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Study: a large proportion of users began to leave Facebook

Study: a large proportion of users began to leave Facebook
 It seems that the social networking site Facebook is no longer living a period of prosperity as in the past, as a recent study of one of the study centers that a large proportion of users in the United States of America actually started to leave the site through the absence of days or weeks or even delete the application from their devices .

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center on a sample of 3412 users confirmed that 26 percent of the sample interviewed, particularly young people between 18 and 29 years old, deleted the Facebook application from their smartphones, while 42 Percent of respondents said they had not accessed their accounts on the site for weeks.

According to the Pew Research Center study, the main reason for the new trend among young Americans to leave Facebook is mainly due to recent scandals, especially the Cambridge Analytic scandal, which served as the point of the cup.a

Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

One :

I quit social media in 2016. I joined when I was 18. I was a member for about 5 years and during this time my depression and particularly my anxiety levels skyrocketed. Because it happened so gradually I didn’t realise it was getting so bad until I started looking back at how I used to live.
The most important realisation I’ve come to since leaving, and which has drastically changed my life, is that it’s ok not to be happy and excited about everything all the time in order to be mentally healthy. It’s ok to just be content as a baseline and allow yourself to be sad sometimes and happy at other times. I think the source of a lot of my depression/anxiety was this sense that I was not living life to the fullest and I was not as happy as I deserved to be (ridiculous, I know) and I worried about the future a lot.
In the back of my mind I was worried that leaving Facebook would make these feelings worse, but actually it’s been better than I ever hoped for. It’s been good to do things simply because they make me happy, rather trying to impress an audience. To be honest, for me this has taken a lot of getting used to and unbelievably I’m still working on that. Social media was incredibly damaging for me. Thank goodness I quit!
EDIT: Wow. No one will probably read all of this but it’s good to get it out there anyways

second :

About two years ago I started realizing that some of my Facebook ‘friends’ had exhibited narcissistic tendencies. I realized that was not how I wanted to live and stopped with social media as a whole, i only keep a YouTube account for Learning purposes. I felt so much better after quitting, i place more value on true friendships and real conversation.

I m 16 and I stopped using social media( except for yt) 1 year ago. It was too much, everything was so superficial, fake and sometimes exhausting. First my friends started to wonder why and they are still upset and they think I don’t want to talk with them. But now I feel like it was the best decision of my life! You will first miss it maybe but then you will start new hobbies maybe( I for example started photography)and you will learn to get you know better. So if you hesitate about deleting snapchat, just do it and don t feel forced to reinstall it 2 days later because of the people in your class who call you old or stm like that sad.

It’s been 3 days I’m not using social media : instagram, snapchat, facebook, pinterest.. and realized that I haven’t took photos (selfie or some random pics) not a single one. It’s because i used my photos just to get good compliments from my followers. Let’s say i was seeking attention. I was comparing myself with that of others lifestyle.. Now that I’ve quited, i feel much me. The real me, enjoying my real life properly. Not to impress other but myself. I know it has just been 3 days but I know I’m not going into that world anymore. The world of comparison, anxiety which is affecting our health and lifestyle. I use YouTube to know stuff. To know people’s result of weight loss and get motivated. XD. Change is good you know. And i feel extremely happy with my decision.

The biggest problem I’ve found on face book is the lack of empathy by my so called ‘friends’. It’s as if this digital age is producing narcissists. For example, I’ll write something like I can’t sleep road construction going outside till 3 am, and my so called friends will reply oh well get some ear plugs, or you would have known about this beforehand seeing the road work signs in the road, or put on your earphones, my own neighbour said i just don’t understand how this can be bothering you ive learned to drown out all noise as if she can become selectively deaf.
Then when i told her that the noise is right outside my window and its 78 decibels she said nah its across the street… after an hour long convo with her there was no empathy not even a hint of empathy at all, her responses were those that a narc would do when he or she gaslights someone – your crazy, that isn’t happening, you are making it into something it isn’t, what are you talking about?Then you point out that there is a semi truck literally outside your window and steam rollers going down the street and men yelling across the street at each other and they say I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE HOW YOU CAN HEAR ANYTHING AT ALL- that is gas lighting. It’s like REALLY? You can’t possibly conceive at all in any shape or form why 60-78 decibels of street noise detected in my bedroom with a meter with the windows closed at 3am can possible be bothering me?
All I wanted was for a REAL FRIEND to say i’m sorry you are unable to sleep, i can’t imagine how that must feel, i hope you are able to get some rest soon. BOOM THAT’S IT EMPATHY! But instead I got an onslaught of IDK’S and oh well’s, and never mind’s.
Where is the care and consideration for what others are going through? I have found that majority of people on facebook do not empathise at all, they judge, they criticise, the ignore, they gaslight, they ghost. That behaviour is toxic to the extreme and it absolutely disgusts me.
It doesn’t take much to just quickly empathise with someone and let them know you are thinking about them, that you care, that what they are experiencing feeling etc is heard. That’s all.
Even after I had a conversation with my face book friends about empathy v. apathy i still get apathetic responses. So this week I’m completely walking away form face book – i don’t want ‘friends’ who can’t empathise, or care about others – selfish , self-centred, narcs who when they are going though something EXPECT me to empathise with them, but they don’t do the same in return.
This world had become a FEED ME world, ME ME FEED ME, ME ME FEED ME and yet they refuse to feed others also. We need empathy but we also need to show it, we can’t expect people to continue to be friends with us if we never show them empathy.

Social media has turned some people into Social morons ! When we dont look into the eyes of whom we communicate with we lose our sense of how you make them feel . Which I think is a planned psy-op to cause anger and seperation . Before the telephone, most communication was by letters good old fashioned snail mail. But in those times people were not subjected to so much useless consumerism, entitlement and greed. I was only on social media for 6 months more then 10 years and saw the anger and ego compatition ,and canceled my account immediately and I’ve been great ever since and still have my friends!

Requested to permanently delete my Facebook yesterday & in 14 days I will officially be Facebook-less. It’s been causing me so much stress & anxiety with constant scrolling, looking at meaningless things and comparing myself to others while uploading pics & checking every 30 min to see who “liked” it. Now I realize that none of that matters & I just want to live a happy, peaceful, private life. Only thing I have left of social media is Instagram.

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