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The 20 best tools every marketer should used :

A marketer like a warrior must carry the tools he needs on the battlefield, and here you are a commission marketer, whether you are a professional and an expert and have made thousands of dollars, or you are a novice and are feeling the way towards success and achieving the first thousand dollars in your work life.
You will find here in the next lines the 20 most important tools that every affiliate marketer must rely on, these tools are not in a specific order, and you can use similar tools if you want, but the important thing is that you have the tools that offer you the same functions and features .
 You will find links to access each tool and sometimes links to courses and explanations that you may need in order to master the use of these tools, noting that most of them are very easy and simple tools, and anyone can use them as long as they have the Internet (by the way, the best tools I have left for you in the end in order to make you not miss any tool. ) . 

1- Google Analytics Tool 

 The absolute best tool for analyzing your site data and knowing everything about the number of visits you get, its sources, some important information about your SEO and the keywords you depend on.
 Not only that, this tool you can use to track external links, which helps you to analyze your advertising campaigns, whatever method you rely on, whether it is email or Facebook ads, and many other ways.
 This tool, as the name suggests, is provided by the giant Google, and above all, it is free of charge and can be used on all your sites and landing pages that depend on it.
 This tool is not easy to use, you can learn to use it by experimenting yourself or through explanations on YouTube or the Internet in general, but it is better to learn to use this giant tool from its source.
 Google has provided   great free courses that explain everything you want.
 You can use the tool for free from here:  Google Analytics

2- Google Search Console 

 This is a   complementary tool to its predecessor, it is geared more to sites that depend on content and want to take advantage of free traffic through various search engines such as Google.
 The previous tool tells you how the user sees your site, while the Google Search Console tool shows you how the search engine sees your site, it tells you about technical problems with the pages or the links and the speed of your site as well.
 You can also find out all the keywords that your site tops in search results, the number of impressions your site gets for each word, the click rate on your site (CTR), and all of these very important information.
 You should take advantage of this tool greatly. Google provides  a  good written guide, but it is not the best. You can follow some videos on YouTube or this  guide  from the famous Backlinko site.
 You can use the tool for free from here:  Google Webmaster Tools

3- Hootsuite tool 

 Whatever niche you work with, social media must be part of your marketing plans, so you need a tool that organizes your work, whether it is on Facebook, Instagram and other sites.
 Tool  Hootsuite  is one of the best tools and the oldest ever in the field of publishing content on Alsocheal Media so that you make a pre table for the content you want to publish, as you can see fascinating analyzes of your publications and the most important times that should publish the content and size of the interaction and other useful information.
Social media should always be in your priorities as it provides good content to your audience on various means so that they increase their confidence in you and buy from you or from the services and products you recommend.
 You can use the tool for free here:  Hootsuite

4- Canva tool 

Pictures of all kinds are a very important part of any content, whether it is articles for your site, emails for subscribers in your mailing list, or great pictures for your social media accounts.
Canva’s tool is the best free tool ever for designing photos and infographics, I personally use it almost every day, and the thing about it is that it gives you ready-made Templates according to the type of images you want in various sizes.
The most important feature is that you can use it on your browser. Unlike a program like Photoshop that requires a powerful computer, all you need to use this tool is the Internet with a little creativity.
 You can use the tool for free here:  Canva

5- Sumo tool

This tool is one of the best ways to grow your subscriber base on your mailing list, as it provides you with great Templates for free that you can use on your site or landing pages with ease.
This tool enables you to give free gifts to your website visitors or make discounts on your online store in more than one way in order to increase the number of your followers and build trust with them in order to promote them with various offers and products.
It can also be linked with the Shopify platform or WordPress and the multiple e-mail tools that depend on it with the click of a button, and it also enables you to do A / B testing and test more than Lead Magnet to achieve high efficiency in your marketing campaigns.
  You can use the tool for free here:  Sumo

6- Semrush tool 

SEO, analyzing competitors  and knowing what the audience is looking for on various search engines is a necessity for every affiliate marketer, whether you are promoting products and offers through social media or through a site or channel on YouTube, you must pay attention to this aspect.
 That is why SemRush will be a perfect fit for you because it is easy to use, with which you can analyze any competitor and search for keywords as you like. It is a powerful weapon that you should put in your marketing arsenal.
 In this article, ” A Comprehensive Guide to Using Search Tools and Spying on Competitors “, you can find more information about using this tool and others, so that you can rely on SEO better.
 You can use the tool for free from here:  Semrush

7- Google Trends Tool 

This free tool provided by Google to detect trends and inflammatory topics that people are constantly searching for at a certain time helps a lot in preparing the content for your site or your social media accounts.
This tool is underestimated by many marketers despite the great potential it provides, especially that you can compare any brand or search word with another to find out where and when people are searching for a specific thing.
Being aware of the trends and what is going on around you in any niche is very important in affiliate marketing, this way you can discover new opportunities and ride any new wave or fashion of products and services in order to promote them to your audience before others and thus achieve more profits.
 You can use the tool for free from here:  Google Trends

