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At the present time there are dozens of ways in which one can profit from Instagram, as Instagram is a completely different platform from other social media platforms, whether Facebook or Twitter, but the issue of profit from it is also completely different from the issue of profit from Facebook, and therefore profit from Instagram is considered a mysterious way for many. The vast majority do not know how to benefit from and profit from the popular platform Instagram.
But recently the uses of Instagram have expanded greatly and there are some new services such as Reels and other services that enable you to broadcast videos, which creates an additional area of ​​profit for you if you are a video maker, in addition to many other ways that provide you with a source of income. It is on Instagram, so in this article we will present some ideas and strategies that can enable you to make money from Instagram.

How many followers do you need to be able to profit from Instagram?

Certainly, you will be wondering about the minimum number of followers you need to start the journey of profit from Instagram, but it is not as complicated as you think as you do not need a huge number of followers in order to start profit, the idea is only centered around the field in which you will start benefiting from, whether sports or marketing Or other different fields, and it is also related to the extent of your followers interacting, as the fake followers in most cases will not make you profit as you think.
The matter of getting a large number of followers on Instagram is not as difficult as you think and we will also provide you at the end of this article with some tips that may help you get more followers, but the thing that I want you to know is that the number of followers is not a big obstacle because even if you have 1000 A follower, you can profit from Instagram, God willing.

The best ways to earn money from Instagram:

As I mentioned, there are many ways in which you can profit from Instagram, and the idea revolves around your reliance on the method that suits you. The following are the most popular profit methods available:

1. Profit from Instagram through marketing commission or affiliate

There is no doubt that affiliate or affiliate marketing is considered the best and most profitable type of marketing, and if you do not know commission marketing, it is simply that you nominate and recommend a product or service for a specific company through your own link and when anyone registers or subscribes through this link, you take a percentage In exchange for this person, of course, affiliate marketing also includes publishing CPA offers and making profits from them, as it is not limited to tangible products only.
And you may be wondering how you will make people buy through your link, and the matter is simple, my friend, and revolves around the trust between you and your followers. Whether you provide certain content or not, or for example, you have a large number of followers or not, you can use affiliate marketing between you and your followers because it is definitely You have some followers who trust you, even if they are your friends, and if you review your ideas a little, you will find that you definitely sometimes nominated a product to someone and he might have bought it, so why not take advantage of this?

The second question that comes to your mind is how can I get affiliate marketing offers on Instagram, and the truth is that this is not a problem either, as there are many shopping platforms and programs that provide you with profit through this feature. We have already touched on the marketer’s website for the article “The comprehensive guide from In order to profit from affiliate marketing in 2020 ” as well as the article “ The 21 best affiliate marketing programs to achieve your first $ 1000 in 2020 ” I strongly advise you to look at both of them and you will find what you want, God willing, as well as if you are a very novice, then I will offer you the best and simplest affiliate marketing programs Currently existing.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program

We all certainly know Amazon, it is the first store for products on the Internet, Amazon contains a huge number of products that can be shipped to almost all countries of the world and also provides a program that you can use for affiliate marketing and profit through products and using the program is completely simple. Article “5 Best Affiliate Sites in 2020”
In the beginning, all you have to do is register and after that you nominate some products through your own link, you can share it on Instagram and start making money, it is preferable that you nominate the product based on your experience or the experience of some reliable people in order to maintain the trust between you and your followers.

  • Affiliate market program

Souq.com is also one of the popular online platforms or stores, and by the way, it is now affiliated with Amazon and has great confidence, especially in Arab countries, so you can take advantage of this and benefit from its affiliate marketing program.

  • Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia is also one of the well-known stores that have recently gained the confidence of many users due to the proximity of their prices to the prices of the local market and the availability of many products, so you can also benefit from its own affiliate marketing program and share your links on your Instagram account.

2. Profit from Instagram through electronic commerce

In recent years, a very large group of users have tended to shop and buy products through the Internet, and this matter has become very feasible, which has led to the popularity of Internet commerce among many ambitious people, and perhaps the reason that increased this matter more is that some ideas appeared that enable you to Create an online store without having any products such as paths Chipping work through printing demand or print-on-demand , where you can through these ideas profit through some products actually non – existent.

