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The best 3 programs are interesting to change the format of video files 

One of the things that all computer users need is to change the format of video files between different formats and convert video. Many video conversion programs are completely free and available and help you change formats, so let’s review these best programs through the lines of this topic.

1. HandBrake program

HandBrake is a free program that converts media formats from any format to the formats known to everyone quickly and easily. The program also has a set of bold settings for each version of the quality control for the best size, you will not need to adjust the settings because it is already available and according to the device you want to use the formula on him. The program also integrates the translation with the movie while converting the formula. Plus a set of tools and filters for adjustable video as well. Plus the possibility to convert more than one file at the same time and once. (Software download) – (HandBrake complete return)

2. MediaCoder HQ program

MediaCoder HQ is free, professional and non-dedicated for beginners and since the conversion and change the video needs to adjust the settings and choose what you like but the program on the other side is very fast in the process of conversion and distinguished and if you already know some settings and have some experience will deal with him and will not find any difficulty. (downloading programs)

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3. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is one of the free video conversion programs available for Windows and Mac. It is a professional and easy to use program of the first class and also free. You can only choose the device to convert video to play it like iPhone, Android, TV or any other device you want PS also and others, or you can specify the settings and format you want and you can add video translation and video conversion and all these possibilities are free in the program. (downloading programs)

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