8- Affjet tool 

How many affiliate programs are you promoting? Or how many   affiliate networks do you rely on like Clickbank, JVzoo, and others?
Did you not find yourself wasting a lot of time in all these separate platforms and programs to follow the results of your marketing campaigns, calculate your profits, get the links you want and other necessary information.
Often times I forget that I am promoting a specific product or program and not browsing through the data and profits that I am making in order to withdraw it, you should avoid this problem whether you are a beginner or an expert.
Affjet is a great tool (you can use it for free up to 700 money transfers) that enables you to collect all data from affiliate marketing platforms and programs in one place, you can easily track numbers, profits and conversion rates.
This tool is very cool and will save you a lot of time and effort, and its simple use can be used by anyone.
 You can use the tool for free here:  Affjet

9- Feedly Tool 

 How many sites and blogs you follow frequently? Or how many competitors, website or channel owners, on YouTube in your niche are carefully monitoring their content? If you are serious about being a successful marketer, then I think that the number will be large. I follow almost 45 websites daily in addition to many sites and channels on YouTube that I follow on a weekly basis.
 How long does it take to search for new on these sites, whether to monitor your competitors or learn something new? What if I told you that you can group all of these websites in one place so that you can quickly and easily follow what you want, whether through the phone or through a regular computer.

 The  free Feedly tool  provides you with this and more. You can follow all the RSS feeds for all the sites you want from one place, and split them and leave your notes with ease.

 This tool will save you a lot of time and help you organize your work, and what is distinctive about this tool is that you can link it to many other tools such as Evernote (which we will talk about later) and other tools that you rely on so that your work becomes very smooth and more productive and effective.
  You can use the tool for free from here:  Feedly

10- Twitter Deck Tool 

 You may or may not be a fan of Twitter, but let me tell you that it is the largest platform in the world that gathers influencers in all fields all over the world in one place.
 Not only that, according to many sources, approximately 80% of Twitter users depend on it to know the news and new in any field, if this is the case of ordinary people, then what about marketers ?!
 It is not necessary for you to use Twitter now, especially if you are a novice in the world of marketing, but the moment you achieve success and want to increase your profits and be able to have any niche, you must rely on Twitter.
 Twitter may be a little difficult to deal with, but the Twitter company itself has developed a great tool called  Twitter Deck . This free tool enables you to split your screen into multiple vertical columns.
 Each column or section in which you can specify what you want, you can allocate a section for notifications or a section for search results for a specific word or tweets of a specific influencer or a specific company that you follow constantly, I will not put a picture or video to explain it to you, but I would like you to try these The tool yourself is more than wonderful and easy to use.
 In it, you will find very powerful filters that enable you to search and filter tweets and other capabilities that cannot be limited to these lines, as I told you, try it yourself and you will not regret it.
 You can use the tool for free here:  Twitter Deck

11- Add Grammarly 

Whatever your work on the Internet you are always writing, whatever type of writing you do, including articles, emails, responses to followers, and many more, you need help in this matter.
How to write quickly, easily, and without spelling or grammatical errors, especially in the English language, on any website or platform that may be on your mind or perhaps you want to avoid embarrassment when you respond to a question or inquiry incorrectly.
The Grammarly tool provided by Google, which you can use for free as you like, is a perfect answer to your problem. It will not only help you write quickly and correctly, but it depends on artificial intelligence in predicting words in order to help you choose the best words until you reach the idea you want.
This tool is an add-on that you can easily download to your Chrome browser and use it automatically when you type on any website.
  You can use the tool for free here:  Grammarly

12- Evernote tool

 There is a lot of information in the vast internet world. There are websites, influencers, news, tools, and social media accounts. All this information can never be saved in your memory.
 Also, relying on the Bookmarks feature in your browser to record these pages and information on the web is not an ideal solution as well, especially if you want to leave a specific note or want to read a specific part of an article again, how will you remember for yourself even if you use your browser.
Evernote  tool   will help you with all of the above and more, this genius tool in every sense of the word that I can never do without as long as I use the Internet.
 I can easily make notes of my own, and I can save any page on the web for later reading (and I think you remember that it works easily with Feedly) even without internet, whether through a regular phone or computer.
 I can also take a Screenshot of any image, article, statistic, or infographic on any site and put some notes on this image and save it for use later.
 I can save any page or link in specific folders, and I can name and divide it as I want to use it at any time, and I can also set audio Alerts at specific dates in order to remind myself of a certain thing to do.
 There is also a browser extension provided by this tool that enables you to do all those things that I mentioned to you with ease when visiting any page or site, and also enables you to quickly search all the information that you previously recorded.
 You can take advantage of all of this for free, and frankly if you use the paid version with a very low cost, this will be the best investment I have made this year.
 You can use the tool for free here:  Evernote

13- Add Similarweb 

 When you visit any site on the Internet, you may want to know some quick information about it, such as the size of the traffic that it gets and its arrangement between the sites and the main traffic sources that depend on it to obtain this traffic.

