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Direct Marketing… The advantages and functions of direct marketing

The technological developments in the modern era have led to positive transformations in various aspects of life, including marketing activities. These developments have led to the emergence of new marketing opportunities, and have opened up broad horizons for companies of all types and orientations to enter markets that could not be easily entered in the past.

Perhaps one of the most prominent aspects of the development of marketing activities resulting from the information and communication revolution is the emergence of the so-called “direct marketing” as a tool through which services, goods and information can satisfy the needs of consumers and help in reaching a higher degree of their satisfaction. In this article, we will shed light on some aspects of this vital topic.

The concept of direct marketing

It can be said that direct marketing is “a direct and interactive communication system between two parties: the organization on the one hand, and the customers on the other hand, through a set of means that achieve a direct and immediate response at the lowest possible cost.” It can be done by using a number of methods. From direct mail to the use of the Internet and mobile phones. One of the most important features that distinguishes direct marketing from traditional marketing is the ability of the organization to measure the reaction of customers directly towards what it offers them of products and what it provides them with information about them, in addition to the possibility of the customer directly interacting, determining his requests and expressing his observations or requesting the product directly, this is in addition to the possibility Reach out to the customer anywhere and anytime at a reasonable cost.

Advantages of direct marketing

Direct marketing is one of the modern marketing methods that are indispensable for organizations in the modern era. Due to the many advantages it provides, including:

Achieving competitive advantages for the organization resulting from its ability to strengthen the relationship with customers and maintain their loyalty.
Contributes to achieving and arousing the immediate desire of consumers regarding purchases of various goods and services; As it is used as a tool to complete the sale, negotiation, transfer of ownership, payment and collection procedures in one step. These are all functions of the distribution function.
Direct marketing works to raise the desire of consumers and contributes to building a positive perception towards the organization and its products and attracting customers to it, and these are all of the promotion tasks.
Direct marketing combines the four phases used in promotion, which are raising attention, interest and desire, and then buying Where the means of promoting sales are used in the third stage (desire) to induce and motivate the customer to buy. Personal selling is used to complete the purchasing process, while direct marketing can accomplish these stages in a single communication process.
It is flexible marketing activity; So that it can be used through a two-way conversation with the customer to get his opinion of the product (good or service) or just to build a database on consumers.
By understanding these advantages, we can conclude that direct marketing includes various methods to attract the attention of the prospective buyer and arouse his desire, and it also provides detailed information that helps the prospective buyer make the purchasing decision of the product most suitable to his needs, and provides information about the benefits of the product in an attractive manner that moves the prospective buyer to The last stage is the stage of making a purchase decision.

And all these activities can be implemented through tools such as free phone, direct mail, e-mail, short messages via mobile phones or catalogs, attach coupons to reduce prices, provide an additional advantage in the good or service, or provide the opportunity for the prospective buyer to try the item for a certain period of time.

Direct Marketing Jobs

  1. Directing marketing efforts towards consumers who deal with competitors’ products
  2. Building relationships with selected clients in the markets they deal with.
  3. Obtaining information about consumers, through home shopping, which is a form of saving time and effort, and studying information by the consumer in a better way and in sufficient time, as it is more enjoyable for the consumer.
  4. Directing marketing efforts towards a specific market sector, then designing and providing products that suit their needs and desires so that these products are specially designed for those market groups.
  5. Directing marketing and promotional activities towards consumers as people (dealing with the consumer as an individual), which makes them feel important and achieves their loyalty.
  6. Increasing the product’s competitive strength by focusing on providing better products than competitors offer to a specific class of consumers.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that marketing in general is one of the vast and constantly evolving fields, and that this development will not stop at a certain point as long as there are minds that think, develop and innovate.

Direct marketing is money and business. The advantages and functions of direct marketing




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