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South Korea introduces an AI news anchor :

It seems that what was appearing years ago as part of science fiction movies and novels has now become a reality, and the analyzes that were talking about robots and artificial intelligence will gradually begin to take over some human jobs have become a reality and close to realization.
The occasion for this is the discovery of a South Korean channel about a new artificial intelligence broadcaster specializing in providing news, and in any case it is not a new idea and something similar was revealed not long ago by the Chinese, but the difference is that this new anchor is based on Artificial intelligence technology is actually a version of MBN’s South Korean broadcaster called Kim Ju-ha, while her robotic version is called AI Kim,
In a conversation between them, AI Kim seemed able to speak with the same tone as the original broadcaster in addition to the same facial expressions, as the artificial anchor commented about that by saying: “I created through deep learning for 10 hours of video for Kim Ju-ha, She knows the details of her voice, the way she speaks, facial expressions, the way her lips move, and the way her body moves. I am able to report the news the same way anchor Kim Ju-ha does.
According to the South Korean TV channel MBN, AI Kim is able to read the news 24 hours a day without stopping.

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