For example, printing on demand. You sell your printed products such as T-shirts, home decorations, and many other customizable products. You can also submit your own designs on the site if you have the ability or you can use ready-made designs from one of the sites, or you can also use one of the experienced persons. To create a group of different designs for you.
Thus, creating an online store has become a very easy matter that does not consume a lot of your time except for a day or two, and therefore if you have the ability to sell a specific product or you have a product and want to sell it, you can create a store now and use Instagram directly to market your products and get a greater number of Visitors and customers.
Indeed, the Instagram platform is very suitable for this purpose, due to its huge number of users, in addition to it relying mainly on visual content, which creates a greater opportunity for you to attract many customers when displaying your products in an attractive way.

In order to simplify this for you, I will develop this strategy in simple steps so that you can fully understand it:

First: Create your online store

Certainly the first step in order to be able to profit through e-commerce on the Internet and the use of Instagram to complete this matter is to create an online store for sure, and as we mentioned that the process of creating an online store technically is not as difficult as you think there are many platforms that provide you with ready-made and finished templates programmatically your store and at very affordable prices , such as Hobavaa platform and Okoumirs and others , and so the first step is the easy step and is not complicated considerably and have already talked about many of the articles that belong to Hobavaa such as ” the best template Hobavaa for the year 2020″ as well as an article “What is the best platform in order to create an e – shop: Shopify or WooCommerce?

Second: Create a professional Instagram account for your industry

The second step, of course, is to create an account on Instagram, and you must display your products on this account in an attractive, ideal and regular manner for a period of not less than two months in order to be able to attract a good number of followers, and of course you must focus on a specific niche .
I repeat that you should pay attention to the form of content or visual content in Instagram in particular, because almost all Instagram users what catches their attention is the shape of the content, so make sure that your content looks in the best way, remember that this platform is mainly intended to display visual content, especially images. .

Finally: link your Instagram account to your store

The thing that you must also remember is linking your account to your store and that is by placing your store link in the account profile or in the section related to the brief summary, and also make sure to include in your posts some publications that benefit followers, it is very wrong to make All your advice is promotional.

3. Profit from Instagram posts

If you are submitting something intensively on Instagram, or your account is specialized in providing something specific, or you are a creator of content or other things, and you have a good number of followers, you can benefit from that through some paid posts related to what you offer.

For example, if you are a content creator who provides reviews for mobile phones and electronic devices in general, you can benefit from people who sell accessories for mobile phones and electronic devices, for example, there are many people who may want to display their products on your page on Instagram, and for reference This type of profit is very widespread in our Arab world.

4. Profit by collaborating with companies and brands (influencers)

Commercial companies and large brands always use influencers on social media platforms, whether Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or otherwise to promote their products. Certainly, at one point, I saw an advertisement on the account of a celebrity or representatives that you follow on Instagram, but in recent times companies have also become dependent Huge numbers of social media influencers instead of actors due to the high costs of actors and celebrities.
If you have a good number of followers and it is not a condition that it be a very large group, the most important thing is that they be interactive, so you can communicate with these companies and get their products and promote them on your Instagram account and profit through these products or get one of these products as a gift and other types of deals that revolve between Influencers and various companies, and it is also not a requirement that you go to the big companies, there are some emerging companies that you can promote their products on your account and you will very much welcome that even if you have a large number of followers.

To be frank with you deemed to marketing influential one of the newest ways to make money online where he is about 70% of the companies that marketing influential is the best way to increase participation rates and brand awareness, Instagram is considered the best platform for the means of social communication for marketing effective and achieves influential in Instagram is too much money from him.
Influencers can be classified into four categories, as follows:

  • Mega-Influencers

With millions of followers they usually charge brands from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000 per post, the price can be higher for some stars and celebrities so the idea here is the number of followers.

  • Macro-Influencers

With fewer than a million followers, they can also earn $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 for every post placed on the platform.

  • Micro-Influencers

These are the highly interactive users in a particular area of ​​Instagram and have around 100,000 followers and here they can earn $ 100 to $ 500 per post.

  • Nano-Influencers

These are the lowest – they usually have around 5,000 followers or a little more and here they can earn up to $ 20 per post.

