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Steps to speed up your computer to run better | Try it now!


Some people suffer from slow use of the computer with the passage of time, and according to statistics, one of the most important reasons for the slowdown of the computer or laptop is the accumulation of files, data and tasks inside the hard disk, whatever the technical specifications of the device, where there are many problems of freezing and stopping.

As well as problems related to the performance of the device, which makes the user suffer a lot in opening folders and pages take longer to load and deal with the device in general, and according to a report from OAC, a laptop that takes at least five minutes to run has negative results in the productivity of your work. And in order for your device to be of great efficiency that helps it perform all the tasks that you accomplish daily, whether you are surfing the web or trying to complete a project, these technologies that we will share with you should help in speeding up the performance of your computer.

1. Try the troubleshooter

The best place to start is to use the automatic troubleshooter for your computer, this tool checks for problems that may slow down your computer’s performance, such as programs that are running simultaneously or the number of people who log into your computer, and to open Troubleshooter tool, you will click on the “Start” button and then search for Control Panel


Next, click on the Troubleshoot tool, then the option called System and Security, and then the option to run maintenance tasks


Click Next, and your computer will troubleshoot the errors related to slowing down your computer.

2. Running programs at the same time

It seems that your behavior has a great impact on the performance of your computer, in the event that you are working with many programs at the same time, know that this consumes the processing power of the device and reduces its performance, and you should be aware that some programs continue to work in the background even after Close them as others may start automatically when you start your device, and in general it is recommended to delete files that seem unnecessary, and if you have hundreds of pictures that you have never seen, remove them and keep what you want and delete what you do not need as it takes up a large space and Slow down your workflow, and you should do the same with tabs and installed programs as it is advised to remove open windows, and by running fewer programs simultaneously and cleaning your files, you provide your device with a huge service, and you save it important space . 3.

Turn off visual effects

Windows 10 provides a lot of great visual effects and simple tricks for users, and unfortunately your computer may struggle to support these wonderful effects of the lack of device performance,

otherwise Windows 10 allows you to choose and specify the visual effects that you want to run, and to do that you click On the “Start” button and in the search bar, you type Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows, and a new window called Performance Options will appear, and within the Visual Effects window, you click on the “Adjust the best performance settings” option, then press “Apply.” To save your settings.


4. Turn on the device regularly

A very simple step, it is always recommended to restart your device at least once a week, and maybe once a day if you use it a lot, since when you restart your computer, you not only wipe its memory, but also expire processes and services. The timer running in the background that consumes the limited space of your device.


5. Windows 10 Manager tool

To improve, clean and fix errors on your computer, it is always recommended to try the Windows 10 Manager tool that is rich in definition, and which includes more than 40 tools to improve the operation of the operating system, through the tool you can notice the great speed with which your device will work in addition to improving the performance of the process The device and the elimination of system errors and others.


One of the features of the tool is to repair and clean Windows, in addition to increasing the speed of the computer by eliminating errors in the operating system and increasing the security and stability of your device, as well as knowing a lot of information about the components of the device’s backup, which is easy and easy to open. It also analyzes and displays the space occupied by programs, folders and files from the hard disk.

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