 Adding  similarweb to the  browser (by the way it can be used on Chrome and Firefox browsers) enables you to know all this information and more about any website you visit, provided that this site gets good traffic – almost more than 7,000 visits – in any country and in any language in the world .

 You can use the tool for free here:  Similarweb

14- VidIQ Tool 

 Whatever the niche or type of traffic you depend on, you definitely use YouTube. The videos of this wonderful platform, which represent the second best search engine in the world, are indispensable for anyone, let alone marketers themselves.
 Whatever the purpose of your use of YouTube, you should know the most important things about  Youtube SEO and  how a video can top the search results or get a lot of views in a short time.
 All this information will definitely benefit you in your marketing campaigns, and the VidIQ tool   will help you with that, the article that I referred to earlier on how to publish search results in YouTube on the marketer’s website will help you to use this tool in an ideal way within your marketing plan.
 You can use the tool for free from here:  VidIQ

15- Muncheye Tool 

This site is one of the best sites where you will find various offers and products from various affiliate marketing platforms in one place in any niche you want.
 Perhaps you are working in the health and beauty niche, you will find there are most of the affiliate programs that you can promote and also the programs that will be launched in the near future in order to prepare for them and prepare for your marketing campaigns in advance.
 This site is wonderful and very distinctive and gives you tremendous information about what is happening in the field of commission marketing and all the trends and popular products in any niche that you can market, and it also shows you the source of the product and how you can subscribe and request to promote it.
 You can use the tool for free from here:  Muncheye

16- Adding Awesome screenshot

Often times I want to do a quick Screenshot and put some arrows and notes on it (like the one I use in my articles usually) and save them to my device.
This wonderful extension for Chrome enables me to do that easily, so I recommend using it especially for marketers who want to save some pictures for use in articles like me or certain ads on their computer for them to use in the future, in addition to of course the Evernote tool that I mentioned earlier.
  You can use the tool for free from here:  Awesome Screenshot

17- Buzzsumo 

Popular content that is circulated and shared a lot on social media is always rich in exclusive and useful information for followers, so it is basically shared.
Often times while you are browsing any article on the Internet, you want to know if this article is shared by people on social media, perhaps you want to write an article like it or you want to know the type of content or problems that your audience wants solutions to.
This wonderful add-on to the browser provided by the famous company Buzzsumo enables you to know this, all you have to do is click on the add-on icon when you visit any page on the Internet – this extension does not work well with Arabic sites – until you get this information.
Not only that, when you register an account with Buzzsumo, you can search for any keyword and you will see the most famous articles for that word in terms of participation on various social media.
 You can use the tool here:  Buzzsumo

18- GetResponse tool

 As you know, email marketing is considered one of the best ways to achieve a very high income from the Internet, as it is considered one of the effective ways to reach the customer and sell anything to them … The problem that began to appear in recent years is email updates of Gmail, so that all e-mails She started going directly to spam instead of “Inbox”, and this has been a hindrance for many of the smokers, as they have lost their business only because of this update …
In the event that you suffer from a problem with spam, the best solution is the ” Getresponse ” tool. This tool is more than a clever tool for “Automation” and everything is more beautiful than this is that all the emails that are sent through it are sent directly to “Inbox” not to mention that it is The tool that we use on the marketer’s website and in all of our business …
 You can try the tool for free here:  GetResponse

19- Clickfunnels tool

 In fact, this tool is not recommended for beginners, as it is somewhat expensive … The ” Clickfunnels ” tool is considered a legendary weapon that every marketer must have, as this tool is from the marketers’ industry, that is, it includes everything the marketer needs from the landing page industry program, the program To send e-mails, a program to send messages in Messenger is not only this, but it also includes tools for affiliate programs so that it becomes an “affiliate program” on your site. Affiliates can join it and market your products to you for a commission and everything is done automatically without even writing one line of programming…

 Click Fannel tool is the # 1 tool that I recommend to every marketer, as it will spare you from all the tools that we mentioned at the beginning, as if you followed the ClickFanl course that you are our own, you understand very well how this tool can achieve a respectable return for you easily … We will also In a comprehensive course on the ClickFannel tool, we mention to you all the features of this tool …

 You can try this tool for free here:  ClickFunnels

20- UberSuggest

  Maybe one day you wanted to know how many people are searching for a specific word in your town, but the problem is that all the tools that provide this service are expensive … What if I told you that there are tools that do all this for free?
 Yes my friend…

The ” UberSuggest ” tool is one of the best free tools in the field of beautiful SEO in this tool that it is constantly updated. For example, this tool enables you to find out the articles that received the largest number of baccalaureates and posts, do a comprehensive analysis of your site and give you a comprehensive report about the problems it suffers. Of them … and it’s free!

You can try the tool for free here:  UberSuggest
Good luck to you!

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