5. Selling products by Instagram Shopping

Just like Facebook, Instagram Shopping was first launched in 2016 as a simple feature to tag products in your posts and link them to your website, but today Instagram Shopping consists of many features bundled into one package so that once you set up with Instagram Shopping you can start adding tags Shop for featured products in Instagram posts, including photo and video posts.
And when someone clicks on the shopping mark in your post, they will be taken to the product description page, where they will see a picture of the product from your post, a description of the product and the amount of the product’s cost, in addition to that, you can display your products through stories or stories, which helps attract more customers.

In addition to the fact that you can display your products completely in the Instagram Shop without the need to own an external store, and this is what differentiates this point from the second method of profit from Instagram, this feature was recently introduced in the Instagram application and thus you can benefit from it and display your products that you want In selling them, and remember to try to display them attractively, keep visual content in your mind as you post your products to Instagram.

6. Profit from Instagram by attracting more visitors to your site

Whether you have a website to provide specific content or you have a YouTube channel, you can use Instagram as a station to display your business, attract more followers and make more profit. Certainly if you own a site, you know that the entry of visitors to your site is very beneficial, so you can use this about By placing the link of your site in your description on your Instagram account, adding the link to the advice on the site, and more.

But if you do not own a site and you have the ability to write and understand in a specific field, you can start creating your site, it will not cost you much, and you also start making profits through Instagram by attracting more visitors to your site.
By the way, if you are a beginner and want to create your own website but you are not good at technical matters, we have launched the marketer services so that we prepare your site for you from scratch at a nominal price not exceeding $ 7, and this offer you will not find anywhere else so if you are interested in the field of work on the Internet and want Achieving your own success and at the same time you want to shorten the time, so we definitely recommend this service, and you can learn about its details through the following link .

7. Make money on Instagram with IGTV ads

As with any video on any platform and anywhere, you can profit through some of the ads displayed in your videos, and Instagram recently announced in early 2020 that it provided profit opportunities through ads shown in the videos included under the IGTV feature, so you can exploit This opportunity now and make a profit through the videos that you provide on the Instagram platform.

The videos may not be acceptable to Instagram, as most Instagram users use it to display their photos and share moments and only, but it is still one of the best ways you can use to profit from Instagram if you are a content creator or someone who provides short daily videos, Of course, the more good content you provide, the more views you get, the more profits you get.

8. Profit from Instagram by promoting your business and services

We will always repeat it on the marketer’s website, social media platforms are the ideal place for marketing, whether for services or products, because you can promote your products completely free of charge in addition to that you are promoting in a place that has a huge audience, so if you provide a specific service or work as an independent on the Internet, you can Use Instagram to promote these services and get more customers.

9. Profit from Instagram by managing other people’s accounts

As is the case with all social media platforms for companies or businesses, you always need professional people to manage them, and thus if you have experience in dealing with Instagram and can manage accounts excellently, there are many companies that may want your services because all companies are always seeking to obtain Strong accounts on social media platforms, and what is distinguished in this work is that you can manage more than one page at a time, which gives you a fairly good financial income.

10. Profit by designing custom images

If you have the ability to design some simple pictures and infographics, there are many pages on Instagram that you may want to use your services because many major pages always try to design their own images to be published to their followers, whether in order to clarify the features of a specific product or service or even to advertise About the date of launching a specific product or service, and therefore if you have the ability, you can work in this field and write to the pages of companies, offer your services and start the profit process.

11. Profit from selling accounts

Of course you can create many accounts on the Instagram platform and work to enlarge these pages and get a large number of followers and in the end after you get a good number you offer these accounts for sale and make good profits from them, and fameswap is one of the most popular sites for buying and selling Instagram and YouTube accounts .

Some tips for getting a large number of followers on Instagram:

  • Use hashtags correctly

A hashtag is an expression of a specific word or phrase that people use to refer to a specific thing, or in other words, the words in front of which this symbol is placed the window (#) in Instagram and there are many popular hashtags that a large number of Instagram users use so you can search for popular hashtags that It is used by influencers and famous people related to your industry and used in your posts, which creates a greater opportunity for you to reach more followers.

