use artificial intelligence in an adequate manner. Nevertheless, there are some people who still randomly put tags in the description, for example you see that the video talks about  profit from the Internet or electronic marketing and you  find it in the description, putting words that have nothing to do with the content of the video Just because those words are highly searched …
This is a fatal mistake. Once you do this, you tell YouTube that your video talks about many different topics, and this leads to YouTube not understanding you and thus leaving you in low positions.
Also, you should focus on the first three paragraphs of the video because they will be the ones that will be read! 

As you can see in the picture, the first paragraph is everything that appears to the customer, and this makes him think “I click” or “I don’t click.”
 Do not forget that YouTube itself declared the need to use keywords in the first paragraph of the video!  The same thing with “Tags” you should focus on the words that you are targeting and related to your videos only! We also recommend that you use “ vidIQ ” which is a “Chrome Extension” that makes you aware of the words your potential customers are searching for!  It also gives you the SEO rate in your YouTube videos and also suggests the errors that exist and how to fix them so that you can export the search results.

2- YouTube Keyword Research – Tags

 The first thing we do in the field of SEO is always “Keyword Research” or search for search rate. It is not reasonable to waste effort and time in semantic words with 5 searches per month, so “Keyword Research” is an important process.
What you should focus on in “Keyword Research” is “Cpc” and search rate.
What we mean by ” CPC ” is the price that the advertiser pays for those words, for example, the real estate field may reach $ 100 for every click, so it is preferable to focus first on “CPC” before focusing on the search rate.
 As for  the search rate,  it means the number of people who search on that word every month. For example, the word “Dog” has a search rate of more than 4 million.
Therefore, you should try to search for a keyword with a high “CPC” and a very high search rate, as this will make you a fortune.
 So how do I get that information?
 In fact, there are many tools that help you in this, but personally I use three tools:

  •  UberSuggest
  •  keywordtool.io
  •  Keyword Planner

 My personal preference among these tools is “Keywordtool.io” but you can use “UberSuggest” as it is more than enough.
 In general, these tools are very simple and will not require any explanation, just what I want you to focus on is “CPC” and the search rate (volume).
  Also, there is a simple way to do “Keyword Research” in a simple way, which is by downloading this extension in Google Chrome:  Keywords Everywhere
  After downloading and installing this add-on, go to YouTube and type the keywords that you want to put a video about, and they will appear to you as follows:

 As you can see, its plugin shows you the search rate with “CPC”. This way, you will be able to create ideas and micro-niches that you have not thought of before.
  You can also use these words in the description and “Tags”.

3- Create videos that make your visitor stay longer.

So now you have all the information you need to be able to top the search results …
 Everyone will not be top of the search engines in the YouTube Fsharkp Google does not want to have a monopoly on the engine owners  Suy  only so has added a new update, which seeks to provide the best content for visitors to YouTube.
  Youtube update says:

  After this update, many terms appeared in the field of YouTube’s SEO, the most important of which is  Audience Retention .
 What we mean by “Audience Retention” is the rate at which you keep a visitor while they view your videos.
  In summary, if the visitor exits your video as soon as they enter it, all the strategies I have explained to you so far will not help you with anything!
 Therefore, we always say that  content is the king,  but all that we have explained about SEO  strategies  is just a boost that helps the king (the content that you provide).
  Visitor Duration is now the # 1 factor for your search results.
Well, how do I make the visitor stay longer?
In fact, I wished I had a strategy to share with you in order to make the customer stay longer, but that disappears from one area to another.
 In general, the strategy that we implement, which enables us to make the customer watch 60% of the video, is by the way it is presented.
  If you watched us on our YouTube channel, we always try to mention the things that you will get when you finish this video, for example: “ In this video, you will be able to become a professional SEO for YouTube .”
 What we’re trying to do with this act is to  give the viewer a strong incentive to finish the entire video . Nevertheless, we do not exceed 60% of viewership so our strategy is not strong.
 On the other hand, there are some methods that you can use and often succeed, for  example you will find a video that shares the best places for the year 2020, and if it tells you that place # 2 will shock you …
 This way, the viewer stays on for a longer time to see the # 2 location that was mentioned at the beginning of the video.
 In summary, in order to be able to preserve the scenes, try at least to have a good mike with a video quality of no less than “HD”.
 It is not conceivable that the viewer will endure a sound that is not heard for 5 minutes, but that he will flee in the first seconds?

4- Promote your video

You should know that the SEO for YouTube is almost the same principle as for the  SEO .
 The only difference I take is the duration of the effect.
 How is that?
 When you apply the SEO steps of “Writing great content, fetch backlinks…” it makes sense to top the search results …
 But the problem that everyone suffers from with Google is the duration of the effect …
 According to a study conducted by “Neil Patel”, it was found that despite all the necessary strategies and all that Google loves, the results do not appear until after 6 months … and this is what makes everyone move away from SEO.
 The beautiful thing about Youtube SEO is that the results appear after 24 hours!
 So if you can top results in the first 24 hours, your results will be forever!
 What I want you to do after you release the video is to send it to everyone (your mailing list, your followers on social media sites, send it to subscribers to Messenger …).
 And why not do ads for your video! Also, in order to be able to publish search results in the early hours, you must have a great interaction!

 Therefore, always try to ask your followers to post a comment, like, share and subscribe to the channel because that sends YouTube signals that the video is very important and it should be placed at the top of the arrangement.
 To get your visitors to post a comment, the best way I’ve found is to ask a question at the end of the video …
 Mostly the question is simple:  What kind of way do you prefer to fly or drop shipping, put your answer in the comments.
 But after research, I found a channel that exceeded all my expectations:  ERB
If there is a secret behind the interaction this channel gets, it is this sentence:  Who Won? Who’s Next? You Decide

  As you can see, at the end of the video, viewers are asked to tell them their opinions and what topic they will be addressing in the next video.
 That way, they get an interaction and at the same time they make the viewer part of the channel …
 In summary: Focus on promoting your video in 24 hours, as it will judge the video for life.

5- Raise the “CTR” percentage to the maximum degree

 It is true that we mentioned this point at the beginning of the article …
 CTR is an important factor in the
 SEO field … even in YouTube SEO?
 Yes, even on YouTube, CTR is an important factor.
 As we mentioned in  this article  that “CTR” is:

For example, if you get two clicks for 250 page views, the click-through rate for the ad unit is 0.8%, and the method for calculating it is: 2/250 = 0.008 The
  concept of “CTR” is not important, but the most important thing is to understand it and try to raise it to the maximum.
  For example, let’s say that someone searches for the word “”, he will find many videos …
 But what if he pressed result # 3 instead of clicking on result # 1?
 He will tell YouTube that score # 3 is better than score # 1, so YouTube will convert your video from position # 3 to position # 1.

 In this article I have mentioned many ways to improve your “CTR”. You can read it from here: What is CTR and how do I raise it in order to increase profits 
 In general, the higher your “CTR” percentage, the more views you get, and those views should convert it from regular views to interactive visitors who subscribe to your channel and why they do not become your customers after that!
 In summary, if you apply what I explained to you in this article with what was mentioned in our  spy course  , you will make a fortune in no time!
 In conclusion, I hope that you liked this article and helped you even a little. And do not forget that everything, God willing!
In case you have any question or inquiry, do not forget to put it in the comments and we will try to answer you in the shortest time.
Also, do not forget to follow our YouTube channel, where we offer video courses!
Also, do not forget to share this guide as it helps us a lot.

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