  • Use the Shoutout strategy

This strategy is largely successful, and it is intended for another account on Instagram to mention your account in one of its posts and ask its followers to follow you, and here you can communicate with accounts that have a number close to the number of your followers and work in similar areas so that each of you mutual benefits .
You are promoting his account on your own page and he is promoting your account on his own page and thus you get a large percentage of followers in an easy and fast way, this method can be very effective if you can communicate with an influencer or people who have a large number of followers.
This is done in several ways, either by paying money to the person who has a large number of followers to promote you on his page or by exchanging the benefit as well.For example, you are a professional in design and you have contacted an influential content creator to promote your account on his own account, and since you are a professional in Design, you can offer him a professional logo or slogan, for example, in exchange for promoting you on his own account, and so on with any other field.

  • Use the Follow FOR Follow strategy

This strategy is one of the strategies known to Instagram users, and it is recommended that beginners follow it, as you, for example, go to the page of an influencer and go to the people who follow him and follow them in the hope that they will follow you as well and wait for a period and if they do not follow you then you cancel following them.
Believe me, this method is effective and can bring you more followers, but it is not recommended to follow this method for a large period of time because if you unfollow a lot of people in a short time, you can be banned from the side of Instagram and therefore you can rely on this method only at the beginning until You get a good number of followers and then you mainly look to improve your page and improve the way you display your products or services if you offer a product or service, in order to maintain the number of followers on your page in addition to bringing more.

  • Create some contests or giveaway

One of the best ways to also help attract a large number of followers is to conduct some competitions on many valuable gifts and some conditions are required to enter the competition, among which is that anyone wishing to register and enter the draw must do a follow up for your account.
Also, you can put in the conditions that each person does a job for five of his friends and so on, indeed all of these things help very greatly in reaching a larger number of followers, but the advice that I want to give you at this point is that you must make sure that Your page is professionally organized and your products or services are really good so that people do not unfollow you after the competition ends, as is the case with many people.

Important tips to make money from Instagram:

It was necessary for us to include in our article also some tips that help you profit from Instagram, so that we provided the full benefit as the number of followers is not the only measure of profit from Instagram and therefore we will try to summarize the topic in some simple points in order not to prolong you, dear more than that .

  • Make sure to create a professional interface with your Instagram profile

One of the necessities that you should keep in mind is organizing your personal profile; You have to take care of your profile very much, because it is the first interface for followers and there are several aspects that you must take care of, the first of which is your description or providing a brief description about you on the Instagram account and make sure that all your information is correct and identical to your reality .
Secondly, use the Highlights feature to organize your stories in your profile and then make sure to use high-quality images on your page and also organize the images in a coordinated manner, the bottom line is that you must take into account anything visible in your account because when a potential follower enters your page, you will have A very short period of time to convince them to follow you and the only thing that can convince these potential customers is that your Instagram profile is highly curated.

  • Make sure to share the links on Instagram

After the start of the profit process on Instagram, even a small percentage, you should distract some followers to your Facebook pages or Twitter or even your YouTube channel if you have a channel in order to be able to profit from these parties as well. This is done by sharing the links for these pages on Instagram. Whether you include it in your description part or in the posts you publish.

  • Be interested in posting the video as well

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the videos on Instagram, especially after integrating many of the features of the video in the Instagram application, so be sure to pay attention to this type of content and also do not forget that you can profit through the ads displayed in these videos, as we mentioned previously.

  • Make your Instagram a business account

A business account on Instagram has many advantages and provides you with a set of statistics about your followers, not to mention that this account is linked to your account on Facebook, so if you create a new account on Instagram, make it a business account and if you already have a regular account and want to convert it to a business account, you can do so. With a few simple steps Instagram shows you if you want.
In conclusion, I would like to point out that there are still many ways and strategies that can help you in attracting more followers, but since we are talking in our article about how to profit from Instagram, the article does not expand to list more than that, but I made sure to present you some effective strategies that You can use it, especially if you are just beginning.
My friend, all you have to do is think outside the box and also always try to get creative and innovative ideas so that you can get a large number of followers. I hope that you have achieved the desired benefit from this article and good luck